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  1. this place would be meltdown if we paid 3 first round picks for anyone ! It was well played by GWS. glad to see it happen
  2. all well and good it how many wins again ?? they the best home and away team by far since they last won a grand final but a complete fail at wining finals since. I would like us to play finals and win finals, not just be there to make up the numbers like they do
  3. absolute joke, another kick in the teeth for any small business that has managed to survive I used to close Grand final day so any staff that followed football could watch the game, since this holiday I haven't. Over half my staff don't even follow AFL, nor care about it. Mind you now that has all changed with Covid and business, I only have one staff member left and she couldn't give 2 hoots about AFL.
  4. The dons game should have been given as a walk over, don't think people realise how much damage this has done now. No other team would have rolled over and played as many games as we have in such short time frames. Caro has always stuck the boots in the MFC , every chance she gets. Sure she might get something right but more wrong than right for her. Still trying to get attention and be justified.
  5. yes for a low trade cost and base wages he was troubled here also( not as bad as in WA ), but seems MFC did a far better job of handling him. Sadly he lost this support and found his mates and so on back home Freo as we all know was chasing him for years and made many promises, I think once they got the prize they never backed these up and he's been left on his own. Back in the right environment I truly believe he can get back to his best.
  6. wow thats make the game so simple , so you're telling me if we score more we will win dont tell everyone ....
  7. so glad he's been given games in a row , he will get better and he plays more I thought he was a pretty good kick , he will get better with more confidence. he needed to be told you're in the side for XX amount of time , go for it
  8. Mick is missing the spotlight again , it smacks in the face off , crap I need to write something . very poorly written , most of which is old news and all of us in hindsight ..... Fyfe at pick 20 .... lets see how many clubs didn't have Scully at pick 1 that year. maybe he should have done a article on his time at carlton , every team has a could've and would've drafted this and that player 10 years later.
  9. he posted on on the facebook groups , he was sitting next to a camera said he would do it Im sure i can find his name ....
  10. no way we get him , PLEASE NO , Garry is all about Garry , everything he has done to help MFC has gone backwards, do not get him to help even pick a coach , let alone coach. i could honestly say I would leave the MFC, and thats saying something , Ive been here for 50 odd years and came close but always loved and been somehow involved, its in my blood and always drawn me back! sick I know.
  11. yes we never looked at dusty , but everyone had Scully and Trengrove as 1 and 2 . even port offered us pick 6 and 8 for pick 2 all very good in hinsight
  12. we've had so many players /half stars over the last 50 years that for some reason or another never lived up to the hype I will hold my judgement till we hold some little cup up we have all heard this before , melbourne could be this , could be that . I don't want words anymore , i want to see actions , wins , premierships , simple as that
  13. interesting then , so these are the reduced wages ? didn't players take some wage cut ?? , time to have a coffee and do some research .... and we still have room in our salary cap , to chase another player , so they must have been front loaded to start off with.
  14. Is this the wage they received last year ? or does it take into account front and back loaded deals ? or just the average over the deal ?
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