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  1. Great record as assistant coach. Should we be looking at getting him to the club as either an assistant to Goody or as head coach?
  2. Couple of discussions points for me this week: Firstly I need Binman to provide me with some confidence going into Thursdays game. I was extremely confident that we’d win this week right up until I checked the weather forecast. We have been horrible in wet conditions all year so I’m just hoping the rain also has a negative effect on the pies. Secondly re team selection. Grundy can’t possibly come in if it wet so Tmac comes in for Melksham. (Also whilst on Grundy, what’s the panels view on Grundy talking to other clubs whilst Dees are still in contention for the flag?) Smith to play the negating role on Moore and sounds like Bowey was training at full pace so just the one change for me. What are your thoughts on the sub? Laurie, Spargo or Hibbert? Can’t wait to listen in tonight boys, see you at the G on Thursday Go Dees!
  3. Thought Disco did enough to keep his spot as the 3rd tall. Salam very quiet again. Most players a bit sore at this time of year so hopefully the week off helps but is it more the the general (soreness) Great to have Fritta back I’ve missed looking at his amazing hair! Seriously though, what a player. And well done to the fitness staff for getting his ready to play at that level straight off the bat. How was your MFCSS Andy when he went down yo the room with his foot injury?
  4. Absolutely gutted for Jake. I listened to your brilliant interview with him and discussing playing on next year. Looks like career is over. Such a sad way to finish up. Unfortunately in all professional sport you have to move on quickly and we need to find a replacement. Who else could play that important negating role?
  5. Milkshake has become one of our most important players. Kicks goals (should have had 5 yesterday) and his shut down role on the oppositions best rebounding / marking defender has been key. Do the panel think we could play a forward line of Smith, Fritch, Melksham and JVR as the only real tall? I do not think Tmac, having missed so much footy both this year and last year will be the hero a lot of supporters are pinning there hopes on.
  6. What is with our slow starts. Earlier on in the year we were one of the best first quarter teams. Why is it now taking 30 minutes to switch on?
  7. What a game of footy. Had everything. The last 3 weeks at the G have been some of the best days in recent memory. Love the flexibility we have with Petty and Smith being able to impact at either end of the ground. Supporters turning on Tommo again but for me he stays in at least another week with Smith to remain the supersub. Grundy will come back in this week I have no doubt. Max has been amazing the last 3 weeks solo rucking but let’s not burn him out. Listening to Goody I think Hibbo will come in too maybe for Mcvee who has had an awesome year but is young and may be getting tired. Who goes comes out? Taj most likely. This won’t happen but I’d to see Viney given a rest this week. The bloke has been a wrecking machine the last month and has taken a few big bumps to his shoulders. Give him a week off and bring in Dunstan for a game. Keep up the great work boys.
  8. Afternoon boys. What a weekend. Dees win, freo lose and Essendon embarrassed! Before I get to my point, Binman - your rant last week over comments made my David King and Nathan Buckley was music to my ears. Every weeks these peanuts in the media make ridiculous click bate comments and are never ever held accountable. Jeez it winds me up and I absolutely feel your pain. Speaking of the media, a lot being said that the Grundy / Gawn experiment hasn’t worked and some even saying Grundy will be at another club next year which is just hilarious. In my humble, Grundy was brought in to share the ruck load as big Maxy was clearly burnt out towards the end of last year, and also in case of an injury to max, we’d still have an All Australian ruckman in the team - as was the case in round 2 against Brisbane. This year Max has a partner in crime to help him out meaning he’s stayed fresher and ready to explode in the final third of the season. Exhibit A Friday night. Whether Grundy can develop as a forward only time will tell, can’t see it personally but a least it will keep the pressure on brown and JVR to perform each week. I can see Grundy coming back into the team in a few weeks time to give Maxy a chop out again just before finals. Over to you lads for your thoughts.
  9. G’day boys. Have left you a voicemail in relation to Tommo and Smith
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