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  1. I'm in the 'rest Jack Viney' camp. His body could do with a rest! His attack on the ball/opponent is the most relentness I've seen since Paul Kelly (Swans). I confess to not being a great fan of his in the past. I now hang my head in shame. His 2023 season has been brilliant.

    I suspect Norf will play 2 rucks ... Goldstein and Xerri presumably. So, I think we should play 2 rucks, to give Max something of a break during the match, and to give Grundy a run.

    I think that Sparrow is a good replacement for Viney. Not convinced about Dunstan.

    Perhaps Hibbo in for Jordon or Harmes or Woewodin? Harmes' first half v Richmond was terrible, but he did at least improve in the second half. Woewodin isn't getting many possessions, but I think that long term he will be fine. Poor old JJ ... I think his form has pretty much peaked. 

    I don't think we can afford to rest May, but I agree that he is looking a bit tired/old. 

    Excuse my ramblings, but it is past my usual bedtime.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Jumping Jack Clennett said:

    But I thought Balta put the ball on the ground while he was being tackled.

    is’nt that  incorrect disposal?( even though he didn’t dispose of it…..it’s like bouncing it when someone has hold of your jumper…. a free)

    I agree.  I thought the same.

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  3. 3 hours ago, binman said:

    At one point in the last, after yet another huge cry for ball after one of our players, rivers I think, actually KICKED the ball, I yelled out at the top of my voice (and that is pretty loud - particularly in the perfect acoustics at the top of the Ponsford!):


    Not witty. Not clever. 

    But very cathartic.

    I similarly disgraced myself ... in MCC members. 

    At that incident I yelled out "shut up ... he kicked it". (Should that have been in capitals?)

    The only times I yelled out "ball", the umpire was clearly in agreement with me, and duly paid the free kick.




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  4. 26 minutes ago, old55 said:

    My expectations were that Dwayne would say something stupid and he never disappoints.

    He repeated the comment at half time. 

    ["The Q clash is living up to expectations.]

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  5. 1 minute ago, titan_uranus said:

    It may be misogynistic but as for classy, there are plenty on here who have similarly “classy” names for other clubs.

    lol ...

    • the filth
    • Jee-long (clap/clap/clap)
    • Norf
    • Toigs

    Guilty of all the above ... but make no apologies for doing so.

    I don't do Essen-drug or Meth Coast though.


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  6. Bont is a great player. But when he dropped an easy chest mark which resulted in an Essendon goal, the commentators said nothing. Even when it was replayed. No such treatment for Libba when a handball was intercepted and similarly resulted in a goal.

    What's happened to shepherding? Seems to be a long forgotten skill. 

    I hope that JVR follows JUH's rate of improvement. He's a star.

    I wish we'd recruited Peter Wright.

    Stringer ... lol

    I don't like Weightman much, but he's a pretty good player. 

    I was going to say that Essendon were a pretty ordinary side, but they're worse than that.

    Might head over to the Essendon Bigfooty forum for some light reading.




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  7. A confession. I was at the match … well, until 10 minutes into the final quarter.

    My ladyfriend (also a Demon) wanted to leave at 3/4 time. I said let’s wait a bit longer. When Daniher got that pathetic free and goaled, we left.

    We waited at a bus stop in Punt Road. There was a group of young girls there too, 2 of whom were Demons supporters. We checked the scores … Demons’ goal … then another, and another. Only 5 points down. Surely not!!! Then Demons ahead by 1 point … FMD!!! From the bus stop we heard the siren. OMG!! What, some talk of a mark on the siren!! No ... game over, Demons won !!!

    Unbelievable ….

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  8. 1 hour ago, Sydee said:

    I'm really concerned if they persist with bombing long into F50 Andrews will have a field day and set up attacks repeatedly.

    BB has not shown any ability to take contested marks, nor has he demonstrated any real ability to chase or tackle effectively when the ball is in dispute or in the opposition's possession. I know some people will not agree but personally I think we'd be better served playing JVR or even Schache over BB atm.


    For some reason, when I read that post the name Oxley sprung to mind .... 

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  9. On 7/9/2023 at 10:54 AM, Dee Zephyr said:


    I ******* hate Melbourne. Pack of elitist arrogant underachieving [censored].

    At least they shouldn't go anywhere this year. They are s**t. They are the most unlikable small club on earth. I love an underdog but they are lepers. They need their own island.

    For most of my life I'd only ever known them and their fans as the perennially rebuilding, miserable blokes. These RM Williams, puffer jacket wearing, investment banker *s need to get back down toward the bottom end of the ladder.

    What a charming individual. I suspect his hobbies include road raging.

    "Perenially rebuilding" ?  His memory lapses obviously include 2021.


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