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  1. I reckon he has fed off Clarry and wants to best himself like Oliver has done. Go Dees!
  2. Super Super Frank Super Super Frank Super Super Frank Super Franky Lampard!!! What a way to win the title. All hail the blues!!!
  3. Seven of the best from Chelsea!!! So close!
  4. Welcome Chelsea back to the summit!
  5. We feel it Rollo, you're a stalwart and a legend for all this organisation. We've had pretty good numbers in the past so perhaps you should put that down to wanting to play for the Jumper, and also the opportunity to play under the dual coaches of WJ and Rollo.
  6. And we are looking pretty good at the moment too
  7. Is this a Borat-esque 'NOT' joke? If you're having a lend, quite funny! But I don't think you are
  8. Not Long to go now! Carn the Chels!
  9. Thanks for the updates GG As a fellow blues supporter, was just wondering whether you think our current squad is good enough to win the premier league. I think we've made a few good purchases and have held on to our stars and our good squad players. Do you think we need anyone else? I was hoping maybe we could pinch a Villa/Pato/Aguero for a great striking trio, but i think with Anelka and Drogba up front with J. Cole/Zhirkov/Malouda on the wings we should be alright, and during ACN we can give Sturridge a game with Di Santo also available. What do you think?
  10. 6- Bruce 5- Jurrah 4- Moloney 3- Petterd 2- Warnock 1- Jones for his tagging game
  11. I'll take out Barca's best player, Ovrebo. Back on topic, looking forward to forum games in the future! I think we should sit tight.
  12. If you thought umpires were bad in the AFL, you've gotta see the game between Chelsea and Barcelona thismorning. Definitely cost us the game.
  13. Great to hear that the boys had a win, pretty annoyed that my stuffed lungs stopped me from having a run today. Our forum team is unstoppable!
  14. I'm in once again to shirk a few contests, my body should have recovered from the last game by then!
  15. Haha what's the bet it'll be 35 degrees again for the third forum game in a row!
  16. No Drogba, Essien, Ballack, Carvalho = 5 zip away win!!! That said, Boro are relegation material
  17. Haha my name is Cameron the Bruce and I might just have number 5 on my back!
  18. Sweet, we are set! I wonder how many Brock Mclean's we will have running around for us this year
  19. I think everyone rates themself as a bit of a goal sneak! Any word from big Billy? blessed_hands absolutely dominated for us in the last game
  20. I'm definitely in, love the forum games. Put me down for a forward pocket but I'll gladly be relegated to the bench when we get a full team happening.
  21. It makes me very pleased to see the Spurs struggling, although it angers me just as much how they always take points off my Blue boys! That 4-4 draw last year, despite being a fantastic sporting spectacle, put a bullet in our title chances. Must say I've been enjoying the EPL more than the AFL, maybe that's what a succesful team does for you. However, I'd have one Melbourne premiership over 10 premier league titles!
  22. Shotgun forward pocket!! Although I am pretty handy at centre-left bench
  23. We're pretty abhorrent at kicking the ball in and have been for years. Surely, there is some tactic we should be able to employ?
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