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  1. 6. Christian Petracca 5. Darren Burgess 4. Max Gawn 3. Clayton Oliver 2. Gus Brayshaw 1. Charlie Spargo
  2. Great coaching and execution. We looked way more organised and structured than usual even. I wonder whether the absence of crowd noise allowed Lever and May to be even more effective with giving directions for defensive structure. Our defensive structure and running really seemed to trouble the opposition and they constantly appeared to have nowhere to go.
  3. 6. James Harmes 5. Clayton Oliver 4. James Jordon 3. Rick Lever 2. Trent Rivers 1. Bailey Fritsch … and nice to finally beat a team above us on the ladder!
  4. Why don’t we just keep things simple and train on the MCG? ?
  5. Christian Petracca looks fine this morning… FullSizeRender.mov
  6. It might be best to maintain our structure with a simple swap for Petty. Same applies with Viney remaining unavailable, meaning Sparrow should come in for Baker. No other changes are likely this week…
  7. 6. Christian Salem (Stood up when it counted) 5. Christian Petracca (No explanation needed) 4. Michael Hibberd (For the number on Dusty) 3. Luke Jackson (Contested marks, clean disposal, score involvements) 2. Jake Lever (Organised the defence) 1. Jack Viney (Tackles!)
  8. I bumped into @melbournefc #sharpshooter @tommybugg asking #youready on my evening jog in #Melbourne... Well kind o… https://t.co/MpUEUJnE5t

  9. SIS Regs changes to enable innovative retirement income stream products from 1 July 2017 https://t.co/ZVCPpPG1ca #superannuation #pensions

  10. RT @pensionsnews: PwC: U.K. companies falling behind in funding pension obligations https://t.co/YsiOvMHVj0

  11. Nice from @HarvardBiz "Improving data quality is a gift that keeps giving, it take out costs permanently" #fintech https://t.co/uVqI7lC5Rt

  12. Fresh thinking by Bob Schiller on the role of historical narrative in #economics #BehavioralEconomics https://t.co/t0Co9C7MR0

  13. Asset allocation & moving from solvency based valuation to going concern valuation for DB #pensions #superannuation https://t.co/yeO3JZaSUP

  14. @Robbo82 For once fortune was on our side. Got out of jail... https://t.co/xfSxZoCXj8

  15. RT @TrusteePartners: Research shows good #PensionFund governance boosts investment returns https://t.co/X0FfSHWqwq via @IPEnews #superannua…

  16. Sunday afternoon at Clyde Park #winery in Bannockburn near #Geelong #Victoria https://t.co/3ad9v9SzHH

  17. RT @QMVSuper: "#technology is expensive but so is stupidity" #asfainnovation - 10 reasons we need to change our approach to innovation in #…

  18. Thanks to @asfaAUST for putting on a great day focused on #innovation #fintech and #regtech in the #superannuation… https://t.co/xvUsCcsroF

  19. Finally got into gear just before it was too late @melbournefc #marngrook #AFLDeesSuns https://t.co/BnPUg5nLcr

  20. @Hackany I've got a double session so it should be fun!

  21. Looking forward to chairing a @QMVSuper and @asfaAUST session on #Innovation in #Superannuation in #Sydney next week https://t.co/Kr7oolg8dl

  22. RT @JosephineCumbo: British Airways to appeal pension trustee ruling https://t.co/MQ5o2vwePt via @FT

  23. A great summary of last week's @QMVSuper industry thought leader forum on competition in the #superannuation system… https://t.co/fEIfgIQyBW

  24. RT @TrusteePartners: UK #Actuarial Profession issues guidance to members on understanding and communicating climate-related risks https://t…

  25. Dees would have won but for the spineless first, third, and fourth quarters... #AFLDeesNorth

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