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  1. Why not. Worked so well last time. #facepalm
  2. I recall back In round one 1 when Jones said “[censored] happens” I was with him. We were gonna start a bit slow But we are a good enough side to wear a few losses at the start of the season and be on fire at the end. Instead, “[censored] happens” became this seasons mantra. Where to start? I can’t remember a pre season and season mismanaged so poorly. The surgeries, the haphazard appointment of Pert, Steven May, the lack of game plan, the lazy drafting, continuing to rush players in an under done, horrible list management. It was like the club on every level just thought it was going
  3. Can’t wait to get bent over by the cats. Starting to feel like the Neeld years again. Is Tom Gillies still around?
  4. Can you imagine Hodge doing what Jones did in the last minute? Oh for some leadership.
  5. Our recruiting has been lazy. It’s like Taylor only watches the VFL.
  6. What I’ve really been staggered with this year is the lack of response from the players at any stage. They don’t look behind Goody at all with their on field actions. As bad as a year it has been, I’m more concerned about list management. We traded out 3 forwards (hogan, watts and Kent) and replaced them with more defenders. We wonder why we can’t kick a goal? Our drafting has been average since Oliver and lazy to be honest. When all else fails get another depth player from Casey. At least Misson is going.
  7. No one gives up when there’s nothing to play for like our Dee’s.
  8. Absolutely agree with this. I think we are all hoping Viney wasn’t going to become our Selwood but he’s barely AFL level at the moment.
  9. I dont think I can bear to sit through another goody presser. Show some emotion for once.
  10. Whatever Goodwin says at 3 qtr time must be working. Have we won a last quarter this year?
  11. If Viney or Jones are captain next year we aren’t being serious.
  12. The set shot routines from professional afl players at our team is a flat out disgrace. Beyond over it.
  13. There’s having an off season, then there’s finishing 2nd last which is just completely off the rails.
  14. I really hope we could try and get games against expansion clubs there in the future.
  15. If this standard keeps up it might be the first Friday night game in ages that I haven turned off at half time.
  16. I knew we would have to work our way into the season, but we still haven’t more than half way in. We haven’t fought hard enough. Compare Richmond to us. They’ve found a way to grind out the season through injury and can now have a crack.
  17. The answer is simple. When we win he’s the right guy. When we lose, he’s not the right guy.
  18. I think he’s been really good since moving back. He’s def not captain next year but I’d keep him on like we have Vince/Lewis and only play 1sts if his form demands it.
  19. Brisbane are just a far better footy club. Our list looks average.
  20. He really has become quite irrelevant.
  21. They just beat collingwood there and from what I can remember haven’t had any issues beating us at the G.
  22. Poorly coached and bereft of talent. Down there with Gold Coast as the worst forward line in the league. At least they have Sexton.
  23. What a long and boring 2nd half of the year coming up. Prelim to spoon contender. Classic Melbourne.
  24. I’d just get the best forward coach out there. Our boys have no idea what they are doing down there.
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