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  1. Probably an oversight but Brad Greens wife passed away at 40 and a club director passed away relatively young too in last 8? Years
  2. This is from a video there is a speaker that plays the club song
  3. Good to see channel10 click bait , lol
  4. Which is why pilots and copilots have different meals
  5. They have 14 days to fill in not 7 ,
  6. Gastro side effect? maybe https://www1.racgp.org.au/newsgp/clinical/should-patients-with-only-gastrointestinal-symptom
  7. That was missed in the mandela movie Invictus
  8. Seems there is a new draft rule , we cant match a bid within top 20 . dont shoot me im only a messenger
  9. Lets win the game and worry about norm smith later
  10. Its going to be a long day with hopefully the result we want. last year watching it as a neutral was not stressful this year a bit different and a night game might be good for ratings but not very good for ones heart . Wtf do you do during the day, walk the dog 8 times in 15 minute blocks ( or 12 times if we are allowed out 3 hours) , mow the lawn ? The day to stay away from dangerous objects? paint ? Requires concentration , forget about it visit mum for the care visit ,? driving a car See above dangerous objects and requires concentration dont read demonland for 3 days and attempt to catch up on 5000 posts , requires concentration Attempt to do work as friday is public holiday in vic but not the rest of Australia and the world. Requires concentration For the day ill be watching it alone family knows better have adequate food ,drink alcoholic and non alcoholic make sure phone charger is able to be connected during match . I was not planning to post last Friday but the scoreline made me comfortable that we had it won most of the game. Hope and pray we win and if we do turn the phone off and watch the celebrations afterwards.hard to enjoy the moment when you have messages to reply to. See above requires concentration . its going to a long 12 days
  11. If ex pm get pinged so can doggie supporters
  12. Was just on channel 8 plus 1 surely she was breaching curfew at 1 am Let alone property damage
  13. This will be a long 2 weeks and Demonlands bonus superannuation Go Dees
  14. A few dogs running into each causing concussion , can i say that?
  15. that sa health woman is in strife
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