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  1. I reckon Hibbert will struggle to get back into the team. He will need to show some blistering form at Casey.
  2. The worst flu I ever had was when I was young and fit ( bike riding in extremis and gym) all lean lean muscle . No I'm not fantasising and it was quite some years ago yet I lost kgs and it took me weeks to recover.
  3. Fortunately then, it would have no impact on the cheap red you guzzle by the gallon picket!
  4. But this is the point - we can replace them!!!!!
  5. Not our best side.... but it's not bad. We'll do the Dorks in a canter
  6. That confirms it. Mick's about as silly as his column picture in the Herald- Sin looks.
  7. Haha yeah Just discovered the same thing - although I wasn't going to load up on the Hawks. We've got Lever and Viney coming in- 2 handy players. If Dogga is out Tmac will get the nod - he does a fair bit of forward ruck work anyway. Dunstan will stay and only be better for the run. And plenty still to choose from. If we were playing Brisbane or Freo, I might have a concern but Hawthorn .......... meh ...... 4 points on the way.
  8. I'm confident you'll manage it WCW!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I haven't noticed him being booed and would be very surprised if this were the case. I happily join in the chorus of "Weeeeeed!" when he takes a grab. It's a supporter endearment.
  10. You'd reckon Clarrie would at least get an honourable mention........FMD!
  11. I wonder id the bombers are rethinking their 2022 Premiership celebrations about now
  12. Well .. I guess it was a crushing win .............without the crushing score
  13. Yep, Dunstan didn't get 30 possies so he's out for Viney Lever ....... must come in
  14. Oliver absolute standout Max best ruckman I've seen May. Petty Langdon Brayshaw
  15. need big last quarter - I've backed the forty plus
  16. [censored]. this is frustrating..... we should have buried these pizz..ants
  17. our work inside 50 is [censored] embarrassing
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