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  1. Loved his desperation in Q2 of the game on Sunday when he tried to smother the ball in the goal square as the Adelaide player received the handball, turned and kicked the goal. Hunt was 10-15m away, showed terrific desperation to dash, dive and smother and only just missed it. I'm not sure anyone else would have got close or even tried. Great stuff.
  2. Two old bastards arguing at the footy - I'm picturing you and bitters as the two old muppets up in the stalls taking the [censored]
  3. Referring back to OP - If I'm not wrong, Heaney missed a fair chunk of last year with an injury (sustained in the game against us, IIRC) that pretty much took him out of the rising star calculations.
  4. Yes, this is all very profound (and tres witty); but WTF does it have to do with Jacques Watts?
  5. The Engineer: that glass is twice as big as it needs to be
  6. I loved when Jack was asked about Prestia coming to the Dees next year, he started his reply with "well, I'm not in charge of list management obviously or I'd have given myself another contract by now"
  7. History shows this year that players don't get dropped after being elevated to the seniors (1 exception Stretch, R3). Given he's close to a call up, and we've got another trip to the NT after the break where we should rest some younger players, I'm confident the club will get him to 100 games before years end, as they should. I'm not confident, however, that he'll still be with us next year.
  8. Away is where the Royal blue Guernsey should go - far, far away
  9. All true M. , however me and my boy still needed the blanket across our legs like two old grandmas. Didn't stop us waving the flag 16 times!
  10. You know what they say BB - you can choose your friends... You were better off watching on the telly with a cold, it was bloody cold
  11. Nasher, you know these same posters would be blaming you on this thread if the pies had beat us in an upset
  12. They've dropped the story, what did it say?
  13. Clint - I thought to myself "I hope this link isn't a virus" but it turned out to be worse....
  14. After reading Buckleys post match pressed, I'd say Roos gave Bernie 5 and Max 4. Buckley basically pointed to their failed double teaming Maxy in the ruck as the key reason they didn't win
  15. If dropping players for those with fresher legs, I'm not sure the guys who played at Casey would be a hell of a lot fresher. Whilst they did play on Saturday afternoon, they played in an absolute freezing, sludgy bog. I'd take my chances on the guys who played on firm ground Monday (esp. if it's going to be another wet bog pitch in Sydney).
  16. My boy is in a dilemma - does he wear his #9 Guernsey or his #1 Guernsey to the game today (I think it's easy, but have better memories of trenners). Really looking forward to this. It will be easy to have a kick at half time with the whole car park empty!
  17. Enyaw may still take the prize - deeluded has gone awol
  18. I agree - we've got too many [censored] Jacks - lets even it up with more Michaels
  19. I'd prefer he didn't cross his fingers - might cause more damage to the [censored] knuckle!
  20. But he'll be playing against our 2's this week - presumably minus Dunny. Prefer he wait a week for other VFL sides to show how good he is against second rate defences
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