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  1. So glad you're just a fan on demonland.
  2. 20 goals is a rare feat regardless of the opposition. I once saw Shane Loveless kick 25.3 playing for my old club in the 90,s. I doubt i cracked over 20 goals in all of my senior football games.
  3. This kids going to be elite. Did a great block for fritz which resulted in a goal. And his is exceptionally clean with his hands for his age. The doubters are going to be eating humble pie for a while.
  4. Wilbur


    I went for a kick there on the weekend. its a nice oval and i look forward to seeing oscar debut for mont in 2021
  5. Well that was very satisfying. A 10 goal smashing of the filth. I'll enjoy the replay with a nice red. Also #sackbuckley
  6. Kids doing alright for his size. But you do the like the hysterical overaction
  7. I'm actually thinking this will happen. The AFL are quite pathetic
  8. I've been a full mcc member for 26 years for not much return.
  9. I'm more concerned about fighting off the inevitable corona virus zombies
  10. He looks very good. You don't see to many young rucks tap the ball to there own advantage yes for me
  11. Keep an eye on Harley Reid from Tongala. U14 comp has kicked over 100 goals for the year. future gun in the making
  12. Schoolboy errors at this level is just embarrassing. I doubt we'll win if this awful brand of footy continues. Absolute shizenhouse
  13. Very good Game from the big spruce Pruess yesterday. He made Kruezer look like a rookie on quite a few occasions and won their contest easily. He's not going anywhere.
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