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  1. Brayshaw - mentally soft as butter - never had any doubt he’d miss
  2. Vineys field kicking is awful since his return from foot injury
  3. That goal on halftime will keep the boys on their toes at half time - no complacency…
  4. Petty…… I’m developing a man crush
  5. How many times does Clarry give away a free for holding on too long in the tackle!! Hibbert smother was immense
  6. JV will come good but strong club would have brought him back through Casey. Zac Butress much better player than Vines and has come back through SANFL for Port.
  7. Is Viney safe? He’s replaced Jordan in middle and now the midfield looks same same….. Does Vines need a new role or a find form at Casey..z
  8. Out : Sparrow & Nibbler In : Brown & Melky
  9. I recon Browne would have kicked 5 today
  10. Clarry responsible for that goal - just take the tackle and don’t release ball back to GWS in the middle of ground
  11. Watch Trac at the centre bounce - he’s no good below his knees and loses out so many times when it hits the ground - I’d rather Kossie in there
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