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  1. Don’t scare me like that OD. Your reminder me of my pre 1999 support for that turn coat club I vowed to never support again after our loss in the 1998 WAFL Grand Final! That was to day I decided to support another team in the AFL. At the time I was thinking of supporting MessyDrugs because they had a few ex West Perth player. Thank the gods I decided to support another club that has the best team colours and song! I see now why my Great Grandparents decided to move to Western Australia, their local soccer team colours. Who can blame them?
  2. That colour combination really sucks. What a complete waste of blue!
  3. I would like 9-0 but prefer a flag. Hate to think we are undefeated all season but loss the grand final.
  4. My eyes are not working too well today as all I can see is that their colours are blue. Just can't see the other colour so I assume that it is red!
  5. My great grandparents were born there, but they moved to Collie so my great grandfather could work in the mines.
  6. Plus no spectators at Beagles and Shockers game! What a perfect day in sport.
  7. Please don’t curse us! We normal fail this type of test. Do I need to remind you of past 55 yeasts or so?
  8. I simple don't know what to say other than GO THE DEES!!!!
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