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  1. Didn't see the game Redleg but I did see Blasé kick 5 one day and get labelled a champ. Let's just wait and see before we hand out the accolades. He played well in a side that thumped the opposition, that's easier to do than play well in a team that's struggling. I've seen him play plenty of ordinary games.
  2. Offer him up to the Hawks with pick 3 for Roughy and offer Roughy $1m per year for 6 years.
  3. Why were the white westerners beheaded in the first place? It wasn't because the West stated that they were going to act was it? Let's get the story right, this is s chicken egg scenario. Would you be happy if they went on their merry way, slaughtering all those that had a different religion or disagreed with their barbaric ideals? Perhaps you would recommend diplomacy and maybe you'd like to take part in a delegation with the greens to visit and thrash out the problems. Or should we just wait until they've killed every single person that disagrees with them.
  4. You seem to think this is just a ploy by politicians when it is a real and genuine threat. This servers two purposes, it stops their planned murder of some innocent bystander and takes these idiots off the street. There was a teenager who left here, went overseas and blew himself up in a Bagdad market, do you think that was planned by the half wits in Canberra? Don't bother replying I think I already know your answer.
  5. The life they saved may have been yours.
  6. So the theory is that Ricciuto was instrumental in Sanderson getting the chop and his best friend Goodwin was over in Adelaide talking to the club. Ricciuto owns a pub in Adelaide with Walker, Dangerfield and Sloane and several players including Walker were critical of the coach in their exit interviews. What does this tell you; well I'd say that Goodwin will be coach and we haven't got a chance with any of the players. Back to the drawing board.
  7. So far we have Goodwn, Dew and Thompson as options, or certainties, for the Crows with maybe Lyon or McKenna thrown in to the mix and it hasn't even been 24 hours since Sando got dumped.
  8. "Brenton is a quality person and accomplished coach, but recent weeks have unearthed a need for change," Chapman said. "Both parties have realised they have different perspectives on where we are at as a footy team. Sounds like the players have decided, once again, they don't like the coach. Blight had the best idea, he got rid of the troublemakers before they could get rid of him.
  9. Maybe a new name in the succession plan?
  10. Yes but will they make the jump back at Melbourne; there has been talk in the papers that one or both may be traded.
  11. I think we make a fair amount out of the NT games and we had reasonable crowds early on for home games.
  12. I think if you look back at it our game attendances were quite good early in the year.
  13. Might be a better player in a better side but I think he's gone as far as he can at Melbourne.
  14. What can you say, we were bad they were good, we've got a long, long way to go, they are almost there. Their attack on the ball was sensational tonight, I had hoped that Howe might turn out to be our version of Fyfe but that's not going to happen. We are still a bottom 4 side, simple as that.
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