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  1. 10 hours ago, DubDee said:

    The Blues have had their version of our 2018. i’m looking forward to seeing them implode under the expectation of success next year 

    unlike us, we smashed it in 2019

    Yes, that 5 win season was awesome!! 

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  2. 1 minute ago, BDA said:

    Rubbish call from the ump. Play advantage for Christ sake 


    As much as I dislike him Sidebottom is still a very good player.

    I turned the sound off after 3 minutes. The booing had started.

  3. 1 hour ago, dees189227 said:

    It should be us playing tonight and the pies tomorrow night against Brisbane. But it's our fault we can't kick.

    Really hoping the giants start well and shut the ferals up. I just desperately want them to win and obviously Brisbane tomorrow night.

    I'll however be mainly watching the storm tonight in their prelim. 

    A giants/storm would be great 

    There have been so many news stories about the Blues' cheer squad travelling to Brisbane. They were/are so excited.

    I feel so sorry for the Demon Army (WCW et al). It should have been them. 


  4. I'm so disinterested in the remainder of the season.

    I'm in the MCC GF ballot, but if I miss out on a reserved seat, I won't bother going to the GF to get one of the walk up seats. 

    Hopefully the filth and Carlton will be knocked out in the Prelims.

  5. I think that reaching a Prelim would have been a pass mark. And preferably not getting thrashed in the Prelim. I think we would all have been OK with that.

    Going out in straight sets has to be considered a fail.

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