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  1. I'm getting a little comfort knowing we will always have 2021 and no-one can take that away from us. Also watched GF replay last night with many goosebump moments! Great post and hope all Landers have a great day
  2. That little [censored] taunting Petty with a crying gesture
  3. Demon born. Demon bred. When I die I'll be a demon dead. Pumped up!! Go you Dees!
  4. The horror of last week has passed. Today is going to be a GOOD day! We own the lions. Go Dees!
  5. Ok, we're out on the ground. It's real now. No matter what happens tonight I love this team for giving me the best couple of footy years of my life. Go you Dees!!!!!!
  6. Wow! That is absolutely awesome Sam!
  7. Pumped pumped pumped!!! More confident than nervous.. Go Dees!
  8. Bloody good to see Tmac back amongst it! Any chance to play finals I wonder??
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