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  1. Holy [censored] I thought it was April 1st. Awesome get. Heard him on the radio the other week. Left me thinking to myself that we need him....good job MFC
  2. Even his mop of hair looks a [censored] tonne better in a MFC jumper than the Roos jumper.
  3. How long is trade week this year? Hopefully its not like years past where it drags on for 3 weeks and nothing happens until the last day or 2.
  4. Jesus!!! If that is the case then he is going from one [censored] fight to the other
  5. Gee I hope this is true. I feel we need a clean out from top to bottom. I just dont want us to waste the talent we have on our list. We should be playing finals. I feel the same way in that Goodwin rode the momentum from Roos. Now there is nowhere to hide. Interesting times ahead, could be the kick up the [censored] the club needs. Everyone needs to be accountable for their role at the club.
  6. How the hell are clubs supposed to get their [censored] done with out knowing lost sizes.....blows my mind
  7. Is it weird that I’ve been thinking what if Ross Lyon was our coach. Could he fix us?
  8. Thought having a finals spot on the line might have given the players a bit of motivation.....obviously not.
  9. Ffs Lever.....is he the new Dawes by not being able to take a mark
  10. At this rate we are going to get pumped. Come in demons.
  11. Let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves. Seen us blow bigger leads than this
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