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  1. Jones tries too hard and covers lack of skill with desire and hardness He has always called for the ball throughout his career Usually he is in a poor position but his teammates have always honoured the call Sadly time is just about up for the skipper
  2. NO Jones No ANB and definitely no JKH
  3. Off the bench definitely this season.His role has been taken. Perhaps he can be used as an impact player
  4. JKH must have photos of Goody Unbelievable.
  5. Saw Jackie Boy play off wing /half back for Port Amongst the best Gee I miss that bloke
  6. I thought he was a two bit pimp
  7. Jimmy was not part of the Dees future. Poor pick, poor development. Good Luck Jimmy wherever you are
  8. Terrific analysis Youi makes you feel like our club knows how to trade up Very important ability in modern footy Well done MFC
  9. And you prefer eggs from Caged chooks like I do Where do I join?
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