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  1. 100% agree. I don't doubt Reid's talent, and i would have loved to get him. But as you say they could have secured probably three first rounders for him - including Curtain who they were apparently super keen on. I reckon that would have been the play - particularly given that every season near the end of any contract will be dominated by the 'will reid go home' talk, which would be suffocating in a two team footy mad place like Perth. And as good as Reid might be, it's hard to build a premiership team around a mid. Judd is a good comparison. A once in a generation star who undoubtedly was a huge factor in their 2006 flag (some might argue the biggest factor given his immense talent and how he drove standards - training and on field ones that is) . But Judd came into an Eagles team in 2002 that had players of the quality of Cox, the Matera brothers, Cousins, Banfield, Kerr, Glenn Jackovich, Wirrpanda and Michael Gardiner. And it still took another 4 years to win a flag. The current team Eagles team is incomparable in terms of talent. Given how poor their list is (i reckon the worst in the AFL by a mile, particularly in terms of their demographic spread) building a premiership team will require multiple years of being near the foot of the table to get more high draft picks. And they have very few players they could afford to trade out to secure some first round draft picks - and given Allen and Barass are both locked away no A graders who might want to leave they could leverage. How long does a player as good as Reid want to play in rubbish sides? By way of comparison, the roos are in much better shape with their bevy of first round draft picks in the last three seasons.
  2. This is critical. Says two things - one he is a natural athlete. And two he must be a hard worker. I suspect nibbla's 2km draft trial was similarly impressive and i'm guessing the role they have in mind for Koltyn is, like Nibla, the high half forward role. As i have banged on about that role has become critical in footy and was a clear need we had to fill (ie another elite high half forward to compliment Nibbla). Appears to have good foot skills too, which is important Nibbla has really improved his field kicking and was our best kick inside 50 last season (as defined by kick to score ratio - our three worst were Tracc, Oliver and Gawn). Having a player on both flanks who can hit a target inside 50 will be a big positive. Good get.
  3. Sux Sux Sux. The number of the Kiwi Beast.
  4. Yep. JVR looks a bit clunky as he walks in to shoot for goal but also guides the ball right onto his boot which is big reason he is so accurate. Wattsy was smoother but again guided the ball on to the boot and was deadly accurate. The other similarity between those three players is a short, slow run up when kicking set set shots. Basically kicking off just a few steps. Simple techniques with few moving parts and less things that can go wrong.
  5. Spot on. I can't believe how many players at AFL level don't guide the ball right onto the boot. Doing so is kicking technique 101. Tracc is the perfect example of a player that drops the ball miles from the boot. Such poor technique. It's weird actually because as an elite basketballer he would have had the importance of good technique drilled into him at every basketball training session.
  6. Some rewriting of history going on here by some posters? There are only four posts other than yours in this thread! Might as well name names.
  7. It's going to be played in Nhill.
  8. His back injury was pretty bad. Had stress fractures in his back for aprox 18 months which ultimately required spinal fusion surgery (after he left the afl system i think - certainly all the rehab was). Impressive that he could get back to a level where he was named full back in the VFL team of the year and be picked up by an AFL club, particularly one that would be expecting to play finals next season. Speaks about all that in this interview:
  9. They should show that. Her leg was chopped, fairly, as she kicked it. Common way to get ligament damage like an MCL. I hope she is OK.
  10. Yes, fair call. Post edited.
  11. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean no-one is out to get me.
  12. Could say the same of me with some of the rubbish I post!
  13. If the teams all train regularly at Casey and there isn't in fact baked in support down that way that translates into bigger crowds (noting that is a long term plan) then playing all our games at Princes park is an absolute no brainer. I'm in Altona and Casey is def an disincentive to watch the women play in terms of how long it takes to drive there and back - as is the wind effect too for that matter. But I doubt i'd miss a game if all our games were at Princess Park. As i have flagged before make it a Friday night event and promote the bejesus out of it so it is locked into people's mind that you can catch the dees at Princess park under lights every second Friday night. You raise a really good question about the strategy for converting people in the south east into supporters and members. That was definitely the plan pre Jackson, but i actually don't have a sense where that strategy is at. I have been a critic of the comms from the club and given the issues communicating with members and current fans i have to say i don't have a great deal of confidence in the club's ability to communicate to, and engage with, prospective fans!
  14. Just Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples related issues. Their report on misogyny is still being worked on. Epic report - current draft has 3,232 chapters.
  15. That was a free all day every day. The Roos should have had a kick to win after the siren 25 meters out directly in front.
  16. Mmm, they said on the call of the game that that region is Australia's fastest growing are for population. I think it is smart to keep investing in the region and looking to cement that area as demon territory. it has been a long term strategy, and in my opinion after being a doubter, i think very smart one, The only way to remain competitive over a long period is to have big number of paid up members and a strong fan base. And the only way to achieve both is to bring in new supporters and build the base. The Casey connection is helping us achieve both and the popularity women's team is no doubt a big factor.
  17. More good news for the club. Any journos perusing Demonland for a good news story, please note, winning the McClelland trophy for best men's and women's football program can be added to an impressive list of positives from the last 3 years, a period where we: have won three flags are even money favorite to win our fourth flag in a few weeks finished top 4 in the men's and women comp every season made finals in every VFL season (In spite of this success) go into the upcoming draft with a brilliant draft hand for any team, let alone a top 4 team have a united board a CEO (who had his critics when he came to the dees) doing a top job have stabilized financially thankfully no longer have to rely on income from pokies got to 70k plus members (an all time record) continued to strengthen the women's program have been able to keep the women's team together (very much unlike other top teams) are on the way to creating the best, most successful program in AFLW history did a thorough review of our 2022 season and made changes as a result resigned our men's and women's coach made a series of long term, contract extensions to key players resigned Koz, a terrific message that our club is considered culturally safe by Aboriginal players (reinforced by McAdam nominating the dees) been leaders in the Aboriginal cultural space - for example the Indigenous jumpers and Narrm initiative that other clubs are now getting on board with (eg renaming their team for Indigenous round) not unrelated to the above two points, bedded down our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan managed the departure of Jackson in a way that has given us a great draft hand managed the transition of Burgess to Griffith super well managed the situation with Jonsey not getting a game in the GF super well resigned Melk when we we could have easily said see ya have done a great job connecting with past players and bringing them back into the fold had an assistant coach win one of the most coveted jobs in footy - the senior coach of the tigers Yes, like every other club we have had our share of isolated incidents but by any measure that is a super impressive list of achievements, albeit missing one key thing - a home base. We are in better shape now then at any other point in the 45 plus years i have ardently followed the mighty dees. Go redlegs.
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