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  1. Struth I hope we don't get those umpires next week, kept Geelong in it al night
  2. I like to heap praise on Jack Viney, definitely a big game player. But I noticed tonight and last week, he gets rid iof the ball so much quicker, doesn't try to beat three players with his strength, and boy what a difference this has made to him and the team. It wouldn't surprise me that during his 2 match ban that a certain Mr Choco or Mr OOZE hasn't been getting into his ear big TIME
  3. You know, players don't have to have high stats to play well. I watched TMac tonight and he played an important role in clearing space, that is what makes a great team, like when Gus was getting low stats, but played the defensive wing position and the sacrifices he made were so important. I give the whole team my 3 word analysis. Great team Effort
  4. Hogans last shot hit the goal post and the point post, try and do that again!!
  5. SHould get something extra if you hit both posts
  6. No apology needed, $35 for the shirt $10 for postage, Im ok with this. On another point, does anybody remember the Air Jurrah tee shirts from a few years back, who designed that shirt? I have one and it is brilliant
  7. Yeah. I have. Did it yesterday, my beef wasn't with the club, I just thought $17 from Oz Post a bit steep for a bagged item, especially since the papers today are reporting the millions paid to their bosses in bonus's
  8. I did yesterday, but it still cost $10 (thats ok), I think free postage only when the specials are on. I will investigate further...Cheers
  9. Carlton should take the AFL up on an offer to move to Tassie, I've suggested this to my Carlton mates, hasn't gone down well
  10. I mentioned this on another forum, I wish he would stop doing it, it makes it hard for me to be righteous about, Selwood, Shuey, Mathieson and Co. And I really want to be righteous on this one, because Selwood and Mathieson annoy the Carp out of me
  11. Where does it say members get free shipping, I can only see the $10 option
  12. Thanks I'll have another look
  13. I thought about ordering a t shirt, thought $35 was reasonable, go to check out, total cost = $52 ($17 for postage)...Cmon get serious !! It's a softpack
  14. Thank You Darren Burgess. This win is for you
  15. Oh I remember this, would curse when we were covered by the racing stations, especially when they would make comments, "Oh it looks like it's getting close at the footy" I would scream at the radio!!. I also remember laying in bed as a young bloke listening to the night games afrom the Lakeside Oval (I believe this was the only ground with lights good enough to cover the whole ground)
  16. The Commentators would drive me crazy I admit, just watched the replay of the Port game, the most biased reporting of a game other than any game in NSW/QLD against the Storm
  17. Adelaide Oval is a good ground for us, So I don't care if we play Port there, sometimes the crowd can work against the home team too, and we've already beaten them there this year by 5 goals. If we have to pick a neautral venue further on, this would be my preference (and I don't live in SA)
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