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  1. It would be justification and reward for all the times supporters of other clubs have made derogatory comments after you tell them you support Dees. It would be reward for days of sitting at the MCG with a crowd of 17,000 and just wishing for a competitive performance. It would be reward for sticking fat through the ‘ 96 merger, the Neeld era and for the nervous mornings during the tanking saga where we constantly worried over what would be leaked to press next. All of the hardship has made Melbourne supporters the most resilient, rusted on and under estimated - and this is our justification and just reward.
  2. Best appointment we made - collingwood recruitment fell away after he left and our went through the roof!
  3. Think we've got great recruiters - but jesus they got the doggies Bailey Smith wrong - rank him 18th on this screen - most people at the time thought dogs got a steal at pick 6.
  4. Got to pick Adelaide Oval. Make bris travel the furthest in quarantine conditions and Goody should shout out to all crows supporters to get behind him and fill oval with red and blue
  5. Viney kicking out of defence = geelong goal
  6. Get Viney out of the middle - and put brayshaw in the guts
  7. Sparrow - I just don’t understand the selection
  8. Thought the same - Gerard has no love for Dees
  9. Sparrow continues to jump on the ball and drag it in - clueless - who’s doing game review with him!
  10. New team rule - don’t let sparrow kick inside 50
  11. Surely Jones could contribute more than Sparrow - no composure or skill…
  12. The very last possession in the highlight clip - the spin whilst collecting the ball and accelerating out of pack - that's class....
  13. Vanders so far off the pace of the game - part of the reason he’s giving away stupid free kicks. Terrible selection
  14. My concern is the predicted heavy rain - Both Lever and Petty are great when the ball is in the air but awful when it hits the ground - Lever has the turning agilty of the Titanic...
  15. 58 points up and we’ve got some blokes playing some pretty ordinary footy
  16. Out : ANB, Rivers, Jacko. - We need some class in ANB's position not just a running machine. Rivers and Jacko need a week off. In : Melks, Bowey, Weid. - Melks in high half fwd role - need some vision and skill. Bowey in for Rivers - need some more agility in back line when ball hits the deck. Weid in for Jacko playing second ruck/resting fwd. Need to put Viney in a permanent pressure small forward (should have played this role on calem daniel on Sat). He's not good at centre clearances and looks a little out of condition post foot injury. Put Jordan into guts more often in place of Viney - he's a point of difference, great at clearance and adds more spread.
  17. I think a Viney needs to become a small defender or small forward
  18. We need a decent small defender - every time the ball hits the deck we look vulnerable
  19. Brayshaw so dumb - just take the tackle and ball up
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