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  1. The worst kick IMO was Carl Ditterich. Can still remember him putting it out on the full from the goal line.
  2. It seems only 1 was a deliberate, the rest are dry lighting strikes.
  3. To any Demonlanders caught in these horrific bush fires. My thoughts and prayers are with you, I hope you all come out of it safe and sound. A house can be rebuilt, a life can't
  4. I think F1 should be open to both 2 car and single car entrants. Single car if you don't have the finances but you can still make it if you have a good design team. Also it should be open to as many teams that can put a car on the grid and qualifying becomes just that, the top 20 or so cars get to start the race. If a top team has car troubles they may miss out on the race. The other thing I would like to see are some of the restrictions removed to allow innovation, this used to be used by car companies as an advantage in their manufacturing and sales. One I would like to see is engine si
  5. Merry Christmas all, gee I hope Santa brings what I wish for A top 8 finish
  6. I think every Melbourne member/supporter has every reason to be negative with this team. I don't expect them to win every week but I do expect them to try and win. I just don't see it. Regardless of what sport I have played at what level I always went out there with the intention of winning, nothing less would be acceptable, and I expect the same thing from professional sports men. Yes I am negative and will remain so until I see a team trying to win at all costs. Pi$$ed off with these comments.
  7. Time to go home .... don't want to see this again .....
  8. One thing I did like from the video is once he went to ground he was getting straight back up again, too many players take far to long getting back on their feet. Shows a desire to compete
  9. If that's the best we can do ... lets look forward to another wooden spoon ... I Hate following this team ... they build you up just to rip your heart out.
  10. Thanks ..... madness is right, been following for sometime now. Musical is Hair, song is Let The Sunshine In
  11. Strange topic to be my first post but ..... originally thought Tommy and Acid Queen, now I know it's about the stuff on my head I am missing .. lol
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