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  1. Crowds are down 30% from the average… it’s the same with every game nation wide. People have found alternatives to football over the last 2 years and some are still petrified of Covid. This is not isolated to the dees
  2. I respect his right to decline the vaccine considering his chances of getting seriously I’ll with Covid was minuscule…
  3. Seems that the woman’s game will be hit harder than the mens… at this rate 3/4 of the afl will have had Covid by the start of the season.
  4. Not sure what happened to the other thread however we cant disregard what effect COVID will have on the upcoming season. Season 2022 is likely to be the biggest disruption in the availability of players. The NFL season had Covid ravage sides and force teams to play a substantial number on their reserve list. Their policy was that positive players had to produce 2 negatives results before being able to resume play. If more than 30% of the list is positive then the game was rescheduled otherwise reserve lists were activated. 2022 might be the most interesting season of them all…
  5. First time in 20 years. Should be pinned to this forum
  6. ‘Of course there is racism’ what makes you say that?
  7. She has been on the board for 8 years. What do you think will suddenly change?
  8. We have been waiting 10 years for a base to be made available. At this rate we will be waiting 10 more years. We might never get a 10/10 site. We need to start settling for 8/10
  9. There is plenty of available land around keysborough. You could build your own facility there and own the land outright. I think we need to move on from being next to the mcg.
  10. The guy elbowed the north player in the head... take the 1 week and consider yourself lucky
  11. This crop is nothing like the team of 2005. Daniher had a terrible defensive structure and teams would easily score against them. Before their run of losses that year the conceded: dogs 15.21 round 2 saints 23 goals round 4 dockers 22 goals round 6 hawks 19 goals round 8 no wonder they lost the next 7 games. As soon as the pressure dropped sides would pile on the goals.
  12. Weather is sunny and 22... which city are you looking up?
  13. What the hell do i want her to do??? How about a simple introduction to the club and members. Maybe a little summary of who she is and what she is looking forward to. Is that too much to ask for the person leading the club?
  14. It’s now been almost 1 month into the role and the members haven’t heard a peep from Kate. does she need a reminder that she represents the members?
  15. Is Keysborough an option? There is currently an underutilized part of Melbourne that would suite both sporting grounds and facilities. There are vast amounts of land for sale particularly on Pillars Road which would be ideal for a MFC base. The land is currently not zoned for residential purposes which makes it extremely affordable. It could easily accommodate MCG sized oval, training and social facilities. A straight forward member and supporter fundraising would allow MFC to own the land and facilities outright without needing to compromise. The land will also appreciate in the long term which would also give the club financial stability. Understandably this isn't within the MCG precinct however it is a compelling option. Thoughts?
  16. Her first communication to the members wasn’t about winning premierships and making this club sustainable for the next 50 years but about equality... I wouldn’t think that the ratio of woman on the board is in the top 10 concerns of the members. maybe she shouldn’t wait more than 2 weeks before communicating to the members about her platform. if we were 0-5 the members wouldn’t tolerate her 2 weeks of absence
  17. Isn’t it strange that the new club president hasn’t addressed the supporter base?
  18. I think being within the mcg precinct would be ideal however it shouldn’t be the deal breaker. If a complex is built within metro melbourne that ticks all the other boxes then it should be seriously considered.
  19. Oldest and most experienced team in the past 14 years...
  20. Geelong aren’t a strong outfit. Especially without dangerfield. Dees will win by 5 goals
  21. But 11 players played that season.. half the team that’s playing today
  22. Agree... you would like to see a handful more players at 150+ games. Gawn, trac, Salem, brayshaw, lever and viney are the next bunch. get them to 150 and playing together and we will be formidable
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