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  1. Or jordon to the middle. Gus back to the wing and Smith at hb. I wasn't super impressed with Dunstan in the willy game, and he is more a viney type. But if tracc does come out it is a good chance to give him a shot I suppose.
  2. But aren't in this case.
  3. Petty must have trained the house down. Great to have him back - a key player for us.
  4. I wasn't suggesting you said anyone should be dropped/rested. I agreed with your post and then went on to other points that were somewhat related to the topic you discussed (tracc's potential injury and managing minutes an loads in game etc) Apologies if that was not clear.
  5. Agree about all the potential benefits of trac and Oliver playing slightly different roles. Last season I was def in the camp of wanting the club to use the bye period to rest key players who were banged up and/or carrying niggles. And was surprised they did not do so as it pretty standard practice. They really only ever rested Salem (and maybe Jackson a game?), who had a calf issue iirc for a number of weeks. But again iirc, he was only rested for the crows game and came back in for the next game, which was against the doggies. Maxy was the best example of a player who was clearly playing sore who I thought could do with a chop out and a week's rest. In the wash up of the season it became clear a key philosophy of Burgess and Goodwin was not to rest or manage players, even those with carrying minor injuries. Resilience seemed to be the mantra No reason to think we will change that approach this year. Indeed the evidence seems to suggest they are not - rivers for example clearly looks hampered as does tracc. So I doubt trac, or anyone else for that matter will be dropped if they are sore or have minor to medium grade niggles.
  6. Selywn obviously a believer in the burgo resilience philosophy
  7. Sure. But all the above does not go to your implication my two comments were somehow contradictory.
  8. The two statements are not contradictory are they? We're in ok shape down back, but will be improved by Smith replacing tomo. Just as we will be improved when Petty comes back in. Just as we will be improved when Salem comes back in.
  9. One change this week - tomo out Smith in.
  10. I would be shocked if petty is selected. Interrupted preseason and no preseason practice games. One vfl game with limited minutes is too limited a preparation. And besides, they don't need to take any risks. We are in ok shape down back.
  11. Agree. I was actually just thinking that given fox use clueless dinasaurs like brerereton so much it weird how little air time they give Lewis. I wonder if that is his choice?
  12. We also don't have the same ability to control the tempo of matches or play controlled football if not for 2019. Or for that matter a defensive system as good as it is now. Goody was super clever that season. And brave. I'm positive we could have won a few more games that season if we played more in our 2018 style. But goody took the opportunity the horror run with injuries gave us and introduced new methodologies, sytems and tweaks to the ballistic game style that got us to a preliminary in 2018, but was vulnerable to giving up mutiple goals in quick time and wasn't going to get us go the promised land.
  13. JVR looks like the real deal to me. Not that big so not quite the size for a key forward, at least in the Ben Brown tmac mold but will get bigger and stronger. Great hands and looks a total natural in terms of using his body and of most significance ability to know where the ball drop is going to be and protecting that space. On the second two points he reminds of fritter - not in size or role, just that natural forward craft - which really is the most important thing for forwards. The first goal of the match was a good example of his forward craft. Responded more quickly than his defender to the centre clearance, led hard and despite good pressure never looked like not marking it. Went back and kicked it gun barrel straight - which is anorher pretty important skill for a forward! And seems to have a real intensity about. A competitor. Reminds me a little of a young ox. Howes was in and out of the game, so hard to reallt assess him (that's the first time I've seen him live). But oozes class. Smooth mover too. Like roaman he is a middling height and I'm not sure what his best position will end up being. Needs to put on a fair bit of muscle to be a chance of playing as a mid in rbe ones I'd reckon. Where did he play as a junior? Laurie looks the good also. Behind a few, bur has plenty of time. A full season along as a mid at Casey, another solid preseason and im sure he'll be in the frame for best 22 next year.
  14. I reckon hore is an excellent comparison. Good one on one, smart and good overhead. And like rosman, Marty hore was a middling height that made finding the right role for a bit tricky. Smith is also a good comparison in terms of size, but I think Smith is a bit more dynamic and perhaps a bot more of an interceptor type. Rosman looks to be a more natural footballer than smith I'd have to say. Decent footy iq. Shares Smith's running ability- I think he was an elite 400 metre runner (might be erpung on that) - so a smooth mover.
  15. He was terrific - his best game for casey by all accounts. As was the case in the last game, he played in defence - and quite deep in this game. Looked very natural down back. It is often said half back is a good spot to learn the game because the ball is coming at you, so even if he doesn't end up in defence it can only help his game. He is a funny height - not a small medium but not a key position size, which is a bit tricky re his best position. But down back it means he can take both a tall and medium size forward- and we struggle a bit with latter. He took most kick outs. He has a funky kicking technique, which is no work of art (well not Webber standard art in any case), but he greats great deprh and hits targets. Weights the ball well too, a much under appropriated skill. Huge upside I reckon.
  16. Where did it happen? I was in the stands in the first quarter and we were kicking to the stand end and i don't recall it. Definitely no injury break in play or Willy player taken off the ground - so no concussion i don't think (though its possible they tested him at a break and he didn't come back on) Might explain why they were into him the whole match. They barely gave him a moment of peace - and atone point he got bowled over by his opponent, number 29, when the ball was miles away (i happened to be watching him on binos because of the ongoing niggle and i thought that incident was borderline reportable) Would be amazing given Mitch Brown was knocked out last week, didn't play this week and far as i know no report was made despite it being clearly caught on camera (you can see it in the replay)
  17. Confirmation bias on my part.
  18. He has played a lot more pure one on one defence this year compared to last season, but I think Hunt is most valuable when he get the opportunity to use his pace, run off half back, carry and launch long into our forward half. Territory is his go. He did more of that against Port and looked more damaging as result. He struggles a bit when running at full tilt to weight his short chip passes, but i think has improved in this regard this year, albeit i still have my heart in my mouth when he does kick short (he has poor technique - he drops the ball from quite a height) Whilst acknowledging his weakness with disposal and in on on one situations, I like Hunt in the side. I think his contribution was a bit under rated last year and thinks he really adds something positive to the mix, particularly in the home and away season where his pace can catch teams out, because he gets a bit more space to operate in when the pressure is not at finals like intensity.
  19. They won't play petty this week. But as soon as he is cherry ripe he'll 100% come back in. In all likelihood it will be Tomlinson coming out I'm tipping the Anzac eve game.
  20. He was def on the ground in each quarter- but for how long I'm not sure. Seemed to be pretty high tog % though. And he was on the ground right to the final bell. Late in the game (maybe 5 mins to go)he seemed to limp for a bit after getting across to impact a contest. Heart was in my mouth, but he was OK. They kept him on tbe ground.
  21. There IS daylight between us and the opposition. But the beauty of football is come preliminary final, each game is elimination. The 2018 season is the best recent evidence of the no guarantees maxim being true. The tigers were rhe best team in 2018 by a mile something like 1.70 to win the flag come finals, IRC. They were even shorter to beat the pies in rhe prelim. Got mugged by the pies and a septic.. USA USA USA
  22. Yeah, that's a fair point. We don't have an obvious replacement for fritter. I suspect a medium size forward with the skill set of fritter is not an easy player to find. Back in rhe day there were plenty such players, but the days of such specialisation ate probably largely gone. I wonder if rosman could be an option?
  23. There isn't a brown v weed debate is there? I haven't read anyone suggesting bb isn't straight backnin next week. It's a tmac v weed debate.
  24. Makes you wonder why professionals, whose careers depend on such decisions, elected to cut one and keep the others. Jokes. Lockhart was cut because he wasn't AFL level, as evidenced by the fact another ub didn’t pick him up. Bedford and Chandler ARE AFL level. As evidenced both are close to getting into the starting 22 of a premiership side.
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