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  1. I’ve noticed that. Players even shaping to look sideways or hand pass get call play on without actually moving anywhere.
  2. I've been calling for the introduction of this rule for many years. It had become was to easy to block the corridor by standing metres off the actualy mark. Forced the ball to be kicked down the line resulting in boring footy. Still some work to be done with the umpires firstly ensuring the man on the mark gets in the correct position before being told to "stand" and quicker and louder calls of "play on" when the player with the ball moves off the line. Love where it's heading though.
  3. Mark Williams burnt the new recruits birth certificates?!?! (listen right to the end) He certainly is a different unit.
  4. Trac Oliver May Langdon Gawn Salem and Viney close.
  5. I think our list is actually ok. It's all above the shoulders for mine. When we play poorly, it seems to me to be the effort, composure and concentration of our best 10 or 15 players (the ones who are automatic selections if fit) that cause it, not the ability of the players who were in and out of the team all year. Get the players heads right, and I think we'll improve.
  6. I can never understand the blaming of our fringe players after a calamity like last night. Very few players at all would get a pass mark for that performance, but I feel way more let down by the 10 or so players that take home 50% of our salary cap than by the guys that we all know are 18-30th on the list. Weideman. Melksham. Salem. Lever. Fritsch. Brayshaw. Viney. PETRACCA!!! Oliver. They were all woeful. If our best players turn it up like they did last night, what hope do players like OMac, Spargo and Smith have of changing things?
  7. S_T


    I’ve seen Melbourne do it also. Not sure how it’s arranged. Maybe the hone team get dibs or something. Quite common to see though.
  8. So after a game where we get smashed around stoppages, smashed on the spread, smashed in transition, and smashed in skills, let's blame a guy who's 6'4. Makes sense.
  9. S_T


    The umpire calling advantage on AVB when clearly he didn't want it was appalling umpiring. Melksham's movement on the mark was an obvious 50m as there has been all year. My family and I could not believe what we were seeing. Incredibly dumb.
  10. I’m pointing my finger at everyone under 6’2. Skills, setups, defending, missed tackles. Beaten comprehensively by an mid-table at best team.
  11. I disagree that TMac (or whoever our number 2 big forward is) should be measured on how many goals he kicks. In our team, the 2nd tall forwards job is be too dangerous to allow the 2nd defender leave him to double team Weeds, to not ever be outmarked and to do some ruck work. Any goals is a bonus.
  12. North Melbourne currently have 17 players out injured. 35-17=18.... I hope the AFL realise that would be a bad decision BEFORE they make it, not afterwards which is the norm.
  13. I could be on my own here, but surely using the Port game as evidence that LJ, Weeds and TMac can't work is not super clever. The whole team played terribly that night and the magnitude and manner of the lose simply cannot be attributed to playing 3 talls in any possible way.
  14. I noticed that also. Looked lower back related maybe? Just didn't move smootly. Played ok though.
  15. Interesting to hear the commentators go on and on about AVB’s push and how it needs to be stamped out of the game, but when the little guy from Adelaide charges and bumps May well after the ball goes out of bounds they celebrate it. Kinda sums up the commentary all night really. I think they wanted blood and were very disappointed Melbourne won.
  16. As soon as Covid starting affecting the season, my hopes for this season greatly decreased. We are not a resilient club. There is something wrong with the culture in there somewhere and it’s been that way for a long time. An abnormal season like this was never going to suit us.
  17. Prior to his injury, TMac appeared to be finding some good form, especially with his contested marking. If there are no doubts at all about his eye, I think he has to come back in. At whose expense is the question though. I'd love to keep LJ in the side to keep developing and to be the second ruck instead of Weeds having to do it. I think Melksham maybe the one to miss out. He plays more like a tall forward than a high pressure forward, so it wouldn't change the balance too much to have him out and TMac in.
  18. There were something like 80 family and friends in the stadium for the AFLW Alice Springs game. That may have been to do with how close it was to those restrictions coming in or the location, but maybe each club will have a small number of guests they can have there.
  19. I expect sometime over the weekend, the AFL will re-release the fixture for the first 6 rounds and it will fit in say 4 weeks. The peak of this virus is expected to be 2 or 3 months away and they want to get as many rounds in before they have an extended break.
  20. https://www.theguardian.com/world/shortcuts/2020/mar/04/can-wearing-gloves-like-the-queen-help-protect-you-against-the-coronavirus
  21. Gloves are useless if you keep touching your face and mouth.
  22. Please explain why you think Gloves are so useful? The masks are useful, and serve two important purposes, neither of which is stopping people breathing the virus in. Firstly, if you have the virus but don't know it, it reduces how much virus you spread into your surrounds. If you don't have the virus, masks helps prevent people from touching their face with their possibly contaminated hands. That's how the virus gets in.
  23. You'll get an opinion out of him, but I suspect it's not always his honest opinion. It's an opinion he knows will be click-bait and create the most attention.
  24. I'm sure they'd just do what they are doing in Italy and play in empty stadiums. It would definitely be interesting times if it got to that though. Schools shut. All those who can will be required to work from home. Nothing like I've ever experienced.
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