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  1. On 05/04/2024 at 01:04, Whispering_Jack said:

    After last night’s big game in Adelaide there could be no better vision from the vault than Andrew Leoncelli’s match winner against the Crows ~



    My Andrew Leoncelli story ...

    I was at a lunch with some female colleagues. Andrew was at another table. I introduced myself to Andrew and said I was a Demons supporter. He put his arm around me and said "you poor man".

    I then told him that I had told my colleagues that he had kicked the winning goal with 5 seconds to spare some years before. Without further ado, he walked over to my table, pulled out his phone and showed my colleagues a clip of the winning goal. Hilarious!! 

    Top bloke. 






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  2. 15 minutes ago, whatwhat say what said:

    i don't care if we're boring, as long as we win

    as someone at a club said to me recently, "you don't have to play well to win"

    Saints are a basket case. Play boring football and still lose miserably.

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  3. 1 minute ago, seventyfour said:

    When the weather is awful in the UK?

    It was one game, Langdon wouldn't have made a difference to whether we won or lost.

    Ed has played 17, 24, 23, 25 games since coming to the Dees. He is possibly the most no-fuss player on the list. Turns up almost every week, runs his butt off, then you never hear about him off-field.

    Yes he is paid well to play AFL footy but it was one game. His sister shouldn't have to work her life around him.

    He played with 4 broken ribs. Only had one or 2 weeks off from memory.



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  4. Yo ... does anyone know if the Dees are training at Gosch's Paddock this morning? If so, what time?

    I couldn't see anything on the MFC website.


    Update/apology .... re-checked the MFC website.

    Training tomorrow (Saturday ... 9.45 am) at GP.

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  5. 1 minute ago, BoBo said:




    10% less disposal efficiency turning over the ball 10 more times, with eagles intercepting 10 more times than us leading to 21 more inside fifties for Eagles which produced:

    10 goals from turnovers for them.

    1 goal from turnover for us. 

    We won a lot of stats:

    We won hit outs, stoppage clearance and clearances and we got 6 more free kicks. 

    We were also more efficient going forward but not by a lot. Obvs with a lot less entries. 

    I’m not a stats guy but this tells a story. They won by converting turnovers into goals. 

    I'm surprised we won the clearances. However, that stat doesn't mention the quality of the clearances. I think overall their clearances were cleaner.




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  6. 12 hours ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    Moreover, the Tigers only won two games that season. 

    Good word.

    Next you'll be using "notwithstanding" and "hereinbefore". Even lawyers have stopped using those words.

    FWIW I had a coffee with a woman the other day who kept using the word "happenstance". Now there's a word you don't hear every day. 


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  7. I watched the post match on Kayo, who presumably take the Foxtel coverage.

    In the Brisbane rooms ... Darcy, Bolton (Jude) and Jones (Nathan).

    Does it really take 3 of them to conduct interviews? Darcy kept looking at the camera while the other 2 were asking questions, mainly Jonesy. It looked ridiculous. 


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