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  1. Does your group represent all 66,000 members of MFC?
  2. And I bet it would be exempt from fringe benefits tax
  3. I don't know. I'd like to think there would be a respectful reference to the Queen. The only conversation I've had with DA regarding the Queen was at 4.30 this morning when I was told "don't go to the MCG, they've cancelled the live cross on Sunrise".
  4. Imagine being 74 and the only way you can get your first job is through the death of your mother.....
  5. Yes, I would say that a large percentage of MCC members barrack for Melbourne, but I don't think it goes the other way. Most Melbourne supporters are not members of MCC
  6. Just for your reference - This was from the Redlegs members area, not MCC. The place was jumping. I'm right next to the camera, screaming like a mad woman, btw. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxcXAZ_MW4LzbHQ_khGWD2h2DnzMnChKpF
  7. Yeh, well, as it turned out the Sunrise cross was cancelled this morning for obvious reasons, I found that out at about 4 am when I woke up to get to the G. But thanks for the chat last night
  8. Can't say I agree with you on that. I'd say the bulk of Melbourne supporters are either in the Olympic Stand or Punt Road goal end of the Southern Stand. Yes, the MCC is usually chockas on Melbourne home games, but I'd say it's an overreach to say 3/4 of Melbourne supporters are in the MCC. You weren't at the Carlton game in Rd 22, were you? Southern Stand was literally bouncing after Kozzy's goal.
  9. MCC members or Melbourne supporters? Because MCC members do not represent even a fraction of Melbourne supporters
  10. I'd say it'll be come King's Birthday weekend.
  11. When? Last year when the qualifying final was at half capacity at Adelaide Oval due to COVID? What were we supposed to have done about that? We were in Melbourne. In lockdown. Under curfew.
  12. Can I be frank enough to say you both look rather infantile?
  13. Exactly, he's the instigator of the niggle. Edit - I meant Zorko, not of anyone getting pregnant. Sorry, the quoting of posts got a bit ugly here.
  14. LOL the "skinny Melbourne bloke"! Too funny
  15. Few people know there is a "secret" walkway from the top level of the Ponsford that leads around to the other side of MCC to the Olympic Stand. See if you can find it!
  16. How do you refund time lost reading the speculations?
  17. I've been thinking about this and more than anything I hope for Luke's sake he doesn't go to Fremantle. I'm not sure the culture at that club is all that healthy, evidenced by Hogan's experiences, and Langdon also doesn't seem like he had a happy time there. Hogan's experiences in particular haunt me - I don't know if it was poor treatment towards him by the club, or other issues, but clearly a move home was not good for him, and he himself has stated he regrets leaving Melbourne. And yes, the things Freo fans say about Hogan is horrible. I don't want the same thing to happen to Luke, I really don't. I would much prefer for him to stay at a club where it seems he is happy, and he is being well looked after. Because he doesn't seem like a guy that possesses a lot of street smarts.
  18. That's mental imagery I could have done without...!
  19. Fair enough. I do place a huge value on culture, as clubs are member driven not for profit organisations, and I do think they have a significant role to play in society. I'm proud of the culture developed at Melbourne, I certainly wouldn't want to have a loose cannon jeopardise it.
  20. Exactly. I'm at the stage of questioning the values of some of the Demonlander posters for defending this DH.
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