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  1. 29 minutes ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    North wearing black armbands in memory of the mum who died yesterday in the Bondi stabbing attack, Ashlee Good, who was the daughter of former North player, Kerry Good. Tragic. 

    It is beyond tragic ... RIP Ashlee and the 5 others who were murdered.

    Her 9 month old daughter was also attacked, but thankfully survived. But she will grow up without her mum. 

    • Good's nine-month-old baby was rushed to hospital on Saturday and is now "doing well" after hours of emergency surgery, her family said in a statement.

    It is beyond belief that this happened.

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  2. 37 minutes ago, Left Foot Snap said:

    The thing that concerned me with this game from a tactical point of view is that Brisbane rushed up to shut down any efforts to release out the front of the stoppage. Combined with the usual tactic of bring manic pressure at the contected ball against us, it seemed to shut down our ability to release a bit of of pressure from the skirmish. They were set, had a plan and came to play. We didn't catch on that our 1 wood had been stolen.

    "A plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel."


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  3. From Foxsports ... 

    The AFL has tightened its rules around head-high contact for 2022, with more suspensions likely to be given out under tweaks for the Match Review and Tribunal.

    Previously when a high bump or front-on contact occurred, “strong consideration” had to be given to the potential to cause injury. New for next season, the potential to cause injury must be factored into the impact grading.

    It means, as with striking charges, any high contact with the potential to cause injury will “usually” be classified as either medium, high or severe impact - not low impact.


    To those who keep banging on that the impact was minor. Yes, Soligo wasn't injured. However, potential to cause injury caused it to be classified as 'medium'.

    Can't see Kozzy getting off with a fine.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Bystander said:

    You have to love demonland, the only footy forum that debates punctuation.

    Get in whilst we still have some.

    I think AMW or Seston ready for debut. 



    Yes, some of us cannot stand apo's'tophe abu's'e.


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  5. Shame the Blues won. Somewhat ironic that it was based on a 'mark' when the ball was touched, but overlooked. The opposite of that match v Demons where the ball wasn't touched (Marchbank) but was determined that it was.

    I don't like the Dishlickers, but I hate Jee-long much more.

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  6. Good effort by Eagles. Sadly they will run out of steam.

    Great goal by Jayden. Shame about his next 2 efforts. Will always be remembered fondly by Demons supporters, especially WalkingCivilWar who had a cougar type crush on him !!!


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  7. He's a total di#khead.

    Having said that, I did notice that too. But I think Clarry's actions were quite reasonable. Getting concussed is not a great option. I think that this will become more common ... it doesn't need the media to call it out. 

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  8. In his commentary, BT said Stringer was "lurking". I'm sure Stringer has done plenty of that!

    I'm a little sensitive about the references to the number of days since Essendon last won a final. While I'm a fan of schadenfreude involving Essendon, I'm not sure I want to be reminded of that match. It was against the Dees.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Big Col said:

    I've been running the line for the last few years that Nth didn't deserve high-end priority picks but if they don't show any improvement this year, they'll need some serious help. This is a worse hole than we were in.

    Priority picks that that they have to trade for players (similar to the mini-draft of GWS), increased salary cap, increased player list. They're at risk of having their young high pick midfielders not developing properly and/or leaving if they're not competitive soon.

    Are you kidding?

    We were so bad for so long ... lost quite a few matches by margins over 100 points. 




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  10. 3 hours ago, IRW said:

    MacDonald  continues with commitment 

    He started as a backman, but his disposal was diabolical.

    Moved to the forward line where he just had to kick at goal! His disposal has improved 100%. 

    He has got slower, so getting the ball and turning towards goal is no longer feasible. Much better defending/attacking the ball without have to turn. Good on him!!

    Re BT. Total fool. "Wowee" and "no trouble at all" seem to be his favourites.

    Re King. He flip flops so much. Someone referred to his "inane overanalysis". That description was spot on! 

    The one commentator who loves the Dees is Montagna.




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  11. 19 minutes ago, HBDee said:

    My brother and I both live in Adelaide and went last night to support our beloved Dees, and their supporters were worse than ever. Fans around us all squealing for free kicks even when we pointed out how lopsided the free kick count was, booing players for no reason, and basically saying how bad their own team was and then aggressively abusing our players. They are a disgrace. Worst in the league. 

    We kept offering tissues every time they booed Rick Lever, and bronx cheered all of the 9 times we got a free! Stuff em. Hope they go zero and 10, sack the coach and head to the bottom of the ladder for the next decade. 

    Filth fans say hi !!



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