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  1. Collingwood losing is never boring.
  2. Isn’t it wonderful?! Except it’s Geelongscum.
  3. Maybe Collingwood can go all the way.... just like the commentary this week!!! Hahahaha!!!!
  4. Had have or had’ve not had of.
  5. Clarko’s 2020 year without good players was interesting.
  6. We need a tall strong marking forward.
  7. Welcome back Yze my favourite player!
  8. Ablett was the greatest player I ever saw. I withdraw all foolish comments.
  9. Coq au tete. Who cares what you like! Life us boring under loq doon!
  10. Yze has a contract elsewhere. No news. It was all nonsense.
  11. You’re not your. Go back to grade 1. Denise Drysdale.
  12. Don’t you submoronic cretins know when you’re being teased by a fool? Lololol hahaha???
  13. Gary Ablett Senior was the greatest player ever. I withdraw all previous comments. Forever.
  14. It’s team game not an individual game. It’s great that there are some really good players in poor teams. But the ultimate measure of success is premierships.
  15. We’ll just have to disagree then. Many commentators on radio and tv have also held this view.
  16. We’ve accepted mediocrity for far too long in all departments. I don’t want people back who’ve participated in that mediocrity in whatever role: player, coach or any administrative role. I was keen when Barassi came back as he was part of our most successful era. I do believe he was part of the succeeding success with John Northey due to setting the stage with recruitment and coaching. Use was one of my favourite players too so I withdraw any negative comments about his playing.
  17. Haydn Bunton and Robert Flower are dead so they’re not saying anything. Yes they were all elite players but never achieved the heights of a premiership. While speaking with them why don’t you ask how they feel about that?
  18. 56 years and no flag is a disgrace. There have been plenty of top commentators including ex players of note who hold the same view that unless a player has been in a premiership side he’s not a true great.
  19. Viney had a great season and is an essential player. He’s Melbourne through and through. A leader despite having the captain mantle unceremoniously removed. Trading him Would be worse than delisting Junior McDonald. Good on you Jack Viney! A hero of our club!
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