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MFC players who served during war

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As discussed in tonight's podcast, on demonwiki.org we've been compiling a list of all the MFC connected players who served in wars as well as the better known list of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This stretches from the Boer War to the Korean War, and is very much a work in progress so if anyone can shed more light on the service of the players listed below please get in contact via the forum or mfchistory@gmail.com.

Fortunately the format copies perfectly from the page (http://demonwiki.org/Players+who+served+during+war) to this forum, so here's the list. The * denotes a non-senior player (e.g. from a lower grade or trained with us without playing a game).

A particularly interesting story is the Couve brothers, who both trialled in the 1912 pre-season but didn't play a game and were struck down just 15 days apart during the Gallipoli landings.

Players who died during war

First World War

Player Date Location
Jim Bonelli 24 May, 1918 France
Cliff Burge 14 August 1918 Villers-Bretonneux, France
Alan Couve 26 April 1915* Gallipoli, Turkey
Henry Couve 8 May 1915* Gallipoli, Turkey
Jack Doubleday 30 October 1918 Indian Ocean
Bill Fischer 15 October 1917 Belgium
[censored] Gibbs 19 July 1916* France
Albert Gourlay 1 November 1918 England
Mal Kennedy 2 January 1918 Belgium
Frank Lugton 29 July 1916 Villers-Bretonneux, France
Jim Mackie 20 March, 1917 Bapaume, France
Bill Maxwell 12 October 1917 Passchendaele, Belgium
Fen McDonald 25 April 1915 Gallipoli, Turkey
Alick Ogilvie 18 August 1915 Malta
Leo Rankin 10 May 1917 Wareham, United Kingdom
Joe Pearce 25 April 1915 Gallipoli, Turkey
Harold Rippon 16 January 1917 France
Percy Rodriguez 20 March 1917 The Somme, France
Bobby Royle 3 November 1916 France
Alexander Salton 10 September 1916 France
Alf Williamson 11 April, 1917 Bullecourt, France

Second World War

Player Date Location
Sid Anderson May 20, 1944 Wewak, New Guinea
Jack Atkins March 1, 1942 Sunda Strait, off Java
Harold Ball February 9, 1942 Singapore
Ron Barassi Sr July 31, 1941 Tobruk, Libya
Laurie Brady 1 May 1944 Melbourne, Victoria
Noel Ellis July 6, 1942 Queensland
John Fraser June 1944* Canadian Rockies
Clyde Helmer April 24, 1945 Aitapi, New Guinea
Derek Mollison 19 December 1943 Rockhampton
Ted Regan July 9, 1943 over Burma
Beres Reilly July 23, 1943 over Crete
Archie Roberts June 6, 1945 Ambon, Dutch East Indies
Charles Stewart June 1942* former seconds player - killed in an aircraft accident
A. Strang August 1942 Seconds player
Keith Truscott March 28, 1943 accident at Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia
Barney Wood June 9, 1941 Litani River, Syria

Other players who served

(List in development) 

Boer War

Player Branch/Unit
Jim Conquest Army (5th Victorian Mounted Rifles)
Jack Godby Army
Jack McIntosh Army
Hugh Purse Army
Lionel Smale Army

First World War

Player Branch/Unit
Mick Anthony Army
Charlie Armstrong Army
Alexander Bennie Army
Arthur Best Army (58th Battalion)
Bob Bodington Army (10th Field Ambulance)
Campbell Brady Army
Laurie Brady Army (Australian Postal Corps)
Jack Brake Army (8th Field Artillery Brigade)
Jack Bristow Army (6th Battalion)
Harry Britter Army (31st Battalion)
Frank Brown Army
Harry Bruce Army/Flying Corps
Bill Brunier Army
Claude Bryan Army
Eddie Byers Army (44th Battalion)
Bruce Campbell Army
E. Canale Unknown
Jack Cannan Army
Bert Chadwick Flying Corps
Eric Chisholm Army
Graham Colclough Army
Tim Collins Army (39th Battalion)
Jack Connole Army
Bob Corbett Army (29th Battalion)
John Corby Army (54th Battalion and 5/29th Infantry Regiment)
Edward Cordner Army (6th Australian Field Ambulance)
Harry Cordner British Army
Harry Cox Army (6/46th Infantry Regiment)
Vic Cumberland Army (32nd Battalion)
Frank Cummins Navy
Peter Crystal Army*
Vern Daniel Army
Ernest Denton Army
Eric Dimsey Army
Fred Elliott Army (3rd Pioneer Battalion)
Reg Ellis Army
Bill Elston Army (39th Battalion)
Alec Farrow Army (29th Battalion)
Bill Fawcett Army (4th Machine Gun Company)
Jack Evans Army
Bill Flintoft Army (57th Battalion)
[censored] Fowler Army
Alex Fraser Army (10th Machine-Gun Company)
Vin Gardiner Army (38th Refts. GSG)
Mark Gardner British Army
Alf George Army (Railway Division)
Charlie Goding Army (Base Records Corp)
Vic Gordon Army
Archie Grigg Army (Signal Engineers 2nd Division)
Henry Hagenauer Army
George Haines Army (Sea Transport Staff)
Johnny Hassett Army
Cedric Hay British Army
Bill Hendrie Army (59th Battalion)
Phil Hosking Army
Phil Hunt Army (3rd Pioneer Battalion)
Frank Hurrey Army
Syd Hutcheson Army (29th Battalion)
Billy Irwin Army
Les Irwin Army (13th Light Horse Regiment)
Edwin Jenkyn Army (4th Battalion)
Norm Jordan Army
Arthur Kirk Army
Clarrie Lethlean Army
Charlie Lilley Army
Leo Little Army and Flying Corps
Fred Long Army (3rd Light Horse Field Ambulance)
Frank Longden (pre-VFL) Army Medical Corps
Rupe Lowell Army (18th AASC)
Aubrey MacKenzie Army
Charlie Mackay Medical Corps (British Army)
Les MacPherson Flying Corps
Jim Makin Army (9/21st Battalion)
George Martin Army
Frank McCooey Army
Bill McCulloch Army
Bill McIntyre Army (46th Battalion)
Bill McKeone Army
George McNeilage Army
Algy Millhouse Army (32nd Battalion)
Les Mitchell Army
Bobby Monk Army
George Moodie Army
Jim Moore Army
Vern Moore Army
Bert Morris Army
Harry Moyes Army
Aubrey Neal Army
Jack Nicholson Army
Joe O'Carroll Army (37th Battalion)
Hughie Odgers Army
Basil Onyons Army
Roy Park Army (5th Field Ambulance Unit)
Bert Parke Army (16th General Service Reinforcements)
Eric Parsons Army (22nd Battalion and 7th Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery)
Laurie Paul Army
Robert Ramsay Army
Frank Richardson Army
Harold Riggall Army
Herbert Roberts Army
Vern Rowe Army
Tom Sadlier Army
Albert Salkeld (Pre-VFL) Medical Corps
Alex Salvado Army
Jack Sheehan Army*
Arthur Slater Army*
Harry Smith Army*
Tom Soutar Unknown*
Cyril Steele Army
Bill Stone Unknown*
Wilfred Stott Army (8th Light Horse Regiment)*
Charlie Streeter Army (8th Light Horse Regiment)
Enos Thomas Army (8th Light Horse Regiment)
Ted Thomas Army
Hedley Tomkins Army (28th Battalion)
Albert Treeby Army (12th Training Battalion and 46th Battalion)*
Les Wallace Army
Ivor Warne-Smith Army
Jack Watt Army (Motor Transport Corps)
Jack West Army (7th Infantry Battalion)
Fred Whelpton Army (15th Australian Machine Gun Company)
Reg Woodhouse Army

Second World War

Player Branch/Unit
Aitken Army*
A. Anderson Army*
JC Ashdown Air Force*
Bill Baxter Army (32nd Battalion)
Des Bell Army
George Bickford Navy
Tony Bizacca Army
Billy Blair Army (Postal Corps)
Laurie Brady Army
Jack Brake Army
Arnold Byfield Army (5 Garrison Battalion and 2/11 Australian Infantry Battalion)
Bruce Campbell Army
Bert Chadwick RAAF
Percy Cheffers Army*
Lance Collins Army* (53 Australian Bulk Issues Petroleum and Oil Depot Platoon)
Jack Compton Army
John Corby Army (Various regiments)
Denis Cordner Navy
Don Cordner Navy
Ted Cordner Navy
Peter Cox Air Force*
Bill Cutler Army
C Cuttriss Unknown*
Stan Dalley RAAF*
Johnny Dalton Army (Land Headquarters Signals)
Gerry Daly Army (7th Australian Infantry Battalion)
Len Dockett Army (14/32nd Battalion)
Jack Doherty Army (1n Ordnance)
Harcourt Dowsley Army*
Adrian Dullard Army (15th Field Ambulance)
Roy Eliason Air Force*
Dave Elliman Army
Richie Emselle Army
Owen Evans Army*
Clive Fairbairn Army*
Tom Ferguson Air Force
Rowley Fischer Army (15th Field Ambulance)
Bob Furler Air Force*
Col Galbraith Navy
Maurie Gibb Army (1n Ordnance)
Les Gibbs Air Force
Ian Giles Air Force
Eric Glass Air Force
Ray Grattridge Air Force*
Ossie Green Army
A. Greenaway Air Force*
J. Griggs Army*
Tom Guest Unknown *
Ron Hall Army
Frank Hanna Air Force
Jack Heal Navy
Stan Heal Navy
Doug Heywood Air Force
[censored] Hingston Army (15th Field Ambulance)
Pat Hjorth Air Force*
Don Hooper Army (Pay Corps)
Bill Hulme Air Force*
Syd Hutcheson Army (Southern Command AASC)
Arthur Irvine Unknown*
Gordon Jones Army
Les Jones Air Force
Les Jones (non-senior player) Army
Ray Jones Navy
GM Josua Unknown*
Frank Kennedy Army
Joe Kinnear Army (1n Ordnance)
Allan La Fontaine Army/Air Force
George Lenne Air Force
B. Lindsay Army
Wally Lock Army
Harry Long Army
John Lord Army (Transportation Branch)
Mick Maguire British Army
Jack Maher Air Force
Jack McDonald Air Force*
Shane McGrath Army
Col McLean Navy
Les Meade Navy
Keith Molloy Unknown
Bill Morris Army* (2nd Motor Division)
Jack Mueller Army
Laurence Muir Navy*
Jim Munday Air Force*
Bob Murray Navy*
Don Nichols Air Force*
D. Nissen Unknown*
Danny Powell Air Force
Jack Quinn Army
Les Reeves Army
R. Reid Navy*
Alby Rodda Air Force
Harry Salmon Army*
Frank Scanlan Navy
Ralph Shalless Air Force
C. Smith Unknown*
Len Smith Air Force
Don Stewart Army*
Bob Stone Navy
Derek Symonds Army
K. Taylor Unknown*
Len Toyne Air Force
Cliff Tyson Army
Bill Vanthoff Air Force
Darcy Walsh Air Force
Ivor Warne-Smith Army
Ron White Army
Douglas Wight Navy*
Colin Wilcox Air Force*
Frank Williams Air Force
Mac Wilson Army
Mike Woods Navy

Korean War

Player Branch/Unit
Geoff Collins Air Force
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Thank you, that’s an incredible resource, and more interesting (and perhaps more important) than all the pomp and ceremony associated with ANZAC Day football. 

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Great effort. Well done.

Even just a simple list helps bring it into perspective. Made me reflect, that's for sure. Couldn't help but see the two names at Villers-Bretonneux, France, where I was privileged enough to be a part of the ANZAC day ceremony in 2004. 

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Fantastic work. We shall remember them.

Two things stand out for me. First, that Ivor Warne-Smith didn't do things by halves. Not only two Brownlow Medals, but also served in both the First and Second World Wars. That's over-achieving.

Secondly, how namby-pamby is the auto-censor! All those people whose names are presumably the diminutive of Richard can't have the name by which they are known shown here. Ridiculous (but, I hasten to add, not the fault of the Demonland administrators).


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Wonderful thread. As a vet myself, I am fascinated with the wartime stories which are linked to the club. Great stuff 

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Lest we forget

Thankyou to all who compiled these lists

We the MFC should always be represented on Anzac Day to honour such a long list of young men. 

I had no idea that so many of our brothers paid the ultimate price....

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