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  1. Good win in the end. The commentators were nearly as funny as the umpires. Melbourne look tired and freo will be able to run over them with their leg speed. LOL.
  2. The umpiring has been bloody dreadful. Umps have their purple jocks on. We look a bit flat so hopefully they can wake up.
  3. Exactly. I have seen no confirmation.
  4. Sydney by a point. please.
  5. Solid enough win so now over to Freo.
  6. Solid first half but we are a bit messy down forward. Would be good to get a big solid win.
  7. Sydney beat the filth by a point in the prelim so it would be fitting that they beat the moggies by a point as well. The 2 most hated teams done by a point in the finals. Nice.
  8. Yep. Petty to forward line and Turner to cover down back.
  9. It is a case of wanting to see Geelong lose more than Sydney win.
  10. Pretty decent game by VFL standards. Will be interesting to see if Southport went out too hard.
  11. I'll be watching on the box but would have gone if at Casey.
  12. Got what you deserve filth. Be barracking for Sydney next week but When you look at it, it will be Geelong who will throw the flag away if they lose.
  13. Much better game than last nights snore fest. Just hope Sydney keeps their cool and should win.
  14. Well Geelong in a Grand Final is bad enough so lets hope the swans do the job on the filth tmmrw. A Geelong and filth granny would be too much to bear.
  15. For a prelim final this game is very poor. 2 sides running around looking like they don't want to get injured. That won't be the case tmmrw evening.
  16. I will watch the Daniher comedy show tonite but I would like to see the bears win. I hate Geelong.
  17. We don't need to be concentrating on this over summer. Wait till the start of next years season and we can blow it until it is 700 hundred pages long.
  18. Swans and Brissy. The filth and Geelong can get stuffed.
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