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  1. Will make the bona fides of a gf win that much better if we beat this dogs outfit. As much as I would've liked to play Port, beating the dogs would just add to the legacy.
  2. The entire hick town of Adelaide can go & get stuffed!
  3. There'll likely come a time where $150k will be considered entry-level - being pioneers with pay is appropriate given our pioneering role with the women's game more broadly. Tick for mine.
  4. Bear in mind we weren't in the richest vein of form at the time, just hanging on in games. I choose to think the loss was the catalyst to kicking us back into gear for the 2 massive games that followed. Plus the 'undefeated' tag becomes a monkey on the back - while I hated losing the Adelaide game, as least we got a loss out of the way.
  5. So many times this year I've thought, 'well that's the most disappointing loss I can remember.' But then we always find a way to put in an effort that is even more pooh. Bring on summer.
  6. Let's look at the positives... the jumper looks nice.
  7. I consume every video the club puts up on the website, & particularly enjoy the post-match presser. But does anyone else watch the Dave Misson injury update each week & get the distinct impression it's the absolute worst part of Misso's week?! This look is always on his face like 'Gawd, not this crap again', whilst Matt Burgan takes on somewhat of a Stevo-with-Malthouse-like trepidation to every question. Then when Burgan asks him about Trengove & Petracca's progress, it's the ultimate low-point for ol' mate Dave... "AGAIN, no different to last week. They're doing stuff but they're ages away. I'll let you know when anything changes Burgo!"
  8. "Sooo, remind me again how much I get if I do this guy?"
  9. Ease up, I'm from Moe, it's reputation is unwarranted!
  10. HAHA it seems we've had very different girlfriends you and I.
  11. I think of Tom's choice like a man contemplating whether he should break up with his girlfriend - once you START to think about it, you've already gone. Once you START to say, 'Well maybe I'll stay in this for another 6 months and then I'll go out and see what other tail is out there', you've already gone. Once you START to think, 'Oh well I'll decide if I want to stay or go at the end of the year', you've already gone. Once you START to think, 'I could go check out other girls and see what's out there and still come back to old trusty and just get on with life if I want to', you've already gone. He's already gone.
  12. IMO (after listening to Laidley a lot of recent) he's just uninspiring - in radio interviews he either provides the stock answers you would expect with no keen insight, or he muddles and fumbles his way through answers with a lot of rhetoric and little substance, and just doesn't incite much enthusiasm in me. I think Mark Williams remains a viable option. Hungry, with success behind him, ruthless, a genuine nutter but not in the smarmy needs-a-punch-in-the-head fashion of a Sheedy, who I still thank God we didn't appoint. I'm with everyone else on the Clarkson/Malthouse train, but in terms of those actively putting their hand up right now, Williams is leading the race for me.
  13. Hopefully by the time his 2 year contract is up we'll be a team on the rise. Like with any succesful team of the modern era, the 'go home' factor doesn't seem as important to a player when he is part of an exciting group with a genuine chance to have a tilt at the premiership. GO THE GOVER (just throwing that one out there)! Or he could become 'New Chooka', as Nathan Brown once said, 'every footy club needs a Chooka'.
  14. Beautifully said. If the club is doing what it appears to be doing (that is, starting to construct our ideal side for 5 years time), it's a much smarter move than stockpiling an abundance of 'yeah he's slow but he can find the pill' footballers who reach an age where we can't move any of them on. Is Brock going to be in our ideal side when he's 29/30 and has lost another couple of yards? Young players are having more and more of an impact anyway. Take Brock for example - in six years time many may look at him and say he was a player who peaked when he was 21 years old.
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