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  1. I love them both. It’s the best clash jumper we’ve had and I know plenty of opposition fans who like it. We also seem to have a great win ratio the past few years when we wear it!
  2. Yep no joy for me today, tried to purchase GA with my recriprical game entitlement with 2 juniors and want to charge $90, should be 10 bucks. Will try again tonight
  3. Does anyone know if kids are free on Sunday like the past few seasons or has that changed due to COVID restrictions?
  4. Yeah it was another great team effort and there’s been a few this year. This is the big difference from any of our good teams over the years, we have no passengers right now. We have not looked like losing any of these first 4 games, even when cats got close I didn’t think we’d lose.
  5. Agree with this. We also have Hunt, ANB and Spargo along with TMac who were all pretty average last year and in and out of the team. They have all improved big time. If Melk can have a similar turnaround we are a much better team. As putrid as he was last year, If he’s been bringing it at training he’s worth a look.
  6. I’m in my 50s and not particularly tech savvy and I’ve had no problem getting tickets quickly for both home games so far. The only issue I’ve had is selecting your bay (not seat). The club sent an email saying this is available to premium members. I selected my bay and ended up on the exact opposite side of the ground. Still decent seats so didn’t bother trying a 2nd time.
  7. I reckon Rusty Cage would go ok Mr Cornell!
  8. Rarely big scores in Sydney night games!
  9. They played Enter Sandman as they ran out against Freo! Loved it !
  10. No issues for me with Premium on Tues
  11. The list is now almost the envy of all clubs. B Brown - Test Weid - Test Harmes - 3 weeks Nietschke - Season Hore - Season
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