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  1. That would be Williams compo pick 10? Adelaide have GWS's first round pick 9
  2. Yes, Danger spent most of the 3rd quarter chatting with the goal umpire. Their most damaging player. In the GF!
  3. He'd be too much of a gamble. It's a NO from me.
  4. Some have suggested that offloading tmac is more about having room in the cap for a bunch of re-signings next year, including Mr C Oliver, rather than fitting Brown in. Also, the Brown contract might be back loaded, though that seems out of favour these days, tmac being evidence where a struggling player gets big money late in their deal
  5. What about tmac and future 2nd or 3rd rounder for Treloar and Philips. We pay Treloar inflated wage, they pay Tmac's inflated wage
  6. Regardless of our pursuit of Smith, the real story here is the continuing fact that the FA system favours power clubs more than it does minnows. Clubs like us, Norf, Saints and WB will find it increasingly hard to supply flags and brown paper bags to entice stars The easy solution is to ban top 4 or top 6 clubs getting FAs, or force them to trade for them. Though I suppose short term player rights is more important than longer term competition equalisation...
  7. You must be real fun at parties, Lefty
  8. Apologies? Mate, you're not supposed to apologise when you get it wrong on Demonland. You should be making excuses and covering your tracks! BTW, I knew you were wrong all along. Smithy told me last week
  9. Think Andy will have his finger hovering over the 'delete post' button here for a while! Keep posting evil doctor. Great that you can take it in your stride and not throw the toys out of the cot, unlike some others. Its certainly been a fun couple of days in this thread Youll get more hits than miss, I reckon
  10. Like it Dazzle. I want Weid to get stronger through the hips and core. Not necessarily put on more weight, just get stronger so that he doesn't get pushed off the ball as easily. He has many good attributes that we underestimate, and is somewhat a confidence player. Presents well, gets to contests, can hold a grab (despite the naysayers) and knows where the cumbers are are around him. He knows his role, but must get stronger to improve it. Also needs to nail more set shots. All of these things are relatively simple to fix in the scheme of things, pending a big preseason.
  11. Settle down there, pal. That's a ridiculous comment, totally over-the-top. More like 100 goals, I'd say.... 😉
  12. If Brown kicks 50, a fit Weid will snag 40 and Jacko 25. Not to mention the small guys scouting around for crumbs. The flag is ours! Sorry, got ahead of myself....
  13. Like this guy while playing for us? 🤣
  14. But it is possible to 'turn the corner' Do that often enough and one can move forwards and go backwards
  15. Has Nate Jones been instrumental in attracting key players? Which ones exactly?
  16. I'm 100% happy if a Ben Brown deal is not announced until both clubs have signed the paperwork. I love a club that is a quiet achiever about these things When a player who isn't a FA announces a new club it brings expectations and potentially raises the cost to that club. Patience grasshopper
  17. On what planet are Preuss and Tmac worth a 1st rounder??? Is it April 1 already?
  18. IMO spread out Club, AFL and MCC members to fill the ground. No GA. But let's get to that point of safety first in March.
  19. Higgins was 1st round pick 17. Played 43 games in 3 years, despite having his brain operation. Saints first pick this year is 14. Second isn't until the late 50s. Will he interestingvm to see how they pull this trade off, and any others that might come up for them.
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