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  1. Confucius said that laws should be broadly based on ethics to make them enforceable. Narrowly defined and precise laws have too many loopholes. Would this philosophy apply to contracts?
  2. The beginning of our downfall was when we started to choose to manage and absorb opposition pressure over applying our own in games
  3. I switched off the TV at half time and took the dog for a long walk. Glad this season is over.
  4. Why all the outrage? This and worse has been happening to ordinary First Nation peoples for centuries and nothing has changed for the better. However when the same discrimination happens to sportsman or celebrity First Nations person then mob mentality outrage becomes palpable. Many now want to care or pretend to so as to get their fix of conscious cleansing. Remember the Jurrah incident when he got celebrity justice and the best lawyers to get him off serious charges whilst his nobody co accused had to plead guilty to the same charges because no one would defend them. They got traditional First Nations justice. If most Australians really cared, these kind of outrages would have been extinct decades ago.
  5. I observe that Collingwood play crap and wait for the opposition to tire or take the foot off the pedal before they make their surges and rely heavily on luck to go their way. But as is the case on putting too much faith in Lady Luck is that she gets bored eventually and declines to show up.
  6. If we only did not have the most banged up team because of playing injured players and the fewest game to game rotations as well as least injury subs used we could have mugged both of these sides.
  7. As I recall Scully carried a knee injury for most of the season before he took off which healed quite nicely in the Sydney weather. Made sure it was bandaged so everyone could see. Not saying Jackson faked it but the thought of aggravating it may have played on his mind with a future big ticket return to Perth planned.
  8. Henry averages 9 disposals, 0.4 goals and 1 tackle a game in 3 seasons. Poor man’s Spargo or Pickett. We don’t need another small forward whilst Chandler has more upside to discover. Best to pass on him if offered in trade.
  9. Gawn apologises to fans. Calling the MCG “our fortress” is a bit of a sick joke since they haven’t all season. “but on Saturday were lamenting they had failed to protect their “fortress”, that being the MCG, in both games.”
  10. More time for pre season preparing.
  11. Joel Smith says hi. Almost like for like.
  12. Losing every game in almost identical fashion indicates to me that the opposition are not better teams but is because of our inflexible game plan and tactics. The better opposition clubs as well as lesser clubs despite their differing game styles and talent bespoke tailored their game to implement virtually identical strategy and tactics. It’s like there is a handbook out there on how to beat Melbourne. Just tick off the boxes. Our coaching staff paralysed by their own over confidence and hubris.
  13. It has been frustrating to watch him in his past few games. In great position to mark but drops them all.
  14. I am worrying that Goodwin is going the way of Ross Lyon. Lyon unlucky not to get a flag but burned out both Saints and Freo quickly due to his inflexible game style and playing same favourite players with no regeneration.
  15. I thought pre game given Daniher’s absence it would have been a smart move to play Petty forward to help BB. Daniher’s replacement Fullerton is a complete spud. It is such a waste that Smith was not given a chance to play as well.
  16. Should have put Smith on at three quarter time. Shifted petty forward then.
  17. called it pre game. Put Petty forward for the extra tall. Moved down when game nearly lost.
  18. If we are too tall back maybe an opportunity, to shift Petty forward to help out BB?
  19. There won’t be another QB game for a very long time. The next two line heirs after Charles are male.
  20. Time to get fair dinkum. No picking and choosing to play our best. I want to see our run of success continue.
  21. The queen is a distant (unofficial) cousin of mine. Edward the 7th my great great grandfather who indulged in hanky panky with my servant girl great great grandmother when he was a young man studying in Italy for a couple years in the 1850’s. At least our branch escaped the inbreeding. Not a fan of royalty but she was a noble and decent woman.
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