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  1. Are you sure these figures are correct? Pretty sure it was 4-14 at half time not qtr time. I’m not disagreeing re the umpiring it was appalling, but I’m not sure those numbers are right.
  2. There was very little between these 2 teams tonight other than our continued lousy shots at goal and them making the most of their opportunities in front of goal. Oh and some horrendous and inexplicable umpiring. Top 4 however is now very shaky.
  3. If the rumours of him and Ellyse Perry are true I’m heading down to the barbers shortly.
  4. Expect a few guns to be managed for this one and be fresh for The Doggies. Might be a great time for a farewell game for Nev.
  5. I unintentionally call him Tom every time he gets the pill. Well done lads, awesome game!
  6. Possibly the worst decision of the year..... And it's a long list of disgraceful decisions. Ump was 5 metres away with a clear view
  7. Real happy with his first hit up. Copped a seriously big hit with his first contest from Clurey and dusted himself off pretty quickly considering the hit. Got nudged under a few a little too easy but brings the ball to ground so well, no doubt at all he improves the team. I’d love to get to the stage where he n Weid can play in the same team but I doubt it’ll be this year. He’s a much better option currently. He’ll get better too.
  8. I know it’s a tough ask tonight but I’m blown away several are leaving Clarry out of votes. 21 of his 31 possessions were contested, 77% efficiency, 6 score involvements, 11 clearances. He was huge tonight.
  9. The other good thing is Fritsch and even TMac have a little less focus on them from the opposition and become more dangerous IMO.
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if Viney was managed this week. He looked way off the pace theses 2 matches and off 5 days break could be more of a liability Thursday night than he was the past 2. A fit Viney is critical for finals. With his injury history I would not risk him off 5 day break.
  11. “ Ego is not a dirty word.... don’t you believe what you’ve seen or you’ve heard “
  12. Yeah it's a little odd I'm not sure what is the purpose but it's almost every opening bounce of a quarter. Can't remember him having any impact in there once.
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