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  1. So when I purchased a Home & Away Trident membership this year with guaranteed Level 2 seating, I was assured this would be for away games too, but now I can only get Level 3 seating or I have to pay an additional $38 for a Level 2 seat. Is this how it usually works?
  2. I haven't gone through this whole thread, but there is a lot of hate for Melksham on here. He has been playing a defensive midfield role the last 2 weeks and did a great job on Taranto last night who figured to be a key inside mid for the Giants with Coniglio out. Add to that he is just about our best kick in a team with poor foot skills, there is no way I can entertain dropping him. Stick him on Merrett next week, and we'll be good.
  3. Agreed. We were poor against Crows and North for a large portion of those games, and now when we've come up against some sides who can execute a plan as a team for 4 quarters, we've been found out. I think the Hawthorn game was the only game all season we've looked good for most of the game, but even then, they had a stretch in the 3rd quarter. You never feel good as a Melbourne supporter with our level of play.
  4. I still think Pickett will be a great player for us and fills a more pressing need as a crumbing small forward. I do feel like he is either being poorly coached or not receiving the feedback atm though, because he doesn't seem to get to the fall fall of the ball enough. This will come with some experience and maturity though, and hopefully a better game plan( with a new coach).
  5. I disagree. I think we made them look good with our ordinary play. I never felt like we got dominated by them like I did with Port.
  6. Bulldogs players consistently a metre over the mark applying pressure. How can't the umpires see this?
  7. Looking at those selecctions I think there will be a late change. One of the McDonald brothers in for a midfielder is my call.
  8. No way we should trade him. I can remember the days we could never even get first hands on the ball, they were far worse. What we need is a better mix in our midfield. I'd like to see Melksham and Salem brought into the midfield more and play as receivers for guys like Oliver and Viney to offload to.
  9. Jackson can ruck, follow up and get ground balls. He can also contest and bring the ball to ground, something which TMac has barely done all season even though he has been our No.1 target.
  10. So if we drop Jackson, are we playing one tall in Weiderman? Because there is absolutely no way you can drop Jackson and somehow mount a case to keep TMac in the team, he was abysmal last night, and has been for quite some time.
  11. How will Tomlinson add to our winning team? Who plays Lockhart's role?
  12. Interesting to see a lot of people want Lockhart out, I can't see another match up for Charlie Cameron. I think he might be a little quick for Nev, so I'd start Lockhart on him and have Nev in my back pocket if that fails. No change for me.
  13. If TMac is out, I'd like to see Smith in as a forward. It gives us some flexibility to throw him back and May forward also if needed.
  14. If we are not going to drop(or remove from the centre square) Oliver or Viney, then I think it's time we turn one into a negater/tagger. My preference would be Viney, as his skill is on a similar level to DeBoer, so you can have him solely in the centre to stop the opposition best mid and have Oliver and whoever else hunting the ball. It's not working having them both hunt, win and then use the ball.
  15. 🎯 First name on the board for the outs as far as I am concerned. A wingmen with no leg speed and can't use the ball by foot.....wouldn't have thought we'd have needed to recruit outside our club for a player like that.
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