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  1. I’d be happy for James Hird to take Yze’s position
  2. Bowey in to replace one of the pressure forwards - Spago or ANB - we need his kicking skills into the forward line and both lads out of form - particularly ANB. Leave Brown - but just play deep - doesn’t lead past fwd 20m arc - and encourage midfielders / backs to run ball further toward 50m to kick. Standing 15m out from goal is the only time Brown looks likely.
  3. Out : Kozzie & Hunt In : Chandler & Bowey Kozzies game and season has to come into scrutiny - too many time he’s avoiding contact - one handed marking attempt - tapping ball, kick off ground etc instead of picking up and absorbing tackle - he’s naturally hard but has developed soft behaviours that the club needs to stamp out and stop accepting — because the standards you walk past are the standards you accept.
  4. Kozzie a few too many soft moments unfortunately
  5. His hands and judgement are shot - couldn’t catch a cold - and decision making when he has the ball is poor - needs to iron out game in 2nds
  6. Will finish as the Clubs greatest ever midfielder
  7. For mine, this can only be a direct leak from Glen Bartlett - or a close association of his. I can't imagine anyone with the breadth of information and motivation could be anyone on existing Board - I see this as Glen's revenge for being rolled in April and had tarnished his complete 8 year legacy. I have read nothing that tells me that Goody isn't the right bloke to steer the Dee's ship.
  8. It would be justification and reward for all the times supporters of other clubs have made derogatory comments after you tell them you support Dees. It would be reward for days of sitting at the MCG with a crowd of 17,000 and just wishing for a competitive performance. It would be reward for sticking fat through the ‘ 96 merger, the Neeld era and for the nervous mornings during the tanking saga where we constantly worried over what would be leaked to press next. All of the hardship has made Melbourne supporters the most resilient, rusted on and under estimated - and this is our justification and just reward.
  9. Best appointment we made - collingwood recruitment fell away after he left and our went through the roof!
  10. Think we've got great recruiters - but jesus they got the doggies Bailey Smith wrong - rank him 18th on this screen - most people at the time thought dogs got a steal at pick 6.
  11. Got to pick Adelaide Oval. Make bris travel the furthest in quarantine conditions and Goody should shout out to all crows supporters to get behind him and fill oval with red and blue
  12. Viney kicking out of defence = geelong goal
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