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  1. That sick-in-the guts feeling of this year sadly being the "Fourthorn" is starting to feel like "Fivethorn" in 2017. If that eventuates, it will most certainly be time to 'put the cue in the rack' and start following NRL.........
  2. Amazed that the possibility of Salem being traded is even being contemplated. Whilst Roos has on more than one occasion proffered the "everyone is tradeable (if the right offer comes along)", it would have to be a damn good offer for Salem to be considered. His tackling ferocity (Jeremy Cameron last game last year) coupled with his composure and tidy kicking skills (1st game against Essendon), clearly marked him as a 'keeper' who is very well suited to the modern game (i.e. Hawthorn style). It's not as if we are blessed with an abundance of players with good skill sets.
  3. Used to think he provided on field leadership Used to think he provided 'structure' Used to think he could be a foil/decoy for Hogan Used to think he could do the ruck work inside the forward 50 Used to think he could be 'useful' Not any more - his time is up - cut our losses at seasons end and cut him loose
  4. If/when any of injuries/illness/circumstances give Jack an opening, fantastic. If, however, none of those have occurred by Round 20, select him for the following 2 weeks so he has the chance to say "farewell" (and his many fans have the opportunity to say "thanks"), in Round 22 against Carlscum at the 'G' with 100 games to his name. By that stage, the likes of Wagner, Hunt, Harmes et al, will probably be well and true due for an extended rest and the prospect of finals will have disappeared over the horizon. Like most clubs, Melbourne needs to recognize and congratulate players who have (in every sense of the words) been 'loyal servants of the Club'.
  5. Still remember vividly his efforts in the otherwise disastrous 1988 GF - 'balls' never stopped trying and although ultimately overwhelmed, was one of the very few that could hold his head high after a rather dispiriting 96 point flogging. Talented but genuinely tough - a very rare combination in the current era.
  6. Very steady and composed when required - impressive over the past 2 weeks. His speed and endurance will be important in Alice Springs. P.S. Did his Dad ever get 31 possessions in a game?
  7. No brainer - his reading of the play and deciding when to 'fly' and when to stay grounded is impressive as is his ability to effect spoils on bigger/taller opponents without infringing. A living tribute to the benefits of hard work and persistence.
  8. Clearly Ballantyne by a country mile - (subject to him remaining relevant as another poster has noted). Otherwise, Scully followed by Thomas with Goddard a short 1/2 head away third.
  9. Whilst Ralph's exegesis of the legendary e & b rolls at CaseybFieods is in itself the stuff of legends, my experience of said e & b rolls has been nothing short of exemplary. Where do they get that bacon that is just so goddamned tasty - neither Coles nor Woolworths have it.........?
  10. The last 2 weeks have proved beyond doubt (if any doubt existed) that: 1. Colin Garland cannot play as a KPD - (at best, he is just capable of playing the role of the "3rd tall"); and; 2. Tom McD struggles when pitted against gorilla forwards - (physically seems well suited but just doesn't cope well). With the benefit of hindsight, Dunn would have been the better match up for Redpath - whilst Dunn is not quick, Redpath is not Usain Bolt either. In previous seasons, Crameri has given Dunn a real 'touch up' because Crameri is too mobile - no such issues yesterday. Really need to get Hurley - ghastly hairdo and all.
  11. I fear the worst for poor 'St.James' - one wonders just how many 'mysterious benefactors' one can expect to have in one lifetime...... Presume he and the ever-lovely Tania will have to sell another investment property - there goes the negative gearing benefits.
  12. Accurate assessment Praha. I was at the game with a St.Kilda mate and we both commented about 1/2 way through the 2nd quarter that Melbourne looked lethargic/tired and unable/unwilling to run and spread as well as St.Kilda were. Obviously hopes were high that the 1/2 time break would give the coaches a chance to get the team to 'snap out of it' but, alas, the Saints came out & blew us away with an 8 goal quarter. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, several players could have possibly been rested but as others have noted, bit hard to pick which ones (and also hard to justify changes to a winning team)
  13. The bride just signed up 10 minutes ago - having witnessed the wins against the Filth and the Timid Tigers, she reckons that the Dees are finally worth not only watching but actually supporting - ( only taken 32 years........)
  14. Jack's many qualities include courage, good ability to read the play (intercept marking), and endurance. Unfortunately, his kicking skills are limited (in comparison to others) and he is simply not quick. The several heavy knocks he received early on in his career (where he was possibly too brave for his own good) can't have helped his development, let alone the well discussed impact of being saddled with the captaincy prematurely. Love to see him get those 2 additional games but, on current indications, not very likely.
  15. For the reasons pointed out by other posters, does Rance's dog act qualify for direct referral to the Tribunal?
  16. That would explain his modest output in the first 3 rounds. Give him as much time as it takes to get the ankle right - love to see him back fighting fit in the 2nd half of the season when types like Clarrie might be getting a bit weary.
  17. Whilst Chris "Cement Hands" Dawes does spill far too many, he at least does get in the correct positions and (occasionally) bring others into the game around him. If he manages to overcome the calf injury, it would be interesting to see how he goes with better quality delivery from our mids and half-backs. I suspect Hogan prefers having a CHF upfield who knows what he is doing as opposed to someone like Frost who would give a headless chook a good run for his money.
  18. Spot on Nutbean - for an 18 year old 1st gamer to keep his feet when tackled AND keep his arms free to fire off a handball as you describe, is simply remarkable. When he increases his core strength after another pre-season or two, we may well have something very special
  19. Enough already! Obviously the time Jack has spent out of the game mitigates him making a successful return to the top level. At the same time, it is not as if we are 'holding our breath' expecting him to be the saviour (a la Mitch Clark a couple of seasons ago). If he can regain a little bit of speed (so as to ensure that the game has not passed him by whilst he has been laid up), then I am happy to back his good kicking skills, strength overhead, willingness to commit his body, and overall footy smarts to enable Jack to be a worthy & productive member of our current 'best 22'. True, he may never be the midfield jet we hoped/dreamed/prayed he would be when first drafted, but hey, Jack would be the first to concede that life is what happens when you plan for other things.
  20. Spot on W45 - the F50 pressure after 1/2 time against Port was eye-opening. To then convert the resultant turnovers into goals was a joy to behold. Having said that, Port may have been caught napping after our rather listless 1st 1/2. Let's hope we see it week in & week out.
  21. Regrettably, looks like he is 'going, going, gone' Better enjoy the next 44 games..........
  22. Undoubtedly the 2nd best player to have pulled on the red & blue in the past 45 years that I have been following the Club. Had the good sense to avoid the temptation of many great players before ( and after) him to succumb to the 'siren song' of coaching. As a result, he has avoided the fate of Watson, Voss, Hird, (and, in due course, Buckley). Regrettably, he answered the call of a sick/dying good mate and strayed into areas that he was strangely ill-equipped to handle. I sincerely hope that his arguably negative off-field contributions do not detract from his wonderful on-field contributions - others have mentioned his efforts in a final against Footscray et al, but my favourite memories of Garry include him taking on a rampant 'Sticks' Kernahan at Princes Park and doing incredibly well to break even (and win All Australian selection as CHB at the end of the season)?
  23. Absolutely agree with the views expressed above. Final game of 2014, Kent executed not 1, but 2, beautiful 'square up' passes to (IIRC) Tom McD (who thankfully converted). Onviously bugger all riding on the result but it was still pretty to watch and a clear demonstration of this guy's skill. Fingers crossed he stays on the park!
  24. Puzzling that the insurers are stumping up $500k. Are these the same insurers (Chubb Insurance IIRC) that St. James is suing? If so, why would they put the$500k up for the banned 34 when it was reported that the principal reason they refused to indemnify Hird was because he had instituted the action himself (as opposed to defending an action brought against the insured)? Presumably the insurer takes the view that ASADA and CAS 'instituted' the action against the banned 34 and therefore the terms of the policy oblige the insurer (upon request) to fund the cost of an appeal?
  25. If only the wishes re snagging a goal from outside 50 off his non-preferred would come true - unbridled joy on Demonland......
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