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  1. All signs point to no. There have been too many games where we don’t turn up, this is related to environment and culture for which Goodwin is responsible in co-constructing. Some of the enormous bed [censored] include: 2017 v North x2, Freo @ home, Hawks when they were rubbish & Collingwood R23 2018 v 2nd quarter against Geelong in Round 1, Hawthorn (R4), St Kilda, Final quarter against Geelong at KP & PF v West Coast 2019 - the whole year was a debacle but managed to [censored] up against West Coast twice 2020 - v Sydney Team selection is a joke. The forward line structure and personnel are shambles. We rely on personnel and not structure. The players look clueless, unskilled and demotivated which is as much system based as anything else. Since 2017 we are 9 wins & 28 losses against top 8 sides. There is an 83% occurrence of one goal or fewer quarters in all games under Goodwin (69 one goal or fewer quarters in 83 matches). There is a greater than 100% chance of the opposition scoring 4, 5 or 6+ goals in a quarter in any game under Goodwin (108 4, 5, or 6+ goals in quarters in 83 matches). Although largely irrelevant this year, we are 16 wins and 23 losses from all games at the MCG under Goodwin. At the press conference announcing him as his successor, Paul Roos stated that he and Goodwin talked about the importance of a coach in building a winning culture. Nearly 4 years after Roos finished up at the Dees with a 10-12 season we have a less than 50% W/L ratio (40 wins 43 losses total, 12 wins 24 losses since the 2018 prelim), connection issues and defensive lapses despite the core youth from Roos’ time having now several preseasons under their belts. It’s not good enough.
  2. Melksham should be in trouble. We have plenty of mid sized forwards and he is in the worst form. Tom McDonald is in terrible nick but we are not doing him any favours by playing him as the sole key forward. Brown and/or Weideman should be considered. The likes of Bennell and Kolodjashnij (if fit) could at least offer some much needed run and polish. I’m not particularly pleased with the roles of Lockhart, Smith and Salem at the moment either. Viney and Oliver need to lift, they are offering little in terms of flexibility or accountability at the moment and if our form gets much worse I can see a Matt Crouch style selection statement being made. I know it won’t happen but the changes I would like to see would be - In: Bennell, Brown, Jetta, O Mac Out: Lockhart, Melksham, Salem, Smith.
  3. Objectively, the club needs all types of supporters to survive. Can you really blame people for getting frustrated, upset and emotional when the side is perennially embarrassing? As for the present state of affairs, the core of this side made it to the last four teams in 2018 and has since won 6 of 25 and is averaging less than 50 points per game in 2020. The coach is in his fourth season, this team has enough experience to be performing better. Is it any wonder there is some gnashing of teeth and instinctive coupling of this to umpteen years of mediocrity?
  4. Brayshaw has played his best footy on the ball. However, he has other talents that can make him useful elsewhere. Despite his best footy being as an inside mid can anybody hand on heart say he is better or more consistent than Oliver or Viney?Given the nature of the game and our bevy of inside mids he needs to learn to play other positions and be effective. If he was consistently our best inside mid the position would be his.
  5. There is a rot that has persisted with Goodwin as coach in the sense of being unable to stop the momentum of other teams for large periods. I doubt there’s another side in the league that looks as consistently ropey with a large lead. We got away with it on the weekend because Carlton did not have the weaponry to really make us pay. This is why supporters are frustrated and it is ultimately on Goodwin’s head that a cultural environment that allows such lapses continues to persist. That said, on game day it is ultimately not Goodwin’s fault when the players stop tackling, slow to a crawl and make outrageously dumb decisions. He can’t get out on the field and do it for them. Unless he is as batscat crazy as some may think, it’s doubtful he’s telling the players to drop their intensity and standards. Further, while there were some worrying signs and issues that seem to persist it is convenient for us to lump it in with our 2019 problems and the miasma of disappointment that has befallen the club since the 60’s. MFCSS 101. There’s plenty to work on as well as many valid concerns but there were plenty of other teams that played ordinary football this round, many of them being premiership fancies. A bigger 2020 sample size is needed.
  6. Love this post. It’s as much structure as anything. If everyone pulls their weight and we lock it inside 50 or slow the opposition’s ball movement, Lever repels everything by peeling off and spoiling/marking. Yet, when it breaks down badly it becomes like the early 2010s when good defenders such as Rivers and Frawley were standing hands on hips watching the opposition amass a cricket score against us. Not sure we’ve quite got the backline mix together yet to exploit Lever’s talents, however, it’s all moot until those up the ground put some pressure on.
  7. Regarding Yze, he’s popular as an ex-player and he has spent a long time in the Clarkson system. I agree that these are two very superficial elements which have little to no bearing on whether he would be a good coach. Richmond and Collingwood had poor seasons under their respective coaches, however, nowhere near the uncompetitive swill of 2019. It’s not a direct shot at the OP because there are plenty of others who use the Richmond/Collingwood example. What if we’re more like Freo? They were bundled out of a prelim, came back underdone and had their game plan found out, and spent the following season near the bottom. They stuck fat with a coach whose message wore thin with playing group and spent four meandering seasons araldited to the bottom six before hiring a rookie coach and starting again. Or perhaps our situation is uniquely our own and deserves to be resolved using factors relevant to Melbourne in 2020 (not Richmond 2016, Collingwood 2017, Freo 2015 and so on)? Criticism of Goodwin and the broader football department is growing increasingly legitimate. We are no longer a developing side on the rebuild from oblivion. We have a core of players who are mature in an experience sense but they haven’t been able to shake off the horrible inconsistency and volatile performances despite many of them pushing into what should be prime realty. I struggle to think of a team in the league that has such a gaping chasm between their best and worst. Our performances at the MCG under Goodwin have also been poor. We have a structure that is easily exploited and a fragile playing group that is seemingly going backwards at a rate of knots. These are all things that (rightly or wrongly) get sheeted home to the coach. All that said, I hope I’m proven wrong by Goodwin but I fear I will not be. The reality is given our poor financial position off of the back of last year, rolled into COVID-19, rolled further into Gary Pert’s sweetheart deal for Goodwin that we won’t be sacking him unless there is a massive member/sponsor (possibly player) uprising. In summary: Yze is flavour of the month; our situation is pretty distant from that of Richmond/Collingwood; Goodwin deserves a lot of the criticism directed at him; and it’s only because we’re in a mess of our making that he isn’t under more pressure.
  8. About as flat as a win gets. Not a fan of Goodwin but the players continually drop their intensity and seem incapable of wresting back control of the game once it’s not on their terms. In the long term Goodwin will cop it in the neck for that. However, I doubt he’s instructing the players to not put any defensive pressure on for large patches of games. Negativity aside, Clarry and Petracca were excellent. Rivers was highly impressive. Jackson showed some encouraging signs as the game wore on. Bennell got through unscathed. Finally, despite its ugly nature - a win is vital for any hope of getting a foothold in the season - still happy to take it rather than the L.
  9. I think that the well documented poor preseason as well as injuries during that time and subsequently were enough to undo 2019. That said, there are problems with the way the team plays under Goodwin that have been exacerbated by this. I note there has been some effort to change this post the mid season bye. It appears that the team is trying to use slow play (kick-mark), switch the ball more and set up better defensively but given the lack of skills which I believe are confidence related more than anything - it’s all too late. I’ve lost faith in Goodwin, however, given the club re-signed him and will haemorrhage money on the back of this year and is intent on giving up poker machine revenue, the reality is that he will most likely see out his contract. I can only hope against hope that this chastening year allows him to reflect, readjust the game plan and come out of it a better coach. Missing the finals in 2017 was embarrassing, getting bollocked in the 2018 prelim was humiliating and the absolute fall in 2019 is disgraceful and unacceptable.
  10. The context here is important. He is on a multimillion dollar contract and his employer has asked him to refrain from posting this kind of stuff on social media. I don’t have strong feelings about whether he should be sacked but am not surprised that it has come to pass.
  11. I tend to agree. May as well keep Bugg.
  12. A good player who deserves another crack at AFL imo, just not at the Dees.
  13. Now it’s all over I hope on a human level he can find some peace and the club kicks on to bigger and better things. I find I am less sentimental as I get older but will always have a bit of a soft spot for Hogan. He was a key component in our rebuild towards becoming a force again. If we do reach the ultimate success sooner rather than later he will deserve some credit for taking an awful lot on his shoulders as a young man for our club and not breaking as others who came beforehand did. Good luck to him and he’ll always be welcome back in my eyes.
  14. Obviously. As has been said before why would Gold Coast not expect a top 5 pick? They are most likely to finish in the bottom 4 next year with or without May. As he is a FA next year they could expect band 1 compensation. If anything pick 5 could be them accepting ‘unders’ this year.
  15. The egotistical style is similar. stuie was more of a pedant. Didn’t mind either of their work. Small doses though. I always wondered if RR was Yze_Magic resurrected.
  16. I hope Hogan stays. In fact, I hope both he and May are playing for the MFC in 2019 but I just don’t see that happening. Riled up by Freo’s nakedly stupid actions I hope the club no longer indulges them at the trade table. Perhaps this is why I’m not employed in Josh Mahoney’s position - why let personal emotion get in the way of a business decision? I feel for Hogan and his personal circumstances and personally hold no ill will toward him but can equally understand other posters frustrations about him exploring a trade/not committing to MFC. Gut feel is that the deal will get done. Freo will crow about their negotiating tactics. Some, including myself will feel a bit disappointed that we didn’t get ‘Judd-like’ compensation for Hogan. However, our professional team will have achieved their objective: trading out a player who wanted to go, getting in Steven May who will improve team balance and wants to play for us, along with an improved draft hand. Melbourne will look like a club that gets it done and cares for players welfare which will enhance our brand in the industry. Freo will be exposed for the anachronistic spivs they are.
  17. I agree his value in trade terms would be higher than 23. I reckon he’s an average player though.
  18. All the noise aside, it was foolish of Freo to make that offer. I understand they don’t have pick 5 yet, however their conduct now looks nakedly stupid for all to see. I still think a deal will be done but this & the reports that they were the source of the rumour about Beams means that every club that sits down with them will see their officials as having the word ‘nuffy’ tattooed on their foreheads. Some of their fans will cheer their ‘hardball’ tactics but in reality they’ve tarnished their brand and can’t be taken seriously.
  19. I don’t consider that deal to be reactive. I think our FD has been proactive circa 2013. The far too long comment is covering prior to that...
  20. I’d prefer to keep Hogan if I’m honest. However, reading between the lines, this situation has unfolded because he can’t commit to us. He has asked to explore a trade. Steven May is willing to join our club. Ideally, we keep Hogan, he re-signs and May is guaranteed as a FA in 12 months. But it’s a gamble. If we do nothing Hogan could request a trade when he’s OOC in 2019 and then Steven May has a lot more suitors and trade currency is irrelevant as he is a FA. Put simply its the difference between being proactive and reactive. Melbourne has been reactive for far too long.
  21. Yes. But will he still want to come to us in a years time? We won’t have trade currency advantage over Collingwood. Put it this way: if you were headhunted by another prospective employer and promised you’d be working for them in a month, you agree hand in your notice with your current employer and then all of a sudden they come back and say: “sorry, deals off, we’ll revisit in 12 months ok?” How would you feel about how that organisation was doing business?
  22. It’s unfortunate that Lever did his knee but I think time will prove it was a good deal. I like to think goodwill goes a long way. If we become infamous at playing ‘hardball’ it could make us a poor club. Let’s say a well known player comes out of contract and says to their manager: “Melbourne look a team on the rise, I’d love to look at joining them.” The manager may say “Look, they are a good team but Steve May who’s also my client wanted to go there last year. The Dees said all the right things but when push came to shove they couldn’t get it done because they rated their potential draft picks higher. It’s my professional opinion that they’re in a window and shouldn’t do that. Steve was unhappy and will be accepting Collingwood’s fa offer this year. I’ll make some calls to clubs other than Melbourne and see what’s around ok?” Of course the above scenario is purely based on my suspicions about how these discussions may play out. However, I wouldn’t think that it is an impossible proposition. I think the way we currently operate is part of the reason players choose us because they know we don’t bs and will get it done. I like the way our team has specifically targeted players, ignored the talking head tut tutting about ‘giving up too much’ and looked at obtaining the net gain in trade period.
  23. We will swap pick 5 or whatever we have to in order to get May. We’ve expressed interest in the player, we appear to be willing to move one of our best players on in order to get him. This whole we could get him for free next year is BS. How do you think it would look to May, his manager, GCS and the industry as a whole if we then turned around and effectively said “Steven, we made a commitment to you but please hang in there for a year, GCS want pick 5 we only want to give pick 11 so we can ‘win trade week’ and we reckon we won’t have to give up anything for you next year. So bigger win for us. K thx bye” ?
  24. Perhaps Freo are simply trying to extract maximum value from Brisbane for Lachie Neale so they can meet Melbourne’s terms? I don’t see the point of getting wound up at Freo. If we can get May + first round pick for Hogan, does anyone really care about the mechanations of the deal? If it comes out publicly that Freo are offering a 3rd rounder only for Hogan, then it’s time to pick up the pitchforks.
  25. If we trade Hogan and baulk at May because “we’ll get him as a free agent next year” it would be unprofessional and stupid in my opinion. If you’ve got a player of calibre wanting to join your club you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and should negotiate in good faith. MFC has taken this pragmatic approach in the past and I don’t see why it would change. Equally, Freo would be stupid to not trade for Hogan because “he’ll be cheaper when he’s OOC”. I don’t think these “play hardball” approaches would ingratiate clubs to players, managers or the industry at large. It’s not about ‘winning’ a trade it’s about being pragmatic and mature.
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