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  1. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on Newton also. Hopeful that he can make the most of his obvious talents. If he does, MFC will be the better for it. Big, key forwards that can jump, kick and mark like he can will get more chances than they may deserve because of the upside. I think/hope that once his confidence improves, his work ethic will also imrpove.
  2. Even with the strong personal connection to Melbourne with Connolly/Schwab, there is really no benefit for Pav or us. If he was to leave Freo, then an Adelaide team would be a likely destination. What is certain though is that somewhere along the line he will be linked with Collingwood and will be sighted having coffee with Malthouse and Eddie somewhere on Chapel St.
  3. I know of several whose main gripe is the proplonged lack of success. One bloke who loved his sport and footy was always extremely pessimistic about the MFC. I would always give him a hard time because he would buy membership of other clubs that had better chances to reach the Grand Final so he could go (Brisbane was his choice for several years). For him and many like him, the only "cure" is success and if they are old enough to remember the 50's and 60's it may very well have to be prolonged success.
  4. Man, I just had flashbacks to my primary school days. "I'm better than you coz I'm 6 and your only 5!!" I think the title of this thread is perfect.
  5. Does anyone else find it interesting that so many of the posts in this thread have called Fremantle "basket-case", "train wreck" etc etc? Supporters of many other AFL teams quite often use those sort of terms to describe the MFC. People in glass houses....
  6. Does anyone know if our number includes the automatic renewels that are sent out by the club? Is the figure paid up members only, or does it include all the renewals they hope will turn into paid up members? I received memebership cards for myself and two kids months ago, but only got around to filling them out and returning them today. Will the membership go up by 3 or are just 3 of the already counted members just been confirmed?
  7. lol Poor YM would be at the cross-roads then.
  8. I say bring him in so we can all see him play It does make sense that his debut will be planned ahead of time so his family/friends can be there. His level of "readiness" is also interesting. Jetta and Bennell don't seem ready physically but are doing fine. Whenever it is though it will be very exciting, and will be another step in an very unique story.
  9. YM's new sig caught my eye. There are some interesting, albeit optimistic comparisons there. My possible changes would be to add Ricky Pettard as the James Hird comparison, and make Cale Morton compare to one of Nigel Lappin or Nicky Winmar. Finding a suitable comparison for Robert Harvey would also be fitting.
  10. I really think it is a non-issue. I hope we play everygame with an eye to win, but I truly see 4 wins is the best we can hope for. From the form we've seen so far, the only two teams I think we are capable of beating are Fremantle (in Melbourne) and Richmond. We may get other wins on a day when we play at our best and the other teams plays poorly (maybe against WCE and Essendon). For whats its worth though, I don't like the idea of losing specifically to gain draft picks, but do see the sense in doing whatever is required to secure the future. If a player needs surgery, give it to him so he can be ready to start the next pre-season. If young players needs AFL gametime to continue their development, let them have it, even if they haven't completely earned their spot. I know it is a very fine line, but I like to see early draft picks as a bonus rather than an objective.
  11. The gameplan isn't meant to be suited to our inexperienced list. It is meant to suit our list in 3-5 years time when they are no longer skinny, inexperienced kids. The gameplan has to be judged assuming it is being carried out by seasoned AFL footballers. Time will only tell if it is a Top 4 gameplan. Remember the critisism hurled at Clarkson for his gameplans.
  12. I would hope Brock makes himself the obvious choice to replace Macca in 2010 or 2011. If his body, form and off-field behaviour is at the level most of us hope it can be, then I can't see anyone else being close.
  13. I think he would be good for 40-50. I have seen enough talent in him to average 2 goals a game given the quality and quantity of Geelongs inside 50's. I haven't given up on him yet.
  14. My thoughts exactly Sleeve with the exception that Newton may not be the only option. The reports from Casey have said that Martin was used up forward. Perhaps he is the better option at the moment. I think Bate and Miller are best playing the role Sleeve has described and we need only one key forward (Newton, Sylvia or my prefered option, Martin) leading from the square with the smalls (Pettard is a must here) running towards the contest from half forward.
  15. Interesting observations PP. My observation of the two has been a little bit different. The Age had several long periods over the off-season (and I mean several, week+ periods) where no mention was made at all of Melbourne. There was a steady stream of articles about other clubs, but nothing about Melbourne. The HUN on the other hand seemed to keep a good amount of articles coming through. The conclusion I was getting was the the HUN was helping us out more than The Age. They were just my observations. As far as the sponsorship coverage and the Sylvia covergae goes, I think Caro got the scoop due to good luck or good journalism. The HUN went hard with Sylvia because it likes the sensational stories. Personally I think Syvia is a bit of a disgrace and deserved the negative coverage due to his priors and the clubs situation.
  16. I went ahead and started a new league. League Code: 916297 Name: Demonland 3 This is normal rules, not the $300k per player capped league that 45hotgod has started.
  17. A viable extra ruck option for now would most likely have needed to be recruited longer than two years ago, given "how long they take to develop" (yeah, that old cliche). It would appear that Spencer is deemed to be the long term solution with Jamar and Meeson to fill the breach. Personally I think having more than 4 ruckmen on a AFL list (including rookies) would be too much. Having more than 2 really good ones is also very difficult to manage as we saw with Simmonds and Jolly opting to leave so they could get regular games. Hopefully Jamar can be placed on the long term injury list as is being mooted in other threads so Spencer can play.
  18. "Well done Schwabby and Jimmy who have worked tyrelessly to get this deal over the line. The Demon supporters will be pumped" Courtesy of a SMS to SEN this morning. I wish I was that witty at 6:30am!! SEN also mentioned the combined sponsorship deal of Hankook and ???? will be worth $1.5mil a year which indicates the next sponsorship is worth $2.4mil over 3 years (bigger than Hankook). Announcing Hankook early will give them some spotlight before the bigger and more prominent sponsor is announced?
  19. That was nice. Bruce and Green dominated those highlights. Nice memories for sure and I hope like you all do that we see games like that with the latest batch of youngsters in the coming years.
  20. Just gonna bump this up to the top once more to see if there is any other interest.
  21. Why would a grocery chain be alienating themselves anymore than a fast food chain, motor car company etc etc? Please explain.
  22. I have done a search and it looks like Demonland has already filled 2 Supercoach leagues. Is there enough interest to create one more? If I get at least 8 confirmed interested players in the next few days I will go ahead and create a new one.
  23. Do any of the major Grocery chains sponsor AFL clubs? I can't think of any and wonder why not?
  24. I am a little over 30, so probably have less knowledge about how the game used to be played as some of you. From what I have seen (a copy of one of the Grand Finals from the mid 70's), I much, much prefer todays game than what i saw then. I may have seen a bad game, but what i saw was mindless kick-to-kick. It was horrible. Team A got the ball and blindly bombed it to their Half forawd line. Team B one the ball and bombed it back. So brainless. The game is evolving, and I am enjoying the journey.
  25. Surely the ability to kick should be judged on results, not biomechanical action. If someone hits a target a high percentage of the time in match conditions, I'll pick him over anyone else with a prettier kicking action. And yes, Grimes can definetely win the Rising Star award. He is already getting attention from many media commentators, so is halfway there. He is a must for any fantasy teams also. Cheap as chips. And the captaincy? Who knows imo. People talk Watts up extremely highly (re: Robbo in an article I read a few days ago) and Maclean is still highly rated. Time will tell.
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