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  1. Jones is simply not good enough anymore, he is well down the pecking order.
  2. Please do not put Jones as sub. We cannot get sentimental in a grand final
  3. Are we safe? Just want to make sure I don’t get ahead of myself!!!
  4. Why does viney fall over all the time? He needs to keep his feet.
  5. Thank god I’m out tonight and can’t watch. Gee I hope we can turn it on. Just don’t think my ticker could handle how important this game is
  6. Good to see order has been restored and playing like we usually do. Can’t see seniors getting a top 4 spot at this rate
  7. The Weid experiment is surely now done. Bring in Ben Brown and make Weid earn his spot. He seems too good for vfl and not good enough for AFL
  8. Can’t blame the umps. We played ****house and lazy football tonight
  9. Nothing like getting hammered in a prelim
  10. I can see this being a 10 goal loss
  11. Congrats on the house now let’s get the demons over the line.
  12. Holy [censored] I thought it was April 1st. Awesome get. Heard him on the radio the other week. Left me thinking to myself that we need him....good job MFC
  13. Even his mop of hair looks a [censored] tonne better in a MFC jumper than the Roos jumper.
  14. How long is trade week this year? Hopefully its not like years past where it drags on for 3 weeks and nothing happens until the last day or 2.
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