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  1. Another long winded sermon. I never thought I'd see Demonland used to defend the entitled, pompous, windbag Yasmin Abdel Magied. I recall her on Q& A telling us Sharia Law was great for women & that Islam was actually a Femminist religion. Abdel
  2. Maybe you spend too much time in la la land. You do realise that in Australia abortion facilities have been attacked and people working there killed. Women attending have been abused and called murderers. It got so bad that exclusion zones have now been set up outside abortion facilities. In the US of course its much worse and many health workers have been killed and abortion facilities bombed & been set on fire.
  3. Mate they are not interested in fixing stuff. This forum provides platform where they can show they are smarter & more virtuous than the rest of us. And it allows them to deliver a long winded sermon. There's about half a dozen on here all furiously agreeing with each other in an echo chamber. And you find that they hardly ever actually address any difficult questions put to them. I would also wager that very few actually have any Indigenous friends which while its not a crime is certainly interesting in view of this conversation
  4. Reading some of the absurd historical revisionism by some of the posters here is probably enough to push moderate readers into becoming conservatives. Especially those trying to impose 2020 morals & standards on previous generations and historical events. I always thought that part of Trump's appeal was a reaction to the more bats$h!t crazy views of the extreme left. Plenty are alive & well on Demonland.
  5. You've previously demonstrated you don't understand logical reasoning so I'm not wasting my time with your selective, garbled nonsense. Just like Flaubert has cancelled me I'm cancelling you. Maybe cancel culture can be a positive..
  6. Racism is a universal human condition found in every country. It probably started when we were cave men & learnt to only trust people from our extended family group. (this is pure speculation on my part) It seems more prevalent where societies are more homogeneous & haven't mixed or experienced peoples from other ethnic or racial types. One thing that bugs me is that while you cannot tell your child not to marry someone because they are black or white its quiet ok to oppose a marriage because one is from a different culture or religion. This is a good reason to ban all religions.
  7. The authors are well acknowledged experts in their field.. The source material for their conclusions is original interviews with traditional Aboriginal people. Bruce has been supported by many Indigenous leaders but the Tasmanian Aboriginal land Council has been quiet critical of him see link. https://www.tasmaniantimes.com/2020/01/bruce-pascoe-is-not-aboriginal/ I like Bruce both as an author and as a person but Dark Emu seems obsessed with proving that Aboriginal people were more farmers than hunter gatherers. The view these days is that it takes more skill and knowledge to be successful nomadic hunter gatherers than it does to be farmers.
  8. Sorry to tell you that Bruce's book has been pretty much debunked & shown to be poorly researched & full of errors - see Farmers or Hunter Gatherers- The Dark Emu Debate by Sutton & Walsh.
  9. A bullying and preachy response to a conciliatory post. People are free to disagree with you but fully support MFC's statement on the racist comments and the need to call out racism. There has been discussion around what should be done, what works, social media, free speech and right & left wing bullies.
  10. Yep great idea. Things have certainly changed for the better since the Winmar incident however its unlikely we can ever stop on line trolls as long as they are able to hide their identity.
  11. With utmost respect nobody actually took a pessimistic view. It was a response to Goffy's comments about trust which were based on pure speculation not on any evidence.
  12. Deanox I don't know if you are intentionally obfuscating or not. I'm simply saying that people have different levels of tolerance and sensitivity and how they take offence. What offends one person is water off a ducks back to another and I have given concrete examples of this. If you do not understand this we will just have to agree to disagree.
  13. The video is a sad watch. Sad as Eddie is one of the most loved players ever. I read your initial comments as never take a chance because you might be betrayed or let down. Your friends, your wife, your family all might betray your trust. Its a pretty bleak way to live.
  14. I've not mentioned Trump & extremes of the left and right are mirror images. I think your views on tolerance & free speech are naive. Take Christians or muslims quietly telling gays that their holy book says they are an abomination & will burn in hell. Surely most gays would find that highly offensive. I find anti abortionists holding signs outside health clinics highly offensive. Some people have thick skins others are highly sensitive. I maintain that in vigorous open debate someone will be offended but to censor such debate is not acceptable in our society.
  15. I'm a bit unclear about what you want. Surely in a free society people can make comments that others may find offensive. In a debate about religion, abortion, euthanasia or politics people are bound to say things that offend others. If you don't allow this then surely we would be like China or North Korea.
  16. Blame Obama. He called out Progressives & Wokes for their smugness. You can check it out on You Tube.
  17. Nice work Col to ignore me. A lot easier than debating the issue. I note that you hardly ever answer any specific criticisms you just launch into a history lesson complete with video clips. Cancel culture is mainly inflicted by progressives so I'll wear that proudly.
  18. Jesus Goffy talk about pessimism. I'm happily married but I've found out the neighbour's wife was unfaithful so now I have to spy on my wife because there's a chance she'll be unfaithful as well.
  19. Nice work. Whenever you keep it under 50 words and resist the temptation of giving us a history lesson you make lots of sense.
  20. If you want to live in a democratic society that has freedom of speech you have to put up with views that you find disagreeable.
  21. The correct answer would have been to put your hand up & admit you couldn't help yourself.
  22. Can't help it can you Colin - every comment has to include a lecture showing us how morally superior & clever you are. You are simply stating the obvious - that cultural norms change over time. What was acceptable in the 30's, 50's or 80's is not acceptable now. And if you watched Kamahl's interview about this matter he stated that Australia was a lot less racist than India or Malaysia where he & his family came from. PS - And stop being so blatantly dishonest- nobody has said that racial abuse was started by on line trolls.
  23. Most sensible post on this issue. As long as there is anonymity there will be lowlifes doing this. Its how they get their kicks. All the outrage and condemnation in the world will not stop it.
  24. I was wondering whether posters would try to score points or focus on the main issue.
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