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  1. I was 57 days old when we won the premiership in '64
  2. Just worked it out after years of wondering... 57 days old for me!
  3. Great article and a bit more of an insight about Georgia choosing MFC over the Doggies - not just because she didn't want to drive out West. Apparently the club put in a bit of time and effort which resonated with her. How learner permit troubles made historic father-daughter selection a Demon (theinnersanctum.com.au)
  4. Thanks DV! Finally had a good year at SC - but more pleased by the double up win of the Bluey and Dive one GF!! I send you my bank details to deposit the winnings...? Thanks again for organising. I'll be back next year to defend my title - whatever the season throws up at us!
  5. All the info is in their own forum https://demonland.com/forums/forum/34-fantasy-footy/ @DeeVoted has been fantastically organising the comps for Supercoach
  6. Hi DV, Thanks for starting this up again. Was GAWN off TRACC! last year (which mirrored my SC and the MFC season) so will be changing it when I can think of something witty, positive and unique (so it may be a while...). Team currently "Not Sure Yet" Cheers, Stephen
  7. I'm just back from holidays and just started looking at SC - so yes - I am in again. Still working on my Team name (it's harder than deciding my forwards...!). I've made a habit of being Captain something - I think it was Captain Chunky last year - but looking for something witty, but with a MFC touch. So for now it is just "Something Witty" but will change!
  8. And will be playing (those close to him have been told to get tickets to the match)
  9. Hi all, Just like last year I have another league to join if you want some good competition. SCS Demons - 695271 This is a league I have started up within the Supercoach Scores Forum for all Demons fans. Supercoach Scores is a great source of info for Supercoach. While not compulsory, I encourage you to sign up to SCS and join in conversations if you do join the league. www.supercoachscores.com Have a great comp everyone and - GO DEES!!! Cheers, Stephen.
  10. Great game - and I loved the effort and belief of the team. I was not confident we had a team to be very successful this year but we are building. My analogy is that it is like 20/20 cricket - anything can happen on the night and any team can win. A win tonight against a flag favourite will hopefully consolidate the team and help to build the confidence we need. I believe we recruited for the future and sustained success in a few years, but this team could be capable of anything with belief. Here's hoping...
  11. Reported as a dislocated his fibula. However Goodwin's comment was "It's looking pretty positive though". Not really sure what to make of that.
  12. Pirtek Fishing comp - heading to Eildon shortly. But if I was home I'd definitely be going to the Scorps match. Wife and Daughter will be heading there so I'll at least get a good run down.
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