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  1. Rozee is going to love watching the review of this. Hopefully there are no shadows around to frighten him.
  2. Tarps out by half time at this rate.
  3. Even Werridee’s playlist looks like he’s naming a team.
  4. All this we’ve got no picks to get the deal done is my favourite. Hi Adam, thanks for meeting us, I know it was a bit of trouble setting it all up so we appreciate your time. Now, would you be interested in joining the Melbourne Football Club? You would?? Excellent! We have no picks, k thanks bye.
  5. Some Blood & Thunder on Friday night (minus the lightning break) would go alright. Apt lyrics The fight for this fish is a fight to the death White whale, holy grail
  6. News just in, Barrassi insists With a big preseason He’ll be on Geelong’s list
  7. Thinking outside the box here, Cerra to Carlton as player/coach, names Malthouse as his successor, trades himself and McKay to us for Weid and Dogga’s tooth.
  8. Never thought I’d see Boris mentioned on Demonland. Flood and Feedbacker are great. Been a long while since I’ve listened to Boris, or Sunn O)) or SunnO))) & Boris… I can’t think of many newish metal albums I’ve really enjoyed besides Rivers of Nihil’s - Where Owls Know My Nane. Loved that album.
  9. Absolutely love Heilung. Krigsgaldr from LIFA does it for me.
  10. This should sum up my week. Monday: Neurosis - Fear and Sickness Tuesday: Tool - Invincible Wednesday: Led Zeppelin- Sick Again Thursday: NIN - Help Me I Am In Hell Friday: Run the Jewels - Blockbuster Night pt.1
  11. Goodwin was so different on the pod. Easy to see why the boys love him. He’s so robotic in the media. Doesn’t give much away but never inspired me with confidence. I’ve always been on the fence, never even opened the “is he the right guy” thread. But this podcast was a good insight.
  12. Half the modern players don’t watch a second of other games. Some watch a bit, footy nerds like Gawn are rare.
  13. It’s just too suss. Saying on Footy Classified he’s happy and even wants to go through a process was just lip service, keeping up his good guy public persona. Suddenly pulls out when Carlton hold him to one? Weasels gunna weasel.
  14. My guess is Ross wanted the job, minimal questions asked. But a proper process (questionable if it would be at Carlton) would dig up the shady stuff when he left Freo. Leaving him no coaching job and jeopardising his cushy media gig.
  15. Would a 3 word descriptor suffice?
  16. lol what a difference a week makes.
  17. King always virtue signals, always wants a suspension. Just because he’s chosen the logical side this time in comparison to the idiots that want him to get off, gets no brownie points from me. The big picture of wanting a bloke that’s been fined or suspended in half the finals he’s played as AA Captain was just a stupid call. And it was rammed home by Toby’s shoulder this week.
  18. I’m just here to remind everyone that David King wanted this bloke to be All Australian Captain last week. A team featuring Gawn, Bont, Wines, May, Hawkins… Good call, David King call.
  19. The old cliche is you keep working hard and it’ll eventually happen for you. I doubt anyone works harder and it’s definitely happening for him. He was brilliant last night.
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