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  1. If Bedford makes zero sense as a sub why has he, as you point out, been a sub in 12 games? I like Smith as a sub because of his athleticism and versatility. Not keen on Dunstan or Tomo as subs as neither are versatile or athletic enough
  2. Bedford makes more sense as a sub than bowey. As you note, he's been a sub multiple times, which can only help as it must be tricky to be in the right headspace when you don't know when, or even if, you might come on. And the fact he has the experience of coming on as sub and performing well is important too. But the key factor is Toby is more versatile in terms of the positions he could cover. He has experience playing as a small forward, as a nibbler style half forward and also as a mid (his main role at Casey). Whereas i think i'm right in saying Bowey has only played at HB in the ones and at Casey.
  3. My other tip is for the first week of the finals to be a damp squib, with just the one close game - the tigers v lions match. Here's how i see the firts two games playing out; Tigers v Lions: A brutal game. Lions to come out hard and fast and get a jump on the tigers, much like their previous match. The tigers to work hard to get the 'game back on their terms'. Lions to ride the Gabba train home though and win by 13 points. Key questions: how fit are Dusty (assuming he's picked) and Lynch? If not 100%, then the tigers might run into the don't play half fit players in finals wall how do the lions rebound from the shellacking we gave them Dees v Swans: Dees to swarm and surge from the get go, play fast, look to get a match winning lead by half time, and then slow the tempo in the second half. Much will depend on how accurate we are in the first half. If we take our chances, the game will be done and dusted half way through the second quarter. Swans to struggle to transition the ball due to our pressure and swarming all team defence. Our pressure forces lots of turnovers, and scores from turnovers generate most of our scoring (as opposed to last week, where unusually scores from back half were big for us). Dees to win by 47 points. Key questions: what tactical rabbits will Longmire pull out of his strategy hat, and how effective will any such moves be? how big a factor will the home crowd be?
  4. You are not angry. Just very disappointed.
  5. A good article on key players for each finalist. AFL finals: From Jeremy Cameron to Tom Liberatore, the keys to all sides in September
  6. I listened to it last night - brilliant stuff. It made me laugh, and think of George, to hear Ian talk about the fact we didn't follow the lead of other teams in the mid 60s and create a social club as being a big factor in our decline (because we forfeited the revenue a social club brought to other clubs, hurting us directly, but also comparatively). Sixty years later and we still don't have a social club! Its not as important now, though, given that the income stream form a social club would be drop in the ocean of what is required to fund an AFL team. However it is totally relevant to the discussion of a home training base, as as Munro noted social clubs were integrated into clubs home grounds. He hgave the example of the Hawks buying land next to Glenferrie Oval to build their social club. And in a different context he gave the example of the Saints electing to move away from Junction oval to Moorabbin. The context was getting away from the St Kilda Cricket Club vis a vis our relationship with the MCC, but moving to Moorabbin allowed the Saints to create their own social club. I was too young in the 70s to be gong to social clubs, but for those with more wisdom than me, were we the only VFL club without a social club?
  7. Not suggesting he'd be a straight swap for De Koning, but the blues might be good fit for Tomo. They need some key defenders and realistically Tomo is going to struggle to get into our back six. The blues looked like they are tying to implement the goal keeper system we use and given Tomo has played in our defensive system, and in the gola keeper role too, he'd help the blues implement that system.
  8. Massive. Only bont out would hurt their chances more given how important to their game plan libba is. There is bit of irony this year with the bye. A key reason it was brought in was to ensure all finals teams are as fresh as possible week on, and that players with niggles or injuries have another week to get up. But this year two big stars in Fyfe and Libba got injured at training and will miss maybe all the finals
  9. Yeah, I can see what you're saying. I think papley is probably easier to run a defender tiight on than heeney as his position is more a traditional small forward role and he stays inside tbe 50 metre arc more (or did - heeney is playing more forward of late) And in the last few games we have done so ie had a defender stick with papley. But you're right, shutting heeney out would go a long way to stopping them scoring, and hibbo would have the strength to go with him.
  10. Excellent points. I was just thinking today (after reading the comments from Swans supporters on the 'what are they saying' thread) that I'm sometimes guilty of forgetting that in Maxy, Oliver and Trac we don't just have three of the ten best players in the AFL, we have three of the best players of their generation, and arguably already 3 of the best dees to EVER play the game. Add players with the talent of Gus, May, Lever, Salem and Viney, not to mention youngsters like Kozzie and Jackson and its hard to argue that this team is not one of the most talented lists in the modern era. How lucky are we that get to enjoy this current team. Wow. I bang on about our method and systems a lot; but this list is going to make any game plan look pretty damn good. Really, pound for pound, not another list comes close. I'm also probably underestimating how fundamental that level of talent is to making our system work, and without such talent perhaps it is not feasible to implement our model fully. That said we have recruited with the model in mind, not the other way around as the cats have done, and have targeted players who can win their own ball and have the discipline to play their assigned role.
  11. A good mate of mine, a mad dees fan (he has been to every final we have played in since we first met way back in 1990, including the 2018 prelim with me), has been living up in Sydney for 25 plus years. Loves the city, but can't stand Swan's fans for some reason - well, for much the same reasons your mate can't stand them from what i gather, particularly their lack of understanding of the rules. Theatre goers he calls them. However, like most things he does, he goes next level. He has been a Swans member for years - and because he loves watching footy, goes to lots of Swan's home games (though only at the SCG - he hates their other ground) And barracks vociferously for the whatever team the Swans is playing that day.
  12. Yep, all good points. A key is having players who can win contested balls between the arcs despite being out numbered. The ability of players like Viney, tracc and Oliver to win such balls is phenomenal - and hard to replicate. That's where a player like Sparrow is so key - he feels a bit under appreciated at times but for a young player he is amazing at winning, or at least halving, contests - same is true of JJ and Spargo Another key, is as you suggest, players who can make the system work down back work - and in Petty, Lever and may we have three players who are brilliant at maintaining structure and are super disciplined about when to go up the ground, zone off or double back. A related point is that it is a system years in the making at the dees and whilst it works great now, it is only because of the huge amount of work they have to put in over long period to make it so instinctive, seamless and effective. Only takes one player not being in the right spot for it to unravel. My point was that is so effective, and gives us a real edge, that i'm surprised more teams are not using the system - or at least trying to implement it The dockers have the closest method, and perhaps to a lesser extent the Cats too. The Pies have variation of the model and it looked like the blues were tying to implement it but seemed to have abandoned it. The club i'm most amazed hasn't implemented is the lions as probably only them and the cats have the players strong enough to win outnumbered contests regularly. By the by it is a model that is impacted by fatigue, because fatigue makes winning out numbered contests harder and therefore the oppo will win more of such contest and have more inside 50s generally and more inside 50s where the last kick is not under immense pressure. This places the defence under extreme pressure, even with extra. Exhibit B of this scenario was our previous game against the Swans. Me thinks the Swannies are in for a rude shock on Friday night.
  13. No chance they gamed it to maximize their likelihood of playing at the g. For one thing that would have dramatically increased their chances of losing and not making the top 4. And, whatever way you cut it, a home final at the SCG could of only helped their cause, both for this game and their chances of winning a flag. No need to travel. Dees would need to travel. Majority support. Much more familiar than us with the ground. Instead, they have to fly in, play at the g, our spiritual home, which will be heaving and the crowd will be 75% dees - which will be a big factor.
  14. Goody would have said something like: 'Swanny, some great learnings there for you, not least a reminder not to bring your @##%%*@@@ dog to @##%%*@@@ training!!!!'
  15. How about you let us be the judge of that!
  16. I don't. The lions are a good team, who ran into a Demon juggernaut. At home they will be too strong for the tigers. For punters, the 2.18 for the lions to win is brilliant value.
  17. Does that mean we can't discuss the King brothers?
  18. Yep, good point. And clarko has flagged he is interested in getting some senior players into the club. Tomo has been brilliant since he arrived at the dees in terms of his professionalism, attitude etc. etc. Would be a great fit at club on the rise, with young players who need good role models and strong leaders. And the fact that Tomo can play in multiple positions would be helpful - though i suspect his best spot is as a key defender. Having big bodied, older defender who can wrestle with the gorillas like Hawkins would be a bonus for a young team. And whilst a flag would likely be off the table for Tomo, being involved in rebuild under Clarko would give him the opportunity to build his leadership skills and leave a strong legacy.
  19. Makes perfect sense, as with Turner coming on he may well struggle getting a game in our backline. The dogs would be a good fit i reckon as their backline is their Achilles heel.
  20. An emoji typo LH! Fixed now. I don't think i have ever used the vomit emoji actually. Well, not deliberately I quite like the cats, but certainly hope they fail this season. Well, if by doing so that mean we win the flag that is
  21. I was thinking the same thing. Her kicking was coming of a really low base, but has improved heaps. She had good hands last season, but looks to have taken her handballs to another level, helped by how strong she is.
  22. Bloody fully woke to be knocking a poster for using the term woke! Particularly when said poster was using woke in post rock ironic fashion! Double exclamation mark!!
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