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  1. If we don’t manage to move up the draft order with 18 and 19 I think there’s also a good chance that we trade one for a 2021 first round pick. Clubs can make some pretty bold offers on draft night to get a player they like that has slipped. eg. Carlton/Adelaide Stocker trade or last year Gold Coast trading a future pick (11) for Geelongs pick 27 (Jeremy Sharp) A team like Fremantle could see a player they almost selected at pick 12 slide out to 19 and offer us their 2021 first for pick 19 and perhaps a later pick swap and then back themselves to improve in 2021. Having these
  2. Would you do a Angus Brayshaw for Ben Brown straight swap?
  3. Lucky for them it was a league best 144% before the game
  4. Complete agree. A mid first round pick (before finalists) gives them a solid trading piece or the ability to pick up a top 10ish talent whilst not disadvantaging teams who missed the finals. Everyone should be relatively happy with that.
  5. Can Melbourne please get a player like Michael Walters on our list. Exactly what we need right now
  6. I didn’t realise Tex was playing what a great captain
  7. If I had a dollar for every time OMac lost his feet...
  8. And on the plus side for Wingard, he wouldn’t have to play on Neville Jetta anymore
  9. Clayton Oliver is that good! Would say it was a Dusty/Dangerfield display... but it was a Clayton Oliver display.
  10. Reports of overturned Range Rovers all through Melbournes inner east. The celebrations have begun!
  11. Witts trades from Collingwood to GCS for pick 44 and 62 Perhaps Dunn and a later pick to Collingwood for pick 44?
  12. So are we gonna be the hardest team to play against in the AFL?
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