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  1. 6. Petracca 5. Viney 4. Brayshaw 3. Oliver 2. May 1. Gawn (stats look great but 48 percent disposal was costly)
  2. Pies are a good team. Fit, good system 22 contributors. But we should have been six goals up at half time when we had the opportunities. We hardly fired a shot after half time but a decent buffer could have been insurmountable. First halves of Langdon, Brayshaw, Salem were great but we need more. Eight goals from Johnson and Elliot really hurt.
  3. Petty, Hibberd, Kozzie, RiversSpargo, Hunt nowhere near it tonight. The thing that changed the game though was Gawn's goalkicking. Arrogant!
  4. I'm worried. Max's four shots on goal will be costly. ANB having a shocker.
  5. If Max is going to be a forward target then he needs to learn to kick! Not sure who on Elliot but three goals in a quarter and a half is a concern.
  6. Interesting thing was how few Demonlanders had May in their votes this week.
  7. Was it a top spinner or perhaps an overspinner? :) Gary Lyon was famous for his torp against Carlton in the 1988 Prelim Final.
  8. Amazing what the inclusion of four or five players plus a turnaround in form can do. Their forward line with Stengle and a fit Cameron has made a huge difference. Tom Atkins, de Koning and Max Holmes have been terrific as well. They aren't as reliant on their old stars as in previous years and have a more aggressive take it on gameplan. I still think their bottom six of Kolo, Parfitt, Rohan, Bews, Miers, etc. are worse than ours and when the whips are cracking our midfield is far superior..
  9. The weird thing is after the Essendon game this year where he had seven shots on goal for 4:3, most of us thought that the penny had dropped. He would finally live up to his potential. This game like the final against Geelong are one offs.
  10. The thing with the Weed is at the time of scouting there was talk about how competitive and courageous he was in the air. We don't see any of that. Decent on the lead and ok kick but if you are a key forward you have to contest in the air.
  11. WTF? Sparrow was in many Demonlanders votes tonight. His harassment, tackling etc tonight was magnificent.
  12. Sometimes as supporters we wax lyrical about individuals and their form. But the hallmark of this team is when they all do their role, are mentally switched on, the opposition don't get a sniff. I don't know what that role is but it results in a fantastic collective result! The harassment, the defensive skills, the tackling like you mean it, clogging up the corridor was back to its best tonight. Add to that moments of brilliance from the likes of Fritta and it deflating for the opposition. Sure we had some quiet players in terms of stats, but if they mostly did their job. And that's all that matters.
  13. 6. Viney 5. Trac 4. Fritta 3. May 2. Brayshaw 1. Sparrow
  14. Hibberd and Hunt had done plenty of them tonight.
  15. In a game of margins you'd hope that Kozzie not giving off and Gawn missing from 35 won't cost us. Fritta great.
  16. I think the enjoyment of the season took a hammering after we won the first 10 games without really playing exceptionally well. Then we started losing and with it we lost our edge. I sort of expected us to really hit our straps in the second half of the year and play some of that football we saw in the first quarter and last 40 minutes of the granny. Alas, not to be. The Brisbane win was satisfying, especially the ruthlessness of Viney as captain. But in the last eight weeks we've accepted losing. We no longer have that kamikaze attack on the ball or man. We don't have the connection we once did. And injuries have impacted our fitness and continuity. There will be some enjoyment to come though. I have faith in the leaders and the management of the team. It might just start against Freo this week!
  17. The uncompromising ruthlessness was there against Brisbane, but has been missing in most other games. It can be brought back, but can we do it for three or four finals?
  18. It changes every week. But one of the consistent things is a lack of contested marking. Can't take a mark especially against decent teams. Then theres the non existent forward pressure, the form of Salem, Gawn and Petracca and inability to win clearances.
  19. Last year we were pretty much injury free. Now we are labouring under the weight of unfit players. Salem, Gawn, Lever, Oliver, Jackson, BBB, Petty, Langdon, TMac, etc. have all been impacted.
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