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  1. I hope they have a full on hitout.
  2. Thanks Nathan. You have been one of the most important players at the club ever. You never jumped ship and that means alot.
  3. Well I am going to try to exist for the day. I think that will be hard enough.
  4. Pressure. That is all that matters in this game.
  5. I have severly overestimated Port. I thaught they were tougher than this but are completely peezweak. This is a real choke. 2 best sides to play in grand final.
  6. Midfield of dogs is so on top. Ridiculous really. Port look like they have a choke again but it is only quarter time and I am not writing them off yet.
  7. I would much rather play the dogs in the granny than port. Yes he dogs have a better midfield than port but their forward and backline is well below ports. Put real pressure on the dogs and see what happens. They wilt. Port are a tougher side and will bring the pressure to Melbourne. On the other hand there is the theory of 1954 behind the dogs.
  8. Well you should not have to change the 23 who won a prelim by 83 points. However do not play even a slightly injured player in a grand final. If May can't get up then Hunt in.
  9. I could not get on this forum last night.. I was too stunned. That is close to the best I have seen us play and Max Gawn is the closest living entity to a god.
  10. Think I might drop a californian blue moon at 7:20.
  11. MFCSS is in full fashion this morning. It is unbearable. I have to drive to work listening to Cornes on sen. Oh god !!!
  12. Hard to see how the interstate filth can lose but gee I hope they do.
  13. That is true but we need goal kicking power as well. I am normally not a fan of Melkshams but I have this funny feeling. Maybe part of MFCSS.
  14. Well the team is as expected so the only mystery may be the sub. It will probably be Jordan but I would not be surprised if it was Melksham. Has a reasonable record over there.
  15. Readung this I have visions of Schwartz and Jakovich playing chf and ff in this current side. Wow.
  16. Maybe because it is Geelong they are thinking of Hibberd. If it was Port or dogs then surely Hunt. If Hunt is fit he should be playing but then again maybe as a medi sub. Bowey should not be dropped.
  17. I realise that but there is only one barcode per person.
  18. I must be smelling a rat. Tickitec has our barcodes and they have our bank details so that you can purchase the ticket. This is done when you log on. I know you can change the details of your bank account but they would have access to this.
  19. So in the prelims it is rd23 all over again. This is spooking my MFCSS.
  20. Less scoring in 2nd quarter but better football. I still think the dogs would be a better chance against port. Brissy are a better side at home.
  21. Entertaining game but skills are not the best. Port will be having a good laugh now.
  22. dl4e


    Sorry demonstone but the true meaning of MFCSS is so deeply ingrained in my soul that the only cure is a premiership.
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