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  1. Umpiring a disgrace. But we lost our defence structure late in that quarter. For the last smith goal, when we lost the ball we had 3 mids all forward of the contest cheating. Hopefully Goody resets them at 3 qtr time.
  2. Kossie!!! Started this quarter on fire. Henderson for Cats having a shocker - just target him!!
  3. Hollywood footy starting to creep in and Cats will make us pay
  4. Accidental elbow my [censored] - another Hawkins cheap shot
  5. Different roles - one is media and the other commercial
  6. Fair enough discussion - and hopefully keeps heads deflated.....
  7. Hope Goodwin highlights this last quarter. hollywood handballs from trac Tmac going back with one hand with the flight nibber trying Hollywood knock-ons Gus lazy short passes missing targets Jones torching team mates to have shot from 50m All against giants with one on the bench for most of second half.
  8. Clarry petulant - need to just concentrate on ball in clearances. Fritsh - needs to lead harder and faster and get physical Sparrow - 2 touches...... lift son! TMac - get some separation and create space for orhers. Umpires - Jesus wept....
  9. Spargo a liability - won’t be convinced otherwise
  10. What’s simple Simon going to do? Obviously wait until half time to have a nice chat by the look of it.
  11. Rivers panics by hand - got to learn to take a tackle instead of gifting to opposition
  12. I just don't see it. He was awful versus Doggies in community cup - surprised he held position in team - just doesn't have the speed or skill to overcome height deficiency - when one on one on the flanks gets out marked with ease and can't even halve contest. Unfortunately can't see a future for him - particulary if Bowey or Laurie develop into players.
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