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  1. Was in terrible condition last week. Way too sandy
  2. Of course. But he has been in the best 23 all season and 100% deserves his inevitable selection this week
  3. You should have asked him about all three phases in beanie construction
  4. Yes i thought much the same. The fact that they selected Toby to do the club's Sir Doug Nicholls Round video (published on Monday) ratjher than say may or Kozzie reinforces that point i think https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/1128685/toby-bedford-sir-doug-nicholls-round?videoId=1128685&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1652682034001
  5. That's a good point. He was excellent too against the roos. So perhaps 'that's exactly what will happen' was a bit strong. That said I think Bedford is still a better option because he can cover the roles you note that harmes plays ie on ball minutes, high half forward who can snag a goal and up and down the ground running as a quasi winger. Not sure Dunstan has the same flexibility - particularly forward craft.
  6. That is exactly what will happen. Why? Because Bedford is next in line. That is how goody had used the medi sub role. And given they are clearly following last year's successful template for all manner of things, then that is how he will continue to use the medi sub role. I find it perplexing when posters who have followed us in the last 18 months suggest we will do things like rest players, drop nibbler (or kozzie, or spargo) because they are not kicking enough goals, change our approach when playing bottom of the ladder teams (eg by giving some young players a shot) etc etc etc. (Note: a caveat on the comment above, I acknowledge there is sometimes some grey between what people think should happen and what they think will happen. I'm referring to what people think WILL happen). By the by i think Bedford might also do some midfield minutes too, as he has been splitting his time at Casey between the midfield and high half forward.
  7. If you put Dr d on ignore you will miss out on hours of entertainment
  8. He is still a kid, so that's OK. That said, his attack on the ball was ferocious. Won a number of 40-60 (against him) contests. Took a dukes out screamer too. Nice, neat kicking for goal action. Not too many moving parts.
  9. Not me. I went and stood at our end each quarter. So watched all our forwards closely, particularly weed and rooey. I thought weed was excellent. His intensity was really good. Took a fantastic pack mark, rucked well in the front half, used the ball super well in general play and took his chances, including the late round the corner goal in tbe third, which was brilliant because the wind was howling in that quarter. Rooey played super well too, but he is neither fit enough, or big enough for the AFL. Thst said, roey is the real deal. Wants tbe ball, is super vocal and plays like a caged lion. Reminds me such of a young David Swartz. Will be scary good when he fills out.
  10. Lets I'd love them to keep them to zero. Dont worry too ,much about our score - just don't let them score
  11. Spot on. And I'd that the combination of his skill, brilliant one one marking ability (particularly for a player who is neither tall or super strong) and his importance to the side mean that the opposition simply have to put a decent defender on him, and they have to play him pretty tight. Which is tricky on a number of fronts. He will thrash most small defenders in the air, so you need a medium or big on him. But they also have to cover THREE other talls. Thisls adds to the match up challenge as how many tall defenders do each team actually have. It is one reason why the dogs struggle to contain us And making things more of a challenge is that having to play him tight makes it hard to zone off him - which in tun makes or harder to stop our other talls. The other ace up fritters sleeve is his brilliant field kicking that often create score involvements and goal assists.
  12. The Burgess mantra is resilience. I prefer to think it is more related to the players all being demons. No rest for the wicked.
  13. Yep. But wet coke's biggest issue is that defensively they won't be missed at all.
  14. Consider it on the agenda
  15. We need the extra day to watch a replay of that brilliant win and try and find an improvement to discuss. My improvement flagging the need for a defender to take opposition smalls may have already become obsolete - Hunt is doing a great job in that role. Smashed Higgin, did well on wingard and did a great job on Bolton, who is up there with Cameron in terms of a quality small forward.
  16. Totally agree. Deserves a game in the ones. But if history is anything to go by, then no one will be managed or rested. Only players with an injury are likely to come out
  17. That's one part of the equation i reckon. The other is that going into control mode from say half way through the 3rd when havw a 3-4 goal buffer actually increases our chance of winning. The only way realistic way an opposition team can peg back a 3 plus goal deficit latish in a game is for there to be speed on the game. If we get aggressive and look to bury opponents then we are giving them what they need - a fast flowing game. And if we try to pile on the goals we inevitably will take risks. Risk create turnover opportunities and therefore opposition goals. If an opponent gets a couple of quick goals they can get some momentum. And maybe get back into the game and sneak a win Playing slow to protect a winning margin is a key strategy in the NBA and in assuming the EPL and other eite soccer leagues. The reward of going for a big win is percentage - which is not much reward for a team that us likely to win 18 plus games. The risk is losing a game we would otherwise win.
  18. Only 5? After that pathetic free to king against petty 20 metres out fro goal, I said to mate that if that was the threshold for a free, and it was consistently applied, Max would get 15 frees a game. It's a bloody joke what oppo players get away with in terms of belting Max. Apparently the head is sacrosanct. Unless your name is Gawn.
  19. Going on Goody's presser, your eye test got a big tick of approval. Goody made a point of noting our forward pressure was better, implying it wasn't where it needed to be. On a related note, I am loving Goody's post match pressers this season He is really honest, happy to be himself and often gives real insight into tactical and other related elements of our game.
  20. MFCSS is like herpes. Stays in the body waiting for the chance to flare.
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