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  1. offer him a one year contract, with bonuses for not falling over during games
  2. Des headland Nick Davis I think they had the go home factor. With ricky out for the year you would think his contract would become priority (after rehab) I mean it's not like he can use the excuse of " i just want to focus on my footy, we will discuss my contract at the end of the year" I cannot see the reason for him not trying to get signed up other then he wants more cash/years or he wants a GC mega bucks deal. Sign Ricky and i will shout you lap dances for your life ala Lebron james style negotiations
  3. Yes addictions are real. i just think the ones i said are not. Just my opinion. Anyway if the dees can get more pokies i say go for it. If members don't like it they can write into the club and voice there concerns, I then think they should give a few examples of ways that the club can make the money that they will lose if we don't have the pokie revenue..
  4. if people are Dumb enough to throw more money away then they can afford then #@$% em My opinion is there is no such thing as Pokie addiction, Sex addiction, Food addiction, people who claim to have these problems are looking for an easy way out. Generation Y signing out
  5. So far in there short short careers NicNat owns Watts so please be nice when bagging a player
  6. Pettard's manager is doing the right thing for Ricky, if he can squeeze an extra 40 to 50 grand a year then he bloody well should.
  7. I know it might not mean alot to a few of the boys playing for our club, but maybe just before we run onto the field someone could hold up the Melbourne jumper and say. THIS IS WHAT WE PLAY FOR, NOT THE MONEY,NOT THE FAME BUT FOR THE HISTORY! If any player cant get up and put a solid effort in after that then at least we will know what they are worth.
  8. yes just the one game, i forgot about the last 2 spoons. I do not mind any supporter putting the blowtorch on the coach, i know people are saying give him time, but how much bloody time.
  9. Sorry i forgot we won the last 2 spoons and are likely bottom 3 this year.
  10. I think its good to show some passion, too many people sit back and say " oh well, we are a young side" or other rubbish. For once i would like to see people fire up, half the people who write on this site are sheep and follow what others say. Maybe its the supporters who need to show the team how to act.. so GET SOME BALLS PEOPLE AND STOP SITTING ON THE FENCE
  11. So Dermie is saying Al Clarkson pulled Bailey's pants down. We played better in the the last Quarter because the Hawks had slowed up, not because we improved. Its a tough question to ask, Do we handball or kick to a player and hope he beats his opponent (sometimes 2). I just hate seeing a player mark the ball, turn around, handball to the closest player only to see them have to side step out of trouble. A player sometimes has to way up his options. Our switching of play was horrible. I heard on the footy show this morning that DB was offered the extension to his contract as reward for doing w
  12. Does anyone remember the movie Eddie with Whoopi Goldberg? If so i thought after all our bad performances and our poor coach we could pick someone from the crowd to coach a game. Positives: more people come to the game in hope they may get picked Anyone can coach a losing side so its know big loss We could unearth a mastermind it create a media frenzy around our club Negatives: We may win and have egg on our face when Dean Bailey takes charge again well thats about it I'm sorry for this thread i just feel embarrassed at
  13. What makes me sad is when opposition supporters clap us when we get a goal. It really was sad. there are so many holes i dont know where to start
  14. Wow, i wish there was an ignore button
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