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  1. This + the fact that when he beat Tex to the ball, he would look at Tex and then run around & away from him as if Tex was a witches hat.
  2. Has the Club commissioned that sculptor yet for the bronze statue of PJ?
  3. This. Possibly I am experiencing an existentialist form of MFCSS, but I am more than a bit nervous that the theme of current posts on this thread seem to suggest that the game this week is a"given" and that we can afford to start intentionally resting players in preparation for the "harder" games to follow. I know we beat Hawthorn last time ( for the 1st time in an eon) but let's not get carried away with our prospects and that this match as a foregone conclusion - the cringeworthy nightmares of Essendrug in Round 2 and Carlscum in Round 22 are still burnt into my brain.
  4. I agree - did seem a bit strange that Pedo was dropped at that point, given that he was instrumental in the now famous 5 goal surge that finally buried our Hawk hoodoo late last year - (IIRC, after gathering a fairly ordinary pass from OMac and dishing off to Billy for a nice running goal, he followed up with a nice lead to a sublime JW4 pass and then kicked truly). Let's hope he has a better run at it this time
  5. Spot on - my son & I admire his work rate so much. Clearly not the most gifted/talented player on the list but is always one who will give 100% of what's he has got - it may not be enough, but you (and the match committee) know he will give it. Cam has come a very long way from the infamous 'head duck' in Round 1 all those years ago. Surely he is now worthy of minor cult status amongst the Demonland faithful?
  6. Certainly beats the 'shuffling the deck chairs' feeling of the past umpteen seasons
  7. IIRC, the knock on Melksham has always been his disposal. I know a few Essendrug fans who were surprised/delighted that we took him off their hands on a deal worth @ $400k for 3 years (?) when he was seen as a 'turnover merchant' of the highest order. Still, maybe Goodwin sees something in him that is worth persevering with. Straight swap for Bernie for mine.
  8. Let's just hope that Goodwin instructs Nibbler to run with Kade Simpson, tackle him at every opportunity, and restrict him from picking up a lazy 30+ 'wrap-around' possessions. If Carlscum are denied the effective services of their No.1 playmaker in their defensive 50, it is hard to see who sets up their plays on the rebound.
  9. Quite true - both my daughter and my wife fancy Bernie V - different perspective but same destination....
  10. Very disappointing that Healy, Brown, Dunstall & King pestered Nathan with repeat questions about the co-captaincy issue. Presumably hoping he would blurt out something controversial to make a headline tomorrow. Ended up being a wasted opportunity to find out from Nathan what he feels/thinks is different about his team in 2017
  11. Not sure the show was ever in much of a noteworthy state - (although I admit I haven't really watched it in 10 years). Appointing Hutchison as co-host has sealed its overdue fate - no better choice for a free to air broadcaster to hasten the demise of a show which has outlived its relevance than to select an over-opinionated, self-indulgent, pretentious prat such as him.
  12. If it turns out to be Option 2, we can start a whole new thread about who Jack would be offered up as trade bait for - that should successfully occupy the remaking 21 weeks of the season (and then some)
  13. Not sure if I have missed an injury report, but what has happened to Liam Hulett? He doesn't seem to even get a mention in dispatches.
  14. Does anyone foresee Salem as Jordan Lewis' apprentice/protege? Strong, not overly quick, neat left-foot skills.......
  15. So true - ' Fanfare for the Common Man' plus 'Pictures at an Exhibition' are seminal recordings for those of us born pre-1960. RIP
  16. Interesting to read the comments about Clarrie - let's just wait & see - regardless of how he presented at the 1st training session and what his skin folds may or may not have been, the fact is that he is as seriously good as any midfielder we have seen debut for the Dees in the past 20 years. As for Colin Garland, no doubt that 2017 is effectively 'make or break' for him. I am prepared to give him1 final chance - I well remember him going off his nut against the filth in 2014 (or possibly 2015) when he was let down time & again whilst playing on that overpaid [censored], Travis Cloke. Colin battled on with SFA support from the midfield or his fellow defenders. Hopefully he will get a chance to show his true worth in a team 'on the up'. Failing that, No. 20 will be looking for a new torso to drape itself on in 2018.
  17. The consensus seems to be that we have regrettably retained a self-indulgent, petulant, self-absorbed list clogged who is overwhelmed by his innate sense of self-importance. Having purged myself of that alliterative load of drivel, the basic equation is: 1. What does the Club need to cough up to get H to sign a Release & Indemnity and retire post-haste? 2. How soon thereafter can we upgrade one of our rookies?
  18. Could not agree more - after the first couple of years, the show seemed to pride itself on being boorish, mundane and dull. To now recruit a balding sock puppet like Hutchison surely suggests the end is nigh.
  19. Terrific reward for Smith and wonderful encouragement for the 20-somethings on the list for Casey in 2017 - if you perform at a high level consistently, the AFL dream may become a reality. Who else on the Casey list do we think might make it?
  20. Better start putting some money aside for the bronze statue of PJ that will now surely be erected outside the 'G' when he retires
  21. Spot on - and let us not forget the very handsome salaries these guys are being paid in consideration for the sacrifices they are required to make to participate at the elite level.
  22. Very true - just like Grimes, Terlich and Matt Jones, when given the opportunity, they each respectively gave all that they had. Regrettably, they simply did not have enough to give (or at least not enough to make an impact of any lasting significance). Whilst like other posters I wish them all the best for the future and hope they get further opportunities at some level, their departure signifies that the last of the stopgap recruits and the bulk of the battle scarred players from the despairing & desperate years are now gone. Better times clearly beckon.
  23. If the Rockliff deal comes to fruition, gaining Hibberd, Lewis & him in 1 trade period should compare very favorably with GWS' recruiting of Heath Shaw, Mummy & Stevie J.
  24. Interesting that Billy and ANB were on a par at the end of last season but whereas Billy has come on in leaps & bounds, Nibbler has stagnated
  25. Fair call - bracing ourselves for the overwhelming disappointment and despair associated with his proposed departure was an entirely understandable and inevitable position for Dee's supporters to take. Thankfully when we got the 'tap on the shoulder' this time, it was to celebrate him staying rather than a sign that the rogering was finished.
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