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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. i doubt i will ever set foot in that arena again
  2. sorry mate, took 5 mins to make it up and thought hey why not.... did just playing newvegas so until i make an xcom 2 one.. this is will do..
  3. thankyou for stating how i am also feeling, really looking to be a lemon of a pick
  4. Craig Mottram holds the Australian 3km record, which he broke at the age of 31, with a time of 7:32.19
  5. Went to the Demonshop today with my wife and child which is a pain in the backside to park, after arguing with the security guard, because i wanted to get some new gear for the whole family to try and support our club. Personally i wanted the duffle coat, however anything above a medium was out of stock. So i thought i would reluctantly settle for the rugby polo but also out of stock. My wife wanted the college jacket , sizes 10 and 12 also out of stock. i did get a jumper for my son,not sure if the next kid who wants a size 8 will get one as i grabbed the last one.. however my point is i walked away with more than $200 than i should have. Im not sure if we have just had a busy Xmas and ran out of stock ( which would be great) but not good enough..it concerns me that i may not be alone here.. and the MFC are not making the little bit of extra money it should be
  6. U know there are domains that exist where u can download almost any old game or tv footy show... however i would not be suggesting u commit such things.
  7. Better than Morton already... hahaha sorry couldnt help myself
  8. "Melbourne is awaiting opposition offers for its prized No.2 pick in this year's draft, having set its asking price at an established midfielder with at least eight seasons left in the tank. Under new coach Paul Roos, the Demons are desperate to lure an opposition midfield star to boost their on-ball division. Giants Dylan Shiel and Taylor Adams, West Coast's Luke Shuey and Essendon's David Myers are among the midfielders who have already been linked with Melbourne"
  9. Colin Says “I will always consider myself a Melbourne person; I leave on good terms and clearly this was a tough decision, given the positive moves the club has made in recent times. But Fremantle are a good fit for me, based on where I’m at with my football career.” I Say: We no longer consider you a Melbourne person... and you have no right to call yourself one... when the going gets tough.. the pissweak get going"
  10. i was told hes off to Freo and will most likely let the club know friday.. nothing more
  11. Just confirmed on AFL.com.au Please note I beat this article by 8 minutes Demon hunt: Fremantle circling Sylvia
  12. Well, I do enjoy a garlic sauce ... but recently have been enjoying honey mustard.
  13. They should be striving for a competition were the top and bottom clubs are separated by >20 points and percentage, rather than what has occurred. A top and bottom team separated by 72 points... surely an even competition would encourage more fans join their old clubs and to watch more games, which in turn makes more money for the tv channels and the AFL.
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