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  1. Let's hope he gets 15 kicks next week.
  2. Roosy was saying in the post match presser that we won't be playing finals, but to my reckoning we're three games out of the finals and North Melbourne in 8th and three games clear of us face Hawthorn, Sydney and GWS in the last three rounds - all tough games. Whilst they're 9% clear of us, three drubbings and I believe we're still a mathematical chance? Or am I missing something. Amazing to be thinking this way at Rnd 20...
  3. Can always count on you WB for a healthy dose of optimism. It's becoming enjoyable again being a Dee's supporter.
  4. Give a lot of shlt to my condescendingly annoying Hawthorn supporting work colleague. For about the next 6 months
  5. I liked this line in the AFL news article this arvo: Saturday's clash against the Hawks is shaping as a showcase of the Demons' young talent, with Oliver returning after four weeks in the VFL, winning 37 possessions in his last hit-out with the Casey Scorpions. "It's the first time we'll see Oliver, (Christian) Petracca, (Angus) Brayshaw and Weideman in the same team," Roos said. Nice! Link: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2016-08-04/dees-to-give-hogan-until-the-warmup-to-prove-fitness?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=RSS+feed%3A+AFL+Latest+News
  6. As long as Chris Dawes doesn't come out and say something stupid like last time, we could go close.
  7. I'd consider giving Mitch King a run with a bung knee if ee lost both Gawn and Spencer
  8. Getting sand in your crack just didn't rhyme with anything else in the song, must be why he left it out
  9. You've absolutely nailed it Jaded - this was the first game in a long time that I haven't come home hoarse, because it just wasn't worth yelling about
  10. 6 - Watts (not to love) 5 - Tyson 4 - AVBG 3 - Stretch 2 - Kent 1 - Frost
  11. Exactly the same as QB game - Collingwood went three talks fwd and never looked in the game
  12. It feels like we haven't played at the G since round 6 - I reckon the boys will remember kicking 16 after half time against this mob earlier this year on their patch and will have a day out in the sun.
  13. Playing the song loudly in the Uni halls of residence on repeat after we beat Carlton in 1988 to make the granny
  14. Grimes named at HBF - congratulations on reaching the ton mate!
  15. I'll be drinking for Australia if this group wins a flag and in no condition to be operating power tools. Swooper for mine also.
  16. Not sure if I'm on demon land or video hits...
  17. DD, if you type the exact story headline into Google, and then click on the link to the story, it bypasses the subscriber firewall
  18. This tactic got me through 2013, what I can remember of it
  19. Whilst we're waiting for Weidemann and Hulett to come good, I'd like to see them give Dunn a go at CHF, last chance saloon. He's a good kick, mark, is the right weight, has good defensive pressure and doesn't need to worry about the zone defence he can't seem to acclimatise to. What's the harm in trying him out for the next 3-4 weeks?
  20. The holes in his hands is probably why he can't mark anything
  21. Yep - I like these changes. Hope Grimes had a good game and backs up next week for his 100 th
  22. I hope it's Bugg if out of those two. I love Billy's speed and Toms hair gives me the shits
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