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  1. I too was at the Essendon game next week swans drew with us .Yeates put his life on the line to avoid a loss
  2. May not be back in Perth for a while
  3. Sadly a dees supporter in palliative care 🥲
  4. Slim pickings . what would a hawks equivalent be over 50 years ?
  5. His debut was a financial / pr exercise that failed in a football sense and set him back years ( and constant rubbishing by collingwood mates for years). We never got full value as no 1 recruit (. Yes we would never picked gawn had we chosen nic nat. And every draft decision is a sliding door moment) His off field activities led to a stint in Casey Drunken Hi jink Overseas with a cigarette led to an external burn on rump led to a , mega dose of a particular medicine , not telling club officials and a fixed stint in Casey ( even if in good form)
  6. the video of the players a few days after the game describing when they thought we had in the bag 35000 PLUS JOYOUS dees supporters at the G seeing Neale at the G the photo neale with scarf in front of the tv after the final siren my phones going off after the final sirens with texts piling up the image of seeing the Australia post man at the gate with another package
  7. spargos trac, push on dunkley gave trac no pressure to kick brayshaw from the pass from bowey, kossie dislodged the ball from weightman , led to bowey getting ball
  8. Injury Depth was king last year , we had little long term injuries other than Tomlinson , this year it could be who gets covid and when . Wont be a qld bubble like 2019 *or vic and nsw not being played in 2020. eventually wa will fall this year . Qld sa nt and tas are not immune now * 5 games less played and shorter quarters which meant slow starts often killed chances of winning games and unfair schedules of where and when
  9. Been posted before and unless you were associated with the club the unknown peeps are a dr and medical staff
  10. Assuming there are no restrictions rnd 1 will be chaotic . Crowd could be 90k plus for the flag unfurling . I think those members who buy general $140 ?Un reserved Membership on the first home game will buy before hand. Why queue for the membership while the ground is filling up . . Its not going to be a 35k crowd vs freo and you can get a seat easily.
  11. Reckon Balls will try to get glen in the past players group if hes not already . Funny enough I do remember the name , shame he cant special membership into top 100 players in last 50 years :)
  12. Not sure but a good excuse to watch again
  13. Is there a trick to get to the other calls ? If i choose aw i still get 7
  14. Just watched the st kilda game for the first time . That was ugly football . We got the 4 points but goodwin was not going to be happy . That second half was probably our worst half of footy all year . I dont think we dropped two easy marks in the defence that led to goals the rest of the year. We were lucky our bad kicking was not as ba d as there bad kicking at goal. .some of our turnovers were horrendous
  15. When Asked Did you buy everything for the wall ?I just send a photo and say I kept space for the back to back posters etc
  16. The repercussions of covid and the grand final are still being felt. I presume many of us post grand final phone went into meltdown . Got a heap of texts messages etc from friends in particular who understood the significance of the win . They were from sides who also had the long droughts , pies , tigers swans .., and even from sides still waiting , saints. Post easing of restrictions didnt mean the rushing out for a catch up . For those with elderly parents will understand about keeping them safe A couple or weeks ago finally got the in person congrats from friends .Sadly it was at the funeral ( not covid related)
  17. Lots more socialising in last 3 weeks . Also G event was outdoors
  18. This being the worst part of year to receive post , think you will get it next week . post office shut over 4 days
  19. to my knowledge , no ,players were separated from the fans , etc
  20. Should add this story every year ? Organizations like afl and Disney issue a style guide . They specify characters , colours wording , logos packaging . One year without warning afl changed logo of a club . So the ability to run down stock was gone . We ended up with dead stock because the retailers ie afl stores and team shop wouldnt buy old logo and we wouldnt produce with new logo . Cant remember the outcome but I suspect product ended up on aid container for overeseas.
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