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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. So to a more important topic now, how is the supply of Banana's going? Because as we all know on this thread the world supply is in serious trouble AGAIN!
  2. This thread is about serious discussions with no joking around allowed unless there is a Banana or two involved 🤔 😅 😉 😬 😄 😳
  3. Best thing Red has said all week 🙌 👏 👌 😄 😜 👍
  4. He playing for the Shockers, how can he get any worse?
  5. Is this the new Collingwood Cheerleaders uniform 🤔 👀 😳
  6. When the two local AFL Clubs created super WAFL Teams (Host Clubs) that weakened West Perth, I become a Melbourne supporter. Plus l could not support any Club called Fremantle.
  7. I am the most positive Demon 😈 supporter you know OD
  8. Also, it could be another 56 years to go before we win again, like last time. DON'T up set the footy GODS or the Melbourne curse. After all it now been 58 years since we won a flag at the MCG. I not sure Norm Smith has forgive us yet.
  9. Two years and two flags! Two perfect years. Come on 2023!
  10. They only give an L plate to those who need assistance with their wheelchair. Strange system 🤔 but if you don't have your plate displayed the nurses tell you off and you can't use the wheelchair. We all know that Uncle Bitters can be a grumpy 😠 😡 old man without his Morning bottle of red and blue wine 🍷 Everything is going well as another Premiership in 2022 (total won is now 20) has given me a big smile 😀 but please don't talk about the AFL until 2023!
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