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  1. Clearly compromised award. Here are some alternatives that keep the award a coach voted system.. Option 1 - Only use votes from the PF and GF's. If there's a tie, whoever receives more votes in the GF takes the award. Option 2 - Use votes from SF, PF and GF. Players from teams that don't play in the SF's score double in the PF. Break tie the same way. Week one of finals involves 2 games involving the top 4 teams, 2 games involving teams 5-8. Obvious difference in quality so easiest way is to discount that whole week. Alternative is to apply multipliers to the games. QF votes are worth more than votes from EF's (maybe only a 4,3,2,1 vote system for EF's?) Clearly the award should go to aplayer that plays in the GF. Another reason to exclude FW1 game as with the fewer games contributing to scoring, you pretty much have to play in the GF to win it.
  2. One player I'm somewhat concerned about is their JJ. Won the Norm Smith for them and has been slowly finding form the last few weeks, highlighted by some very good moments in the PF. We can't let him rediscover whatever it was that led him to the Norm Smith 5 years ago.
  3. I’ll see ya in the Post Game thread or sometime next February.
  4. After a very restless night, it's now going to be a very long day. I've never felt like this in the lead up to a big game before. The favourite tag is not a comfortable fit. It is one however I'd love to get used to.
  5. Geelong handed MelbourneFC arguably the darkest day in our history. And now they stand between us and our best chance of a premiership in most of our lifetimes. It's going to be a very, very long 4 days.... As a Geelong based Melbourne supporter, the thought of losing to them on Friday night fills me with absolute dread.
  6. I agree, so even though I voted for Kozzy, I probably like the Freo one better.
  7. I think he would have been a totally different player if he was drafted to the Melbourne of 2018 onwards instead of when he was actually drafted. Too much pressure. Treated him like the messiah before his name was even read out on draft night. And then we tanked. Of course he never reached his potential. The Melbourne FC of today is a very different beast.
  8. Definitley got the Toby doscount. Unfortunately, did anyone really expect the AFL to have the courage and sense to give him more?
  9. Great summation. Neale’s gaining the umpires attention to self report his bleeding is completely different to what Greene did.
  10. So if Green had thrown a punch and the umpire had ducked it, there would be. I thing to see? Horribly flawed logic there.
  11. He was probably shocked that a player had just walked into him. If the tribunal give any credence to the non-report they would only be once again proving their incompetence.
  12. I keep watching it and that is not at all what happens. Green does nothing to avoid the contact, he leans in if anything. The umpire is the only one who tries to avoid contact at the last second. Given the umpires was the one who was stationary, that is absurd.
  13. The only reason the contact wasn’t more forceful was because the umpire moved. Toby did nothing to avoid the umpire and forced the umpire to move which is simply unacceptable. I thought 5-6 weeks on first viewing. I’d be ok with 3 but the AFL is weak when it comes to big name players at finals time.
  14. You know the ones I'm talking about. Those 4 in the second quarter that Geelong kicked in about 1 and a half minutes of playing time. Those 4 that almost cost us the minor premiership. I remember myself getting very angry during that particular period because of what seemed at first watch to be several non-calls but until tonight I haven't had a chance to have a second look. I actually wondered if I had imagined the non-calls due to the peak excitement of the moment, but on closer examinination (using Kayo Slomo), I wasn't imangining anything. Goal 1 (~6:10 left on the clock) - A boundary throw in on Geelongs half forwardline. Clear throw by Selwood that a few disposals later ends in a Hawking goal. Was picked up in some media. Goal 2 (5:33 left on clock) - Danger runs 20m+ without bouncing then kicks the goal. It's well established that the width of the mowed stripes is 10m (check it for yourself using the 5 stripes from the 50m line to the goal line). He takes a mark right in the middle of a light green stripe, then plays on, running all the way to half through the next light green stripe (half a light, a full dark, then another half light), so easy to work out he ran at least 20m (he didn't run straight towards goal). Counting steps was harder because he puts in lots of fast small steps, but I count about 17 full running strides, which works out to about 22m. Goal 3 (5:25 left on clock) - Danger again runs 17-18m before handpassing which a for possesions later ends with Close(?) kicking the goal. Starts half way through the lighter green again and disposes 2 or 3m into the next light green stripe. Not a great deal over the 15m, but it still could/should have been called. Goal 4 (5:05 left on clock) - This one I'm far less certain of but it looks like a throw by Danger. 50:50 really. Rohan marks and goals in the same passage. 9 goals in a row was very worrying and still is, but we were desperately unlucky for at least 2 or 3 of them.
  15. Surely he's not equating racially vilifiying somone (abusing someone about, and because of their race) with critisising someone about their performance who just happen to be white? Surely he's not that silly.
  16. Whoever runs the WCE Facebook account has just told me that NicNat has made a statement on behalf of their club on Twitter today. Any Twitter uses care to confirm and share? Edit: It's a video that they have also been released on Facebook.
  17. They can make comment condeming the comments without knowing if the person who made them is linked to the club. They may never know for sure but because the comments were made about a player WCE had just played against, there is more than enough reason for them to publicly condemn them.
  18. I can't see any public statement out of WCE so far. If that is the actual case, extremely poor by them. As long as our society keeps giving platforms to people like Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and Rita Panihi, racists will still think it's ok to speak their hateful thoughts out loud. I actually feel quite sorry for them. Imagine being so shallow and disconnected from the rest of humanity that you think it's ok.
  19. The fact that even deciding who Melbourne's most important player is, is so difficult is an indication of our depth and hopefully resilience to cope if one of them was absent.
  20. Our situation this year is very different to previously. Yes there is still plenty to do to position ourselves on the laddter, but we can do that without the same sort of pressure that exists when teams are just scambling to hopefully squeeze into the 8. I am all for becoming more conservative with leaving players out that are carrying things that rest will help (rest doesn't help every niggle) or resting players that are feeling the mental pinch as well. 8-0 is beginning to afford us a luxury that shouldn't be wasted. If you think the media will have plenty to say if we drop a game mid season because we rest a few players, just imagine what they'll say if we finish the year two games clear on top of the ladder and go out in straight sets because our players are all cooked becasue we mis-managed them mid season?
  21. Clarry (35 possesions, 22 contested, 16 clearances) or #PositiveLingers (1000+ metres gained, 3 goals)
  22. We have to keep looking at ways to get better and I think Melksham's role is definitely one role that we should look hard at. Chandler, Sparrow and Bedford should all be given a look in at some stage.
  23. There is still room in footy for pure accidents and this was one of those. There was no time for a straight arm fend, so he went with a forearm fend, but the north player was stumbling so the forearm bounced off his shoulder into his chin. No time at all for Fritta to adjust, meaning he hadn't breached his duty of care. This was as straightforward decision as they come I reckon despite how bad it look in slow-mo.
  24. The marking and goal-kicking I'll enjoy. I'll even be ok if he flops around a bit and milks some free-kicks, BUT I'll never be fine with that silly long run up, even if he does kick accurately. So unnecessary.
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