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  1. Am I right in thinking we are flying in and out of Cairns for both matches? We are not hubbing there. If so, that is a big ask along with a trip to Alice.
  2. We've quietly become final quarter specialists. The only 2 we have lost were against Carlton who smashed us in that qtr, and Port by 5 points. I think that is a great sign that we are fit and should give the players and certainly us fans plenty of confidence that we will run games out. From memory (it's not great lol) the last few years we had great 3rd qtrs but fell away in the last, correct me if I'm wrong!?
  3. I saw Dunny at the footy in the Dees premium members sitting with the non playing Dees for close to 2 years whilst he was a Collingwood player. I doubt he would have done that if there were any grudges. I always felt he was a fairly limited player but has gone on to have a more than serviceable career I wish him well.
  4. This thread is aging well in the amusement stakes. I can't remember the last time the kids we've drafted have come into the team and shown as much promise as all 3 of these kids. Many bemoaned the pick swap trade to get Pickett but it's looking like a masterstroke. The only players on current form that look the goods drafted after him are Will Day and Georgiades but they weren't the type of player we needed. Rivers at 35 looks a steal, Jacko is looking like a freak talent and seemingly gaining confidence every game. Small sample size/early days I know but we look to have nailed it in the 2019 draft.
  5. Agree on all. Wouldn't hurt to have Jack on Maynard and Melk on Crisp.
  6. Treloar is a massive out for them too. Hoskin Elliot to a lesser extent. Sidebottom is THE danger man, also they have good runners off halfback in Crisp and Maynard is having a great year. Nullify these 3 and win.
  7. Tonight was great to see. He was back to his damaging best and no surprise when he's played in the middle. We simply have to find a way of getting him more centre square time. Viney should play next week, will be interesting to see if Gus is in the guts more than we've seen recently . I hope so. We all know it's where he belongs.
  8. I agree. Team high 7 tackles, coaches love that. I'm not so sure he gets dropped next week. He did look a little sore at times though but otherwise I think he was more than serviceable .
  9. Was it last year that Dusty elbowed a GWS player with force to the head behind play and got 1 week?? Disgrace. Unbelievably stiff ANB.
  10. They have our first round pick in the draft this year too. Plenty of reason to win this match in particular for them, not to mention they've owned us for well over a decade. Still, I expect a win!
  11. Heard it confirmed on SEN today that we will play in Alice, they just don't know who or when yet.
  12. Wayne Bennett suspended from coaching Souths this weekend against his old mob the Broncos after breaching covid protocols. ( eating in a restaurant with wife). I'm still unsure how Bucks was able to coach last round.
  13. He looks sore D17. He cannot chase and was almost a liability last night. Don't get me wrong, I love him and yes he's one of our best kicks but the way he was running last night I can't see him playing this Sunday.
  14. Out: ANB suspended, Bennell ineffective In: Pickett, Hannan AVB if injured , bring in TMac
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