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  1. Alright so tips on how to play this, my wife follows the dogs, me and the kids are all demons 😬
  2. Jeez I hate it when the umps have a bad 5 mins which costs a couple of goals. They’ve been pretty good tonight but just getting sucked in now
  3. I haven’t felt this sick during a game since forever
  4. Jeeeze Trac must have had his boots on the wrong feet this quarter
  5. Longest kick I’ve ever seen Spargo do!!!!
  6. Brayshaw has started well, doing some seriously tough stuff
  7. Three cheers for the fitness staff, clearly the fitter team out there tonight
  8. Hope those who threatened to turn off at half time didn’t and got to enjoy that win tonight! We should all be so [censored] proud of that effort, just EPIC!
  10. JUST BE [censored] CONSISTENT UMPIRE!!!
  11. Hmmmm 10 changes for the Tigers, wonder if they will receive a fine for not tanking like we did too?
  12. Wow this looks remarkably similar to last time we played them. Hopefully we’ve prepared a plan to overcome it…. right???
  13. Last time we kicked more goals than behinds in a game was round 12 against Brisbane!!!!!
  14. Well it didn’t start at 8.10 in Perth
  15. What the [censored], since when do we stop a game for this?
  16. If we are going to kick it to the hot spot regularly, why don’t we put somebody there?
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