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  1. Lucifer’s Hero - just wanted to say thanks for this thread - it was driving me nuts trying to work out the list details. With your help I can sleep at last ?!
  2. Note that both of these claims could be correct. If the expectations for Watts were set higher than in previous years then 'lack of intensity' just is 'failing to take it to the next level'. What seems clear is that Watts' did not initially meet the standards required of him - but that he is currently doing better. How we should feel about that is less clear to me - a range of views have been expressed all of which seem reasonable ( to me at least). It would warm my heart if the end result of this is a reliably dominant Watts. But there is no doubt that I'll die with my rose colored glasses on!
  3. I've been worried for some time now that the site lacks any sort of perspective on the MFC from the land of the latter day saints ..... rectified!
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