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  1. Collingwood losing is never boring.
  2. Isn’t it wonderful?! Except it’s Geelongscum.
  3. Maybe Collingwood can go all the way.... just like the commentary this week!!! Hahahaha!!!!
  4. Had have or had’ve not had of.
  5. Clarko’s 2020 year without good players was interesting.
  6. We need a tall strong marking forward.
  7. Welcome back Yze my favourite player!
  8. Ablett was the greatest player I ever saw. I withdraw all foolish comments.
  9. Coq au tete. Who cares what you like! Life us boring under loq doon!
  10. Yze has a contract elsewhere. No news. It was all nonsense.
  11. You’re not your. Go back to grade 1. Denise Drysdale.
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